Goals for 2014!



New Beginnings in 2014

2013 is coming to an end and it’s been a phenomenal year to say the least. As you sit back and reflect on your year in and outside CFNE remember to take a look at the goals you posted for 2013 (click HERE). Setting goals is wonderful and incredibly important, please take it one step further and post your Crossfit goals to this post. The coaches are here to help you set goals if you’re having a tough time thinking of them on your own. Please feel free to email any of us or pull us aside at the gym. We are here for you.

When setting goals for the 2014 think S.M.A.R.T…






Here’s a more in-depth look at S.M.A.R.T. goals from Coach Leard. Click HERE.

Here’s to another amazing year!

Happy New Year CFNE!


  1. Is the gym open New Year’s Day at all?
    My goals for 2014: string together multiple DUs, get C2Bs, kipping T2B and rebounding box jumps. I also want to squat over 100#. Here’s to a great new year! Thanks to everyone in the 5:30am and 7:30pm for making my first 7 months at CFNE some of the best of my life.

  2. In 2013 I made two of my three goals (pull ups and regular push ups v knees), but did not successfully get into the gym 4 x a week consistently. I’ll still take this as a win and look forward to getting it done in 2014.

    2014 Goals:

    CFNE 4 x a week
    Make the committed club at least 7 out of 12 months
    Get toes to bar consistently in WODs
    Move up to 14# wb
    Jump up on a 24″ box
    Get one strict unassisted pull up
    Start working on du’s
    Continue a paleo diet with one cheat a week for at least 7 out of 12 months and paleo the other 5 months allowing a few more cheats (need to be realistic about holidays and summer months)
    Get into athlete level of body fat percentage

    A lot of goals, but I think these are reasonable.

    Happy New Year everyone and thanks for a great year CFNE!

  3. 1. Make regionals as a member of the team and compete.

  4. Just a few. More to come.

    King Kong
    Snatch 200
    10 consecutive MUs
    50 unbroken pull-ups
    Hand stand walk 50 feet
    Freestanding HSPU
    Sub 3 Fran
    Sub 2 Grace
    Butterfly everything
    Clean 300
    Jerk 275
    Back squat 400
    Front squat 350
    Top half in the Open worldwide (was around 67th percentile last year)

  5. Participate in Crash B Rowing event with Cheryl – Feb
    Beat my tour of Battenkill time from last year- April
    Complete 2 half iron tri’s Patriot Half – June, Timberman – Aug (not sure of realistic time goal yet)
    Complete 2 century rides (100miles) – spring-fall
    Participate in CFNE Tri Dash – Aug
    Participate in ECC scaled division again – Sept
    Full body push up
    Athlete BFP
    Strict pull up
    Dial in overhead form

    • what is the CFNE tri dash?

    • YEAH GIRL!! My plan is to be back Jan 21…

    • Goals revisited with my roles in mind after Ben’s talk today 😀

      1) Call Mom 1x/wk – put reminder in phone

      1) Visit Heather in Lake Tahoe April 18-27th

      1) Reconnect with Ash, Feeney, Michelle, Breezy – visit/phone call once every two months

      1) NFHS Basketball course – January 31st
      2) NFHS Field Hockey course – March 15th

      1) Review Intro to Wellness sexuality curriculum during Midterm Week – January 16-24th

      1) Volunteer at 2 CFNE Events:
      A. Competitors Competition – January 25-26th
      B. Teen Competition – August
      2) Take students to Boston Food Bank – March 31st

      Nutrition/Body Comp:
      1) Zone Food log 12 months – Check in Each month
      2) Athlete BFP (18% April 1st, 16% August 1st) [Jan 3rd baseline __%]
      1) Half iron training – January to June then re-evaluate for summer
      CF 4x/wk – Committed Club 9mos (Jan, Feb, Mar, May, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)
      Swim 2x/wk
      Cycling 4x/wk – until April (Battenkill) then 2x/wk
      Row 4x/wk – until February (Crash B)
      Run 2x/wk – Starting February 17th after Crash B
      1) Dial in overhead form – PT 5x/wk
      2) Full body push up – September 1st

      1) Crash B 2k row (Sub 8:00) – Feb 16th with Cheryl J
      2) Battenkill 64.6mi (3:40:00) – April 5th
      3) Narragansett Half Marathon – (2:50 9min/mi pace) – May 26th
      4) Complete 2 half iron tri’s
      A) Patriot Half – June 14th (Swim 33, Bike 3:05 , Run 2:00)
      B) Timberman – Aug 24th (Swim 32, Bike 3:03, Run 1:58)
      5) Two century rides (100miles) – spring-fall
      A) TBD
      B) TBD
      6) CFNE Tri Dash – Aug
      7) Vineyard Warrior Tri – Sept 7th (Swim 19min, BIke 1:10, Run 50min)
      8) ECC scaled division (top 25 finish) – Sept

