Wednesday 12.18.13

The Dark Horse...

The