Friday 1.3.14

Sometimes you get the box and sometimes the box gets you.

Sometimes you get the box and sometimes the box gets you.

*** OPEN GYM – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM ***

On the minute, for as long as possible:

3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Jerks

Male Rx – 135#
Female Rx – 95#

Post Scores to Comments.

Ali Leblanc is making a comeback! Ya girl!

Ali Leblanc is making a comeback! Ya girl!



  1. Yeah!! Ali’s comeback. Watch out!

  2. Tricia D

    Snowbound WOD: 19:42 (3 rds 60 squats, 30 burpees, 15 hand release pu). WOOF! Been out for ten days and way too much eating drinking. Excited to get back to the routine and clean diet!

    • Michelene

      Happy New Year! I hear you on getting back into the routine, I’m right there with you!

    • Wendy P

      Great job Tricia!!

    • Tricia D

      Thanks guys. That really sucked – I wanted to quit during the first round!!! That’s okay, one wod at a time it will get better :). Happy New Year!!

  3. “Macho-Man”: 17 + 3 Rx

  4. Macho Man: 18 RX

  5. Macho Man 125# 9 Rds

  6. Macho Man: 9 rnds Rx (PR by 3 rounds and 10#)

    EMOMx12: 5 TTB + 20 DUs (last 2 rounds did 7 + 35)

    Epic performances today by Daigle and Eugene!

  7. Andy L.

    MachoMan: 9+4 Rx (a year ago did: 95# 11 rounds)

    EMOMx12: 5+25DUs (a few rounds 20 DU)

    Best snow day.

  8. Patti Jeanne

    Macho Man 8+6 Rx 5lbs heavier and one more round than last year.
    had to stop back was not happy on the jerks.

  9. is the 5:30 class still happening today ?

  10. michelle

    Macho Man: 8 r @ 95 (last time 11 r @ 90)
    forgot rope, so did regional otm x 12 (12 cal air dyne/8 strict t2b)
    When I got home I did cash out of: 35 du otm x 10
    Fun woding with Katrina & Ali G! You ladies killed it!

  11. Macho Man: 15 Rounds Rx (11 OTM, skipped a min, then 4 additional Rounds).

    EMOM x 12: 6 T2B +20 DUs.

    Great crew today. Nice to see the snow didn’t keep people from getting after it.

    Daigle was MVP today!

  12. Macho Man: 8+8 @ 105#

    EMOMx12: 4 TTB + Double unders (15-15-15-15-20-18-15-11-11-4-4); my rope broke during round 11, had to switch.

    First day back in 8 days and only the fourth WOD since Dec 19th.

  13. marissa

    macho man: 20 rounds @ 75# (probably should have gone heavier)

    fun group to work with today! thanks for leading, john g!

  14. Macho Man – 17+3 Rx (7 round PR from last year)
    EMOMx12 – 5 TTB + 20 DUs

    Great performances from Ali G and Katrina. Daigle with 25 and doing negative splits was awesome. Great job and great having you back for the holidays!

  15. Colleen (OC)

    Macho Man: 13 rounds @ 65#. Thanks Toni for yelling at me to get back up after round 11!

    I love snow days… I get to see so many people I normally don’t see! So good to see Daigle too!

  16. Laura C

    King Kong: 55# 20 rounds.

    20# less then last time. Stopped at 20… Prob could have gone all day.

    First barbell movements in a while and it was not pain free. Baby steps…

  17. Jonathan

    Macho Man: 6 Rounds (135#) Add Jerks to my goat list for 2014.
    EMOMx12: 5 TTB + 20 DUs

    Awesome to see some of the 5:30 guys killing it in person.

    • Great to see you and workout together today. What advanced move are you going to teach me in 2014?

  18. Katrina

    Macho Man 18rnd at 105#

  19. Brook R

    Macho Man: 12 Rounds (115#) shoulder didn’t feel great on the jerks toward the end. Something else to work on.

  20. Macho Man: 21 rounds (65#). Pr’d by 10# and 9 rounds. Guess I could have gone heavier (Laura C. -yes, you told me so…)

    Thank you to Blake for cueing me through those final rounds!!

  21. Ashley R

    I am on a light weights, cardio kick.
    My own cardio bodyweight WOD at Open Gym

    2000 meter row, 50 burpees, 20 T2B
    1000 meter row, 25 burpees, 10 T2B
    50 pushups
    CTB practice

  22. Macho Man: 28 + 1 Rx

  23. Macho Man: 25rds of 4 power cleans, 4 front squats @65#. Obviously way too light. Felt like I could have gone all day. It was still only taking :30 in rd 25. I was nervous to go overhead with a heavy weight, but I should have done 75#, maybe 80#.

    Post WOD:
    Bench mark push up – ended up getting 2 full body push ups in a row! Need to reevaluate my goal of getting one by Sept 1. All my PT work has paid off! Psyched 😀
    New Goal: 5 consecutive by Jan 31st.

    easyish 2k row

    Last night bike: 20 x :60, 1min rest – WOOOOOOF!

  24. Macho Man: 10 Rx
    that was ugly…front squat need to get faster. Committed to strengthen these chicken lets this year.

  25. 26 rx
    7 t2b omx12

  26. michelle

    Hi! Just checking, is Crossfit Kids on tomorrow at 9? Thank you!

  27. Rick W.

    Wod: 15 Rounds 115#,mentally tough
    OTM 12 – 7TTB & 35 Du’s (3rnds), 5 TTB & 20 Du’s (9rnds)
    2014 goal 3 points / 9 cumm.


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