  6. 50 consecutive double unders
    3 consecutive Muscle Ups
    Create a photo album for Eliot and a separate album for Gabby
    Mentor 2 new people at work
    Get to know someone I don’t like
    Read “Team of Rivals” Doris Kerns Goodwin

  7. 10 consecutive DU
    5 kipping HSPU
    5 consecutive MU
    Sub 4 Fran
    200 clean
    250 front squat

  8. Row 5k

    haha just kidding that’s not a goal that’s a death wish.

    Get muscle up back and get consecutive muscle ups.
    Lower body fat %.
    30+ consecutive double unders.
    PR Fran.
    Clean 135.
    Bench 135.
    Deadlift 225.
    Snatch 95.
    40# weighted pull up.
    Six pack.
    Butterfly C2B.
    Hate 10 ft wall ball target less.
    Hate rowing less.

  9. Andrew S. (Sumo)

    1. Continue to eat clean and reduce BFP
    2. Work on DU
    3. Work on OHS and Snatch
    4. Squat clean 225#
    5. Work on threshold endurance
    6. Compete in an event
    7. Add muscle ups to arsenal
    8. Become more involved in CFNE community

  10. 1. Complete a 1/2 marathon in May
    2. Work towards unassisted pull-ups
    3. Practice double unders 2x/week
    4. Back Squat 1 rep max of 150# by June

  11. Rick-v (aka Rock)

    Wow! it is already 2014. Here were my goals for 2013 with how I did.

    my Goals for 2013:
    – stick to Paleo with only a few cheats a month – since i am the cook in our home I have no excuse. i need to deal with breakfast and lunches better.
    – no alcohol – followed this for the most part averaging 1 drink a month
    – exercise at CFNE 4+ times a week – I was pretty consistent after returning from a shoulder injury, when traveling looked at the daily wod and tried to adapt it for the hotel gym.
    – Volunteer or Judge at competitions – Did both a couple of times. highly recommend.
    – lose 35 more lbs – accually lost 60 lbs
    – 100 RX wall-ball’s unbroken – did 150 in a wod but had to break-up.
    – 100 GHD situps unbroken – did 100 abmat unbroken, did 100 GHD in 10 sets of 10 ith 10 seconds rest in between.
    – 100 stricked pushups unbroken – was able to do 100 but in groups of 10 and 5
    – Randy under 6 min (unbroken) – PR 5:56
    – 200M run in under 1 min – PR :57
    – 400M run in under 2:15 – PR 2.11
    – 2 HSPU, pull-ups, ring dips – was not a focus in 2013, pull ups will be on 2014
    – 100 SU / 30 DU unbroken – PR 200 SU unbroken, still struggle with DU’s
    – 7xDL body weight unbroken – a lot easier after losing 60lbs, PR 7×225
    – compete in 1 masters competition – competed once and had a ball. highly recommend. need to better manage time between events on the day.
    – support CFNE competitors whenever possible – I know just how difficult the wods are and the courage it takes to come in some days and I am inspired by the staff and coaches of CFNE and everyone in the 5:30 PM class.
    – focus on living “I get to” – a work in progress

    • Rick-v (aka Rock)

      Goals for 2014:

      1 unassisted Pullup
      1 unassisted HSPU
      10 unbroken DU
      work on mobility to be able to do overhead squats and squat snatches with weight
      Front squat 185
      clean and jerk 185
      50 bench presses 115 unbroken
      30 unbroken real burpees
      10 TTB unbroken (can do abs all day, need to develop upper body)
      2K row in under 7:30
      1 mile run in under 8minutes.
      give back as much as I get

    • Ben Bergeron

      Congrats on a great 2013 Rick.

  12. Colleen (OC)

    – 1 RM Clean: 110#
    – 1 RM Bench: 100# (been stuck at 95 for a LONG time)
    – 1 RM Jerk: 100# (see above)
    – 500m Row: Under 2 minutes (lofty…)
    – Leaderboard for Max Pullups

    I might add more here later. I don’t like to make too many goals, because then I become unfocused.

