Monday 12.23.13

Get your popcorn ready!

Get your popcorn ready!

***Holiday Schedule***
12/24/13 – Open Gym 6am-12pm
12/25/13 – CLOSED
12/26/13 – Open Gym 6am-12pm


Satan’s Whiskers
3 rounds of:
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Front Squats (165, 115#)
10 Burpees

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Kathy Langen conquering some fears in Arizona with MA Jen.  #functionalfitness

Kathy Langen conquering some fears in Arizona with MA Jen.



  1. And BOOOOOOOOOM goes the dynamite!!!!

  2. I went on a hike with Rich once, and I almost fkn died. Good luck to anyone competing with him in fitness.

    This is one of the most painful workouts of all time. It’s not just cleverly named.

    Your lungs will burn. Your hands will go numb. Your bum will hurt. On the inside.

  3. Ben Bergeron

    Hey CFNE and local CrossFitters,

    The ECC is going to sell out (probably in just a few minutes). We are Pre-Selling tickets so you guys can be sure to get in.

    The Pre-Sale will be in person at the New Year’s Eve Party at The Verve.
    You can get more info here…

    • the quality of babysitter I am looking for just moved from someone my girls know and highly qualified to breathing and availabe on new year’s :).

  4. Go Kathy!! I hope you didn’t look down :)

  5. Heather V

    Satan’s Whiskers: 5:34 Rx PR

  6. 1RM Front Squat: 335 (25 PR)…encouragement from the back room added 20-30 pounds easy. Thanks, gang.

    Satan’s Whiskers: 5:52 Rx…25 seconds off PR, the 1RM zapped me. I’ll get em next time.

    Meeeeerrrrrrryyyyy Christmasssssssss!!!

    • Not that it matters, but 30# PR on the front squat. Sometimes it’s nice to forget the previous number. Might surprise yourself.

      I want to go out for dinner tonight. Steak, wine, veggies, yes I think that sounds nice. You’ve just been in my brain.

      • you deserve it! Awesome to see! Clear Pro will have it’s hands full cleaning up the Shart though!


  7. Satan whiskers 6:43rx (1:50 pr)

  8. Satan’s Whiskers: 8:55 Rx – first time with this one. Harder than it looks.

  9. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:41 (95# and KPUs).

    20 seconds slower than Sept. I’ll take it after a weekend of holiday activities and eating.

  10. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:05 (70#, kpu)

    1 second slower than september, but pull ups v. attempts this time.

  11. Satan’s Whiskers: 8:23 (KPU, 105#)

    1:17 PR 10# heavier and no band on the pullups.


  12. Kathy, looking good, nail polish matching climbing shoes: nice!

  13. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:38 (155#)

    First time. I’m with Brook, much harder than it looks. Next time Rx…all FSs were unbroken.

    • I was going to say, maybe next time I will go lighter so I can get the FSs unbroken!

  14. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:41 (85#, pu) :27 faster and 5# heavier than 9.3.13

  15. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:26 (135#, PR by :27 and 20#) front squats feel more and more comfortable.

  16. Satan’s Whiskers – 85#, 5:38. 1:16 pr and 5# heavier.(last time I did it was a long time ago)

  17. Out of town at Crossfit TPA.
    8 Sq Snatch 95/65
    15 Target Burpees (6in above fingertips)
    5 MU/C2B Pull ups
    40 DU (120su)

    Tipical Brad fashion, forgot to look at clock… 18:00ish

  18. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:54 (80#). 1:06 less than pr, but 5# heavier.

    • Nice job Toni- that is still a lot of weight for such a little person :) Way to hang in there.

  19. Satan’s whiskers: 7:20 rx. Pr. (9/03/13 8:56rx)
    See you all tmrw am for 12 days of Xmas.

  20. Satan’s Whiskers: 3:47 (13 sec pr)

  21. Satan’s Whiska’s! 6:19RX 20 sec pr

    Fun times and great coaching with the 6:30am’rs!

  22. Satan’s Whiskers:

    7:33 75# front squat. All CTB..didn’t count them unless my chest hit the bar!

  23. Satan’s Whiskers: 5:28 (135#)

    1RM front squat: 235# (40# PR) / 245F

  24. What’s the class schedule for tomorrow?

  25. Maureen B.

    Satan’s Whiskers: 7:31 (90#, half C2b half KPU) :30 slower than last time but 15# heavier and did all kpu’s last time so I suppose that’s a PR.

    Thanks for cheering me on Nancy, you did awesome!!

  26. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:59 @ 115# and pu
    :20, 20lb, no band pu PR from Jan 2013

  27. Patti Jeanne

    Satan’s Whiskers 7:59 85# and pull ups. 1:39 faster than last January!

  28. SW: 9:18 135#

  29. SW: 7:30 (155#)
    T2B: 10×8

    A bit too much holiday cheer for me lately.

  30. SW: 7:06 (60#), not a PR on time or weight but first time doing any (and all) C2Bs. After class got my first legit pistol (on one side, right leg still a WIP).

  31. Satans Whiskers: 6:15 RX
    (7 sec/ 30# PR from jan 2013)

  32. Kevin K III

    6:35 Rx

  33. 1RM front squat – 185# (5# PR)

    Satan’s Whiskers – 7:49 RX
    Thanks, Heather, for the C2B cue!! I got 5 UB in the first round!!

  34. Satan’s Whiskers: 9:22 Rx
    Holy shit that hurt. 9 minute workout took me an hour to recover from. Last time was 8:55 with 155. Well, I guess I am 15 years older than everyone else….sigh….I’ll be over here in the corner shaking. The rest of you go ahead, I’ll catch up later.

  35. Satan’s Whiskers with those naughty nooners: 8:07 Rx

    :09 off my PR from April but PR’d my 5k yesterday while wearing jingle bells, so I’m still happy!

    Also fun to see the competitors do this WOD lightning fast — especially Rachel going sub 3. WOW.

  36. Satan’s Whiskers: 5:51 (135#) 20# and 25 second PR!

  37. Official unofficial Christmas Party:

    Hello fit beasts,

    So it’s been bugging me for weeks that we didn’t have a CFNE xmas party this year. I know it’s because of our bangin NYE plans, but still, Christmas parties are the best. And given that I’m off for the next week, my wife seems eager for me to go out tonight. I mean I get it. Two worlds collide. I’ll be at Morse tonight promptly at 8 for an impromptu CFNE Christmas Party. It may be a party of one or a party of many (for the record I would prefer the latter)…anyone care to join me? And more importantly, since I don’t have contact info, please spread the word. I’m going regardless, so no need to confirm. You will have at least one buddy there. And what a buddy it will be!!! I mean, I’m not working out until 11 tomorrow. Hope to see you ALL, but if not, have an incredible week!


  38. SW-ish: 8:20 4rds (10C2B, 10 walking lunges w 35# kb, burpees)

    3x1000m row

  39. Colleen (C4!)

    Satan Whiskers 7:34 Rx (+ :27 from 9/3/13)
    FS, 1RM: 195# (20#PR according to my book, but I thought I did 185 in the past) Whateva, it’s a PR.

    Thank you Squat Pause, I mean Santa Claus.

  40. Bear Lane WOD with Jim B! He says hello and merry Christmas!

    OTM x 8- 3 squat snatch
    sets 1-3 95#
    sets 4-6 115#
    sets7-8 125#

    OTM x 8 3 squat cleans
    sets 1-3 135#
    sets 4-6 155#
    sets 7-8 165# (power clean set 7, squat clean set 8)

  41. Satan’s Whiskers 9:23 (115# from rack)

    Wow, that is a gorgeous view (the scenery looks good too!). That looks like so much fun. I’m jealous.

  42. SW ish: 8:16 subbed 10 cal on airdyne (was gonna do 15 but as I did the WOD realized I would be there till the 7:30 class) for FS – 55# in warm up hurt my back so decided to be smart (and thanks corey for the stern look!) Rest RX:)!

    Corey was a rockstar today!

  43. “Satan’s Whiskers”: 6:58 Rx (32 sec PR)

  44. Satan’s Whiskers: 5:13 (KPU, 95#)

    39 second and 5# PR from September.

  45. Jonathan M

    Satans whiskers : 7:25,115#

  46. Satan’s Whiskers
    7:20 115#
    Great to work w/ Geoff, Max and the 630pm crew.

  47. satans whiskers- 7:33 rx

  48. Satin’s whiskers 5:01 135#
    Thanks for the screams of rage in my ears Daigle

  49. Kristin B.

    Satan’s Whiskers: 8:22 @115#, 5 kpus & 5 ring rows. Shoulder wasn’t feeling great. 16 seconds slower but 10# heavier. Pullups were banded last time.

  50. Got it on the chin today

    3:49 Rx

    (35 sec off PR) but almost died, so, stimulus achieved.


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