Thursday 1.9.14

The CFNE Iditarod. Mush mush mush!

The CFNE Iditarod. Mush mush mush!

21 Thrusters (115, 80#)
9 Muscle-ups
15 Thrusters (115, 80#)
7 Muscle-ups
9 Thrusters (115, 80#)
5 Muscle-ups

Post Scores to Comments.

The most mysterious man at CFNE and his trusty sidekick Mike "Stretch" Trosen.

The most mysterious man at CFNE and his trusty sidekick Mike “Stretch” Trosen.


  1. in case anyone wants to see the video of the infamous iditarod, you can find it here: HAHAAH funniest most terrible sled drag of all time!

  2. CFNE goes to the movies!!

    Wanna see Lone Survivor? Lets go as a group to the Friday night show. There’s a 7pm showing at the AMC framingham. Lets do this! Probably be best to buy ur ticket ahead of time on fandango or the AMC site. There’s a solid crew going right now and it’s growing so get on board and lets enjoy this one together.

    Here’s info for the tix/show times

    If you plan on attending please message me so I know to expect u! We’ll plan to meet at the theater at 6:30.

    Ok. Good talk.

    • Are we going premium or regular?

      • Anyone opposed to my bringing my five week old daughter as my date? Promise she will most def cry through the entire movie.

  3. “Framanda”: 9:50 (2x C2B)

  4. 24:30 @ 115# and 4 MU attempts in total (rest were SLOW MUs)

    Next time I will watch you Eugene from the corner of my eye! 1 extra for good luck, eh?

  5. Brook R

    Framanda: 21:00 – 115# and 4 MU total (first time ever in a WOD!) with lots of MU attempts

    Great conga line for the rings at the front of the class!

  6. Framankenstein: 10:36 (105, 2xPU)

    I blame Eugene for the weight scale…

  7. Framanda: 14:58 Rx…enjoyed the conga line.

    5 TnG squat snatches OTM x 5: 95#

    Globo Bench Press with Pretty Doug 5×5: 135, 155, 175, 195, 205

  8. Framanda: 27:08 Rx

  9. Framanda: 11:03, 80#, 2 x pull ups

    EMOMx5: 5 Tng Squat Snatches @ 75#.

    Aaaand … I’m spent.

  10. Famanda 95# and strict pu 11:10 – lots of mu’s in the 6:30 am – good job guys

  11. Framanda: 11:26 (2xC2B)

  12. Famanda: 9:11 with 75# and did 2X regular pull ups.
    Could have gone a bit heavier with weight(maybe 5-10#) and should have done half C2B and half regular PU. Wasnt sure how elbow was going to hold up. Huge mayhem class this morning–40ish?

  13. Christian

    12:02 thrusters rx; 9 and 7 strict c2b then 10 kipping

    First workout since Xmas eve my lungs are bleeding. In a good way.

  14. Framanda- 8:28 (C2B x2)

  15. Colleen (OC)

    Framanda: 10:44, 45# and 2x c2b. Good to be back after a few days away!

  16. Framanda: 15:45 Rx

    OTM 5 x 5 TnG squat snatches @ 95#

  17. Sarah W

    F: 16:11 @ 80# with 2xCtoB and about 10 MU transitions as well.
    22 consecutive double unders. Thanks, JC. The rope (and lots of practice) is helping.

    • Sarah, killing the double unders, what a huge improvement in the past few weeks. Just shows what committing to something an determination can do. Great work!

    • U r going to kill it in the Open when DUs come up!
      So psyched for you!

    • nice job with the weight, Sarah!

    • Krystle

      80# thrusters? Sarah do you eat children for breakfast?

  18. Framanda – 13:10 (95#, 2xPU)

  19. Framanda: 10:53 (95#, 2xC2B)

  20. Rachel E

    Framanda: 10:12 (80#, 2x C2B)
    OTM x 5: TnG squat snatches (55#)

    Looking forward to the next non-mutant Fran after that workout!

  21. Rick W.

    Framanda: 13:23 (MU attempts, Made 4)
    OTMX5 Snatches 75#
    Goal points 5/30

  22. Framanda: 16:50 (105#)

  23. Michelene

    Framanda: 8:52 (45# & 2xPUs)

  24. Chris M.

    1. Framanda: 8:27 Rx
    2. EMOM5 – 5 TnG Squat Snatch – 115# Rx

    • Great job on Framanda. Would’ve liked to have seen you blow through it that quickly.

  25. Framanda: 9:40 (2 X C2B)

  26. Framanda: 13:29 (MU Attempts)

  27. laura c

    Framanda: 9:09 55# with 2x Ctb
    went light and might have been too light? Being smart here friends:)!
    Still can not link those Ctb – one day.

    Did a few MU with skinny band – lost some of my progress with my back and not practicing but will get that back.

    Got a few DU yesterday! Go me!

    Off to Dallas for a few days – Peace out!

  28. Framanda 8:10(65#)
    (subbed 42,30,18 back extensions for muscle ups)

  29. Katrina

    Framanda(I completely forgot time….Don’t quote me but I think it was 16 and change.)

    mu with skinny red band.

  30. Krystle

    Framanda: forget time, it’s on the board maybe 24:?? 55# 9,5,2 red banded mu. Tried to ease back in because I haven’t been coming consistently for a few weeks. MU felt good! Thanks Ben and my partner Neebathan!