    I didn’t set any goals for 2013 since my back was in bad shape in the early part of the year. Yet, I exceeded a lot of personal goals that I had in my head such as:

    – 1 RM Clean: 100# (finally!)
    – First HSPUs
    – Finally Rx’d Filthy 50 on the last day of the year
    – Found my double unders again (even if they are ugly)

  13. *Body Composition / Nutrition*
    Lose 20 pounds
    Get BFP to 22%
    Keep a food log – hit 80/20 at least 9 months

    *Movements (very upper body focused, as that’s where I’m weak)*
    Unassisted GHD dips by 6/1
    Unbanded ring dips
    1 HSPU
    Chest to bar pull ups
    String 10 pull ups together
    Connect T2Bs in WODs
    130 double unders in 2 minutes by 6/1

    *WODs / Benchmarks (most of these have to do with improving my metcon and/or running)*
    Angie Rx
    Annie under 10 minutes
    Fran under 7 minutes
    Helen under 10 minutes
    Isabel under 4 minutes
    Filthy Fifty under 30 minutes
    16 of 20 Big Dawgs standards
    16 of 20 Competitors standards, minimum of 5 non-strength standards
    10 of 20 Sectionals standards

    Snatch over 130#
    Deadlift 250#
    OHS 150#
    Clean & Jerk 175#

    *Outside Fitness Goals*
    Run 2 miles in 16:30 or less
    Score over 280 on the Army Physical Fitness Test
    Run a 5-K in 30 minutes or less

    WOD at least 12 times each month (except July)
    WOD at least 125 times
    Begin coaching

    • And here’s how I did on my 2013 goals:

      *Body Composition / Nutrition*
      Lose 15 pounds by 4/1 – almost reached that goal, in December
      Lose 30 pounds by 9/1 – no; I overestimated my abilities here
      Lose 40 pounds total – see above
      Get BFP to 25% – no; got to 27% but have some work left
      Complete two 30 day strict paleo challenges – 1 of 2; strict doesn’t work very well for me
      Keep a food log for the full year – hit 80/20 at least 9 months – mostly met; more like 75%
      Keep my knee healthy and normal sized – yes, and yay

      Unbanded pull ups in WODs – yup; now I need to string more
      Ring dips in WODs by 6/1 – hahahaha; no
      1 HSPU Rx – I remain far away from achieving this
      Rx pushups in WODs – done
      Connect T2Bs by 4/1 – nope; need more shoulder strength

      *WODs / Benchmarks*
      Fran under 7 minutes – nope; not close
      Grace under 4 minutes – got down to 2:27
      Helen under 6 minutes – revised goal to under 10 minutes after first attempt (11+), didn’t do again
      Complete Murph – done on Memorial Day
      225+ on Fight Gone Bad – hit 277
      16 of 20 Big Dawgs standards – nope; got 10
      12 of 20 Competitors standards – nope; got 10

      Snatch over 100# – got 120#
      Deadlift 250# – didn’t really test this
      OHS 150# – didn’t really test this
      Clean 150# – I hit 165# this year

      *Outside Fitness Goals*
      Run 2 miles in 16:30 or less – need to drop a full 2 minutes to get there
      Score over 280 on the Army Physical Fitness Test – nope
      Run a 5-K in 30 minutes or less – didn’t get there
      Complete the Army 10-Miler – done
      Complete a Half Marathon – done

      WOD at least 14 times each month – this was unrealistic
      WOD at least 175 times – this was unrealistic
      Keep a positive mental attitude before and during WODs – I think I met this
      Reevaluate goals quarterly and update as needed – done
      Level 1 Certification – done
      Judge Certification – done

  14. Shannon Dren

    After having my first “Crossfit injury” and it forcing me to not do anything for 3 weeks except see a chiropractor. My new goal is to focus on ME and not worry what anyone else is doing. I will not let my ego get in the way of getting stronger. I have been at CFNE for a year now and I love it! I am looking forward to coming back soon!

  15. Andy L.

    a couple goals I achieved in 2013:
    HSPU Rx, 25 DU’s, stringing together kipping pullups


    twice a week do one of the following in addition to class: core cash out, lift weights, 10 min skill work, run/row
    1 cheat meal per week
    5 wods per week

    Clean&Jerk: 205
    Snatch: 155
    DL: 315
    OHS: 185
    50 DU’s unbroken
    3 bar muscle ups in a row
    1 ring muscle up
    12 ring dips
    L-Sit 30 sec
    Fran 5:00
    Helen 9:00
    2k Row 7:25

  16. Ben Bergeron

    2013 Review
    1. Start a charitable foundation. – Nope, but build 2 schools in Africa.
    2. Get a bigger space. – Nope, but not from lack of effort.
    3. Be on the CFNE leader board for every category. – Nope, dealt with a back injury all year. Still was able to train hard and consistently through the injury and was able to PR wods that I could do.

