Saturday 1.4.14

Post Caption to Comments.

Post Caption to Comments.

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds for Max Reps:

1:00 Wall Balls (20/14)
1:00 Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
1:00 Box Jumps (20″)
1:00 Push Presses (75/55)
1:00 Row for Calories
1:00 Rest

Sum of repetitions across all three rounds is your total score.
Post Scores to Comments.
Compare Scores HERE.

"Come at me bro"

“Come at me bro”


E.C. talking data and diet. 


  1. Heather Bergeron

    “I mean I couldn’t decide if the color of my sports bra was too close to the color of the logo on my hat like ‘Oh my God that girl totally missed it’ or if it was so close that I’m more ‘that girl obviously tries too hard’. So, what do I do? Should I change or just go with it? WHAT. DO. I. DO!?!”

    • Joan Preston

      just be yourself- you’re perfect the way you are! the best!


  2. Bushy – “I’m gonna take this chalk and rub it all over your faces, and there’s nothin’ you can do about it!”

  3. FGB: 322 Rx (10 rep PR)

  4. Colleen (OC)

    FGB: 191, Rx. Not a PR but waaaay better than last time. Thanks Andrew E for taking over my scoring duty for Tricia! Sorry I had to leave early to take my kids to gymnastics!

  5. FGB 255rx

    Great working with Ted today.

  6. Brook R

    FGB: 270 Rx (26 rep PR) – 300 is within reach!

  7. Fight Gone Bad: 303 Rx (34 rep PR)

  8. Mike R.

    FGB: 281 Rx (16 off of PR)

    Lots of fun working with Brook today. Felt great to be back at CFNE this morning after a week of being down and out with the flu.

    • Brook R

      Great work, Mike! That’s a great number for coming off of the flu.

  9. 5×6 bench 185
    320 SDHP

    Take a second to appreciate the outdoors today! It’s stunning out! It’s like a Christmas Card……..snow everywhere!

  10. Brandon

    FGB: 425 RX (24 rep PR)

    Real damn happy with that.

  11. 260 Rx

    WB: 23-20-15
    SDHPs: 25-20-18
    BJs: 20-15-15
    PPs: 20-18-15
    Row: 13-10-13

    17 off my PR. Wasn’t feeling awesome coming in, so I’m okay with it.

  12. Tricia D

    FGB: 158 rx (off pr by 28. Just couldn’t get the 14# to the line this time so only got a couple good ones each round). Wb on the list to work in 2014 so looking forward to doing this again next time.

    Thx oc and Andrew for coaching and counting.

  13. Nicole D

    FGB: 231 Rx (27 rep PR)

  14. FGB: 302 Rx (23 rep PR)

    This was a 2013 goal so glad to get it in early 2014 since I wasn’t able to meet it in 2013.

    Neck and neck with Braatz this week. I might have to challenge him to a duel next week.

  15. FGB: 216 Rx

  16. Kevin Kelley

    218rx humbled

  17. Back squat 5×3: 185/205/215/225/235…then 2×1 @ 250/255

    EMOMx12: 7 TTB/35 DUs…Way harder than it looked. Had to rest for 3 of the mins to get through it, so took 15 mins overall

  18. Kaitlyn

    FGB – 290 RX (35 rep PR from October)
    300 next time!!

    Thanks for the encouragement Kathy!

  19. Patti Jeanne

    255 rx glad I was able to do box jumps no step ups today! Thanks Kelly for the cheering!

  20. laura c

    FGB: 218 with LOTS of scaling (step ups, 8# WB..I guess that is not a lot of scaling) and taking intensity down a notch to be smart….. It actually tied by PR with similiar scaling so not bad for me…..

    So impressive to see those high numbers – humbling for SURE!

  21. FGB: 210 (8# wb)

  22. FGB: 347 > 10#WB, 40#SDHP, 25# PP. First time.
    Shoulder is feeling good on all the movements :-D
    It may be time to bump up in weight slightly, yay!

    Tri: 1.5hr spin on the trainer – thanks for the encouragement Kim ;)

    Shoulder PT

  23. FGB: 229. (8# WB/45# Push press).

  24. FGB 252.
    A 2012 goal was to beat 250.
    This was first FGB I have been in town since 2011.
    Thanks to Scott for pushing me. I knew I was close but not sure.
    PR by 25 reps.
    Also good to have Lauren with me to CFNE for her cool 262.

  25. Rachel E

    FGB: 252 Rx

    8 off PR but happy to just get my butt kicked after vacation — can always count on CFNE for that! : )

  26. Fight gone bad – 218
    #55 PP, 12lb 1st round of wall balls, then went to 8lb, box jumps were slow and sluggish.

    One rough Saturday morning workout, glad it’s done!!

  27. Fgb: 218 8# ball, rest rx

  28. Brian L


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