  31. Framanda: 10:15, 45#, 2 x C2B

  32. michelle

    Framanda: No idea on time- 4 mu per round/ 80# Really working on getting my arm straaaaiggghhht at bottom. It is sinking in- thanks for the help, Ben!
    1000 m row: 4:15

  33. Framanda-biaaach! 22:46. Took forever on the MUs. First time getting MUs in a WOD, which is a big step forward. Very different from practicing them fresh. Shoulders are torched from doing MUs yesterday and today. But I’m psyched to know I can do them when fatigued! Thx 9:30 for keeping me company at the end.

  34. If you’re regionals level (I’m not):

    g. Any Athlete who is attempting to qualify for Regionals shall use a registered Judge (that is, an Affiliate Manager or a registered Judge who passed the online course) during their workout. If no registered Judge is available, the Athlete is required to submit a video. Furthermore, any Athlete who thinks they may qualify for Regionals shall have all of their Open workouts videotaped and kept on file. At least one video will be reviewed by CrossFit Games staff prior to sending out Regional invitations.

    k. At the end of the Open, the top 60 men and top 60 women in each Region will be required to submit a complete video of one of the Open Events. This Event will be selected by CrossFit, Inc. after the close of final Open event. The required video will be verified by CrossFIt Games staff prior to sending out Regional invitations for individuals and Teams.

    i. The selected Athletes will have one week to submit their video. The video may be the original video captured during the Open, or the Athlete may repeat the designated workout and submit video of this performance. In either case, the video submission deadline must be met. All video submissions must adhere to the requirements listed in Section 7.d-e. Specific submission guidelines will be
    clearly communicated to the designated Athletes via e-mail.

    ii. Submitted videos will be reviewed by Regional Directors and Competition Directors. They will review the video and either validate or invalidate the submission. The Directors will have one week to review video submissions and make their determination. Only after the Directors have ruled on these videos will the final Leaderboard standings be set.

    iii. The video must be validated for the Athlete to receive an invitation for Regionals.

    iv. If a video is invalidated, the individual Athlete’s overall placement on the Leaderboard will be adjusted to reflect the removal of their score for that workout. The Athlete’s score for this workout will also not contribute to their Team’s score in this Event, resulting in a recalculation of that Team’s final placement on the Leaderboard. (Note: If this Athlete is a member of a Team ranked in the top 35 on the Leaderboard, validation of this video submission will be required for that Team to receive an invitation to Regionals).

    l. At the end of this week-long video review period, the final Leaderboard standings will be determined. The top 48 men, top 48 women and top 30 Teams in each Region will be invited to compete in their respective Regional competition. Athletes and Teams have 72 hours to
    accept the invitation or give up their spot. Within this time frame, eligible Athletes must declare whether they will compete as an Individual or Team; they must choose one or the other. Upon completion of the invitation process, final Regional rosters will be announced on the
    CrossFit Games website.

    • So basically, if you’re a regionals athlete, do all your open WODs at the box, on video, with proper camera angles (or just do it again when they annouce the video they need), and if you’re #49-60 in the region, you may not get an invitation to regionals

  35. Craig B.

    Framanda: 9:11 rx

  36. Jonathan

    Framanda: 15:10 Rx
    EMOTM 5: 5 squat snatches (95#)

  37. Susan Stein

    Framanda: 4:35 (35#, 21-15-9 ab mat sit ups)

    First time going overhead since August. Very slowly & lightly easing my way back into the movements. Hopefully the shoulders will still feel good tomorrow.

  38. Framanda: 13:23 Rx

    5×5 TnG Squat Snatches (65# – 115#)

  39. Framanda @ 15:24
    95# thrusters and RX Muscle Up’s
    Never passed 3 muscle ups in on WOD before today. I went one at a time and got them all. Good feeling.

  40. Framanda 6:56 Rx weight (80#) with 2x Pus.

    7×5 Squat Snatches on the 1:20
    55, 55, 65, 65, 70, 75, 80

  41. Kaitlyn

    Framanda – 9:51 with C2B attempts (made about 3/4 of them–huge victory!)

    EMOMx5 – 5 TnG sq snatches at 85#, no misses

  42. Framanda – 10:31 rx. Failed last muscle up. Took over 30 seconds to get the last one.
    EMOMx5 – 5 TnG snatches at 95#
    5 minutes :30 on/off of burpees. (Total = 42)

  43. Jared S

    Framanda: 14:55 rx consecutive muscle-ups not happening
    EMOM 5 TNG Snatches 95-115#

  44. Amy Brooks

    Light day at HS:
    Du drill 69
    5×3 bench up to 105 twice, fail at 110
    5×3 Front squat to 125
    5×3 strict pull up
    Ab work

  45. FRAMA….. 9:07
    15-12-9 Thruster and Pull ups
    60# Thrusters
    -realizing that to get better at thrusters and to move up in weight, I have to stop doing 45#’s

  46. Framanda 9:22rx with the 630am Crew

  47. Framanda – DNF
    21-15-9 on thrusters
    9-3-1 and a bunch of fails on the MUs

    Next time Framanda.

    EMOMx5 – 5 TnG snatches at 95#

  48. Wendy P

    Framanda: 5:50. 55# front squat, 9-7-5 strict pull-up with black band… Slow road back

  49. Fran: 13:37 Rx sec time. Slower but happy to be back to 65# thrusters

  50. Mattr N

    3000 meter row
    200 air squats
    2×15 GHD su
    4×10 push-ups
    5×10 pull-ups


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