    2014 GOALS
    1. Get two teams into Regionals
    2. Qualify 1 team for Games
    3. Get all individual athletes to Games
    4. Bench Press 300
    5. Run under 5:40 mile
    6. Write a book

    • Rita Vatcher

      Looking forward to the book, Ben! It will be inspirational and motivational to crossfitters everywhere! Some possible titles include: “Zen with Ben,” “Bergerons: Original Crossfit Pioneers,” “Reflections on Coaching the Fittest,” and if you want any more help with ideas, just let me know :)
      Happy 2014 to the Best!

  17. 2014 Goals:

    1. Place Top 10 in the North East Region in the Masters Division (50-54) in the Open.

    This is a stretch and will take doing all the little things right (staying healthy, nutrition, hydration, sleep, rest, goat work, listening to my body, listening to coaches, improved skills, more efficient movement, building the engine, mental toughness, staying surrounded by a supportive community…).

    2. Compete in 6 events…and place in top 3 at least once.

    3. Take Oly and Gymnastic Certifications.

    4. Start a scholarship at the CFNE school for top student(s) pursuing advanced studies. Revisit Kenya, and maintain a relationship with the leadership and students at our school.

    5. Get involved in the business side of CF.

    6. 50 pull ups & 50 push ups in a row by my 50th birthday.

  18. Jonathan

    2013 CFNE Goals:
    1. 25+ DU’s by 4/13 –Yup!
    2. 175lb clean & jerk (been stuck at 155). Got 185!
    3. String 5 muscle ups together. –Done!
    4. Remind coaches how awesome they are and thank them for pushing me and making CF so much fun! – Failed! I’m socially challenged so this is hard one for me. I will continue to work on it!

    2014 CFNE Goals:
    1. Read, “Becoming a Supple Leopard” this month.
    2. Get butterfly pull-ups by the open.
    3. One “Goat” WOD per week (Wall Balls, Thrusters, DU’s, Squats, Row)
    4. One 2k Row per month.
    5. Clean & Jerk 200# this year.

  19. Top 30 in opens
    Compete in four local competitions and win two
    Judge or volunteer in two competitions and spectate in two more
    Do a ring muscle-up
    Do consecutive double unders in WODs
    Increase strength in all movements by 15 pounds
    5K on the hilly course in 30 minutes
    Reduce body fat to 0.5 percentile and increase muscle mass to 77 percentile for my age (using DexaScan as the measurement)

    Last years recap —
    Maintain paleo diet with only a few cheats per month (yes)
    8 hours sleep every day (yes)
    96 ounces of water every day (no but got at least 64)
    2 hours mobility outside class every week (yes)
    Compete in Crossfit Games (yes)
    Make the first cut at Games (no)
    Cheer on CFNE competitors at Regionals and Games (yes for regionals)
    Compete in 3 local competitions – win one (won two of three)
    Judge or volunteer at 3 competitions (only one)
    Back Squat 225 (yes)
    Clean 210 (no)
    Snatch 145 (no)
    Jerk 190 (no)
    Deadlift 285 (no)
    OHS 170 (no)
    Front Squat 215 (no)
    Run Mile 7:30:00 (no)
    Run 5K 26:00:00 (no)
    Double Unders – 20 consec (no)
    Muscle-Up (no)

  20. 2014 GOALS!
    Partner-make sure we go out at least once and hopefully twice a month, without the kids to dinner, movie, etc…

    Sister-call or email my brother at least once a month (he lives in Atlanta)

    Mom-try to have a dinner, or lunch, or snack with each of the kids, outside of the house to just chat. Once a month for each son.

    Business Owner-get back to every email and/or phone call inquiry in 2 days if not quicker.

    Daughter-call my parents once every 2 weeks.

    1. Practice double unders at least 4 times a week (before or after class)
    2. Strict press 90 by September
    -Go with Pete at least 2 times a week at night to press and double under
    3. **As long as my knees hold up and don’t hurt, participate in running WODS. (Scaling is acceptable)
    4. Continue to come at least 20 times a month.
    5. In my age group, finish in the top 40% in the OPENS
    -action plan just includes coming to class regularly and trying my hardest in the workouts.
    -eating Paleo and Zone meals
    6. Kipping toes to bar
    -practice at least 2 times a week before or after class

  21. Kaitlyn

    Oh boy do I have a lot of CrossFit goals for 2014:
    -Sub 5 Fran
    -Sub 7 Karen to 10ft
    -Sub 5 Isabel
    -RX Elizabeth (and 10 UB ring dips)
    -Sub 8 2K row
    -10 UB C2B
    -15 butterfly pullups
    -Snatch 150
    -C&J 180
    -Back squat 250
    -Front squat 200
    -2x BW deadlift
    -10 min mobility 4x/week

