Monday 12.30.13

Bethany looking cool, calm, and collected.

Bethany looking cool, calm, and collected.

Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
Ring Dips

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Someone call the Zoo because I think they're missing one of the beasts.

Someone call the Zoo because I think they’re missing one of their beasts.



  1. Elizabeth: 12:09 (115#, 46 sec. PR)

  2. Elizabeth: 9:38 (115#)Going RX next time, I was unsure about the 135# for some reason.

  3. Elizabeth
    SC’s 115#
    Ring Dips – 15, 12, 9

  4. Elizabeth 12:05 115#

  5. Michelene

    Elizabeth: 9:51 (60# & med. band ring dips)

  6. Elizabeth: 11:52 RX
    (3:31 PR)

  7. Elizabeth: 8:32 with barbell lunges and small red banded ring dips. My back didn’t want to tolerate squat cleans. Thanks for the sub Meg.

  8. Elizabeth: 14:16 (70#, banded dips)

  9. Elizabeth: 15:23 Rx (1:12 off PR)

    Lots of negative self-talk today.

    Great coaching by Meg today including lots of cues during the mobility and warm-up.

    • I hear you on the negative talk (in my head) I talked myself right out of a RX…

    • Great job Greg, inspiring!

    • way to tough it through this one! : )

      not every day is a PR day, but those are the days we can reflect on and learn from. not easy, but worth it!

  10. Elizabeth – 10:18 Rx
    Went from crawling out of bed due to my back to struggling through warmups (could barely due an air squat) to doing this Rx. Told Meg that going Rx could be one of the worst decisions I ever made, and she said it could be one of the best. She was right. Great job today Meg teaching solo!

  11. 21-15-9
    Calories, Airdyne
    Walking lunge, 35# DB

  12. Elizabeth: 9:51 RX 49 sec pr
    Snatch up to 105# shoulders sore from dips

  13. Elizabeth: 10:45 Rx (2:18 PR)

    Snatch: worked up to 165.

  14. elizabeth: 10:00 (75#, regular push ups)

    feeling generally off today but glad i made elizabeth part of my day. thanks for all the tips harry & mick!

  15. Elizabeth: 18:40 Rx

    On the other hand…

    Snatch (work up to a heavy single): 155# (PR)

    Big thanks to the 8:30 class and Ben for sticking with me through the end.

    More thanks to Max and Ho for coaching and encouragement on the snatch.

  16. Elizabeth: 10:17 55#, grn band ring dip… Way off PR- January goal- self imposed paleo challenge starting on jan1…. Definitely need to get back on track.

  17. Elizabeth-10:43-1:55 PR!!
    95# Squat Cleans/Push Ups

  18. Elizabeth: 6:58 rx pr

  19. 11:21 RX (PR 4:33)

  20. What’s the schedule tomorrow? FINALLY going to be home! I did it.. A week with no CF. wish I could say my back all better:(! Oh well.

    • Hey Laura. It’s 530am, 630am, 830am, 930am and 12, no pm classes. Welcome back!

  21. Elizabeth: 10:05 (65#/thinnest blue band ring dips). PR 1:15

  22. Elizabeth: 13:50

  23. Elizabeth: 7:59 (115#) 2:12 and 20# PR.

  24. Elizabeth – 11:50 (GHD dips)

    Heavy single snatch – worked up to 125#

  25. Elizabeth 10:20rx, fun times woddin with the Nooners today.

  26. Lizzy: 14:40 Rx. Woof
    Never felt like weight was too heavy, just felt dreadfully slow!
    Thx Nooners for sticking around with me.

    Pre WOD:
    100 cals on Airdyne
    5×5 FSQ
    5×5 OHS

  27. Elizabeth, but with a Rower….5K row: 19:11.4 (14 sec PR)

    In NH and no barbells, or rings. Fell on ice and almost broke my hip so no running either. Found out the Clapper doesnt work outside.

  28. Elizabeth: 15:00 65# green banded ring dips. First Time.
    Holy Moly. My legs were feelin all my rowing and cycling from the past week…

    Great tips for the ring dips Ben!
    LOVE WODing with the 8:30 crew! It’s been such a treat!!! :-D

  29. Elizabeth: 13:15 (80#, banded ring dips)

  30. Elizabeth: 12:24, 75# and blue band ring dips
    30+ seconds slower than last time. Today was a day I listened to my body, went light and worked on good form.

  31. 14:39 RX; Heavy leg day yesterday killed my SC’s today.

  32. elizabeth
    8:25 rx (:44 PR)

    lucky to get a chance to wod with the 5:30 pm. thank you guys!

  33. Elizabeth – 22:34 (12-9-6 on the ring dips)


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