Thursday 12.19.13

Big Mike bringing the focus and intensity. The same focus and intensity you all will need to CRUSH the 2K.

This is the type of focus and intensity needed to crush a 2K.

2K Row

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Name this athlete. Post to comments.



  1. 2K: 7:14.9 (14.1 sec PR)

    Yesterday’s core cash out.

    Good to be home…

  2. 9 something. 9:16? All I remember it was slower than my previous record by more than 10 scs. I paid attention to the Kevin when he said not to go too fast at the begining. I forgot about the instructions after I saw my previous time was 9:08 and wanted to PR. Did not happened :-(

  3. 2k Row: 8:52 (7 seconds off PR)

  4. Kevin K III


  5. Maureen B.

    2k Row: 8:22 tied my PR ugh

  6. Awesome work by the 530, 630 and 730 pm classes

    You guys crushed!!

    Big congrats to my man Sean “Potsy” potter who set the gym record tonight rowing a 6:36 2K!! Super proud of you man after coming off 2 surgeries this past year and on the road to rehab…looking strong bro keep it up

  7. 8:08.4 (5.6 seconds PR to August)
    oh this elusive 8min barrier

    Tip “along the table/under the table” definitely helped. Thanks Geoff, great class tonight!

    It was hard to continue after 1k when I got some itching/burning feeling in the quads (of course, there must be some sophisticated scientifically sounding term for that like the one recently mentioned here “controlled area of space”, but I don’t want to dig that up :-)

    I’m off out of town until January 6th.
    Happy holidays & WODs to all guys and gals @ CFNE!

  8. 8:03 (pr by 18 sec)

  9. Rick,
    hell yeah!

  10. 2k row: 8:54 (first time)

  11. 2K 7:21

  12. 2k row: 7:43 (17 sec PR) – all the way from Big D baby!

  13. 2K Row: 8:40


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