  22. 2013 Goal Recap:
    lose 10 lbs (currently 187…lost 13 lbs in 2012)–Lost 4
    work out 250/365 days in 2013–made 225
    eat better, drink less–Yes, No
    Paleo 90% of the time–No
    spend more time with wife and kids–Progress
    stess less, find a healthy worklife balance–Progress
    do more stretching and mobility…protect that knee–not enough
    C&J goal 185–Yes 195
    Snatch goal 135–yes 145
    Front squat goal 225–no 215
    Back squat goal 295–no
    Bench goal 275–no
    pull up goal 35–32 at beginning of Angie
    Angie goal 15:30 (2012 best 17:15)–no
    train for and do at least 2 great bike climbing tours–no

    • 2014 Goals:

      -Attend a level 1 certification
      -Relearn the squat
      -focus on quad and core development
      -be diligent about lower body flexibility
      -establish proper deadlift form
      -learn how to do DU’s
      -minimum 5 days week
      -drink less
      -get kids involved in crossfit
      -spend more time with family
      -have fun, stress less at work

      -C&J 200
      -Snatch 155
      -Squat 300
      -Front squat 225
      -Pull ups 50
      -Bench 275
      -Fran sub 4
      -25 cons. DU’s

  23. Rita V (aka WW)

    I didn’t post goals last year so it’s sketchy to measure progress. I made steps forward with lifts, rowing, mobility, and other things and some steps backwards with health and other stuff. This year I’m posting goals, so next year it will be easier to assess my progress, and hopefully, it will be a good year for everyone! Being Specific is part of being SMART, right? :)
    *Make 20 crossfit classes or WODS per month
    *Compete in a Masters competition
    *Lower bodyweight to 150
    *Complete one unassisted pullup
    *Complete one HSPU
    *Overcome Box Jump phobia
    *Deadlift 225
    *Front Squat 155
    *OHS 75
    *Bench Press 125
    *C&J 115
    *Back Squat 215
    *5K 35min
    *2K Row 10min

    Thank you CFNE for being so supportive and affirmative through thick and thin! You’re all the greatest!

  24. Rick W.

    My 2013 Goals:

    Get Muscle ups – done
    Snatch 155# – Not yet
    Eat Clean – I’ll say yes but needs to be more measurable (see 2014 goal).
    Sprint 1X per week. Did this about 60% of time. note to self, keep a log book.

  25. Rick W.

    My 2014 Goals:

    Zone Paleo – Accumulate 1000 points in 2014. Points are 1 each for (Workout, 20 min mobility, fish oil, 7 hours sleep, Hydration (80oz)). I lose a point for alcohol or poor food choices. Max daily lost points is 4. Post daily and cumm. points with each CFNE posting.

    Snatch 155# – work snatch 2 x weekly.

    Add 100 people’s B-day to google calendar and call them to say happy B-day.

    Have bi-weekly 1 on 1’s with all my staff and cancel less than 20% of them.

    Walk or run with my dog 4 times per week > than 1 hour each.

  26. Chris M.

    “Crossfit 2013 Goals” – Review
    1. Compete in the Open – check
    2. Front Squat – 315# – nope (PR – 295#)
    3. OHS – 225# – nope (PR – 200#)
    4. C&J – 225# – check (PR – 225#)
    5. Snatch – BW – check (PR – 180#)
    6. Elizabeth – Sub 7 – nope (PR – 7:45)
    7. Diane – Sub 5 – nope (PR – 5:34)
    8. Jackie – Sub 7 – check (PR – 6:51)
    9. Eva – Told myself I’d never to do it again – nope
    10. Drink 84oz (2.5 l) of Water a day – I’ll give myself a B


    “Crossfit 2014 Goals”
    1. Compete in the Open
    2. Front Squat – 315#
    3. OHS – 225#
    4. C&J – 250#
    5. Snatch – 200#
    6. Elizabeth – Sub 7 – Goat Kipping Ring Dips
    7. Diane – Sub 5 – Goat Kipping HSPU
    8. Drink 70 oz (2.0 l) of water a day
    9. Gain/Maintain 5# of lean body mass

  27. Okay here are my CF goals for 2014, a little late but better than never:

    Fran under 4min with Butterfly pullups 12/31/2014 (4:41 without butterflies)
    Complete Amanda RX 12/31/2014 (never done this RX)
    Snatch 145 12/31/2014 (currently 120)
    Run a 7min (currently 8:35)10/1/2014
    FS 200 (currently 165#) 12/31/2014
    Compete in ECC in Sept Rx as an individual and do at least 1 other competition
    Continue to eat Zone and lower BF to 18% by 12/31/2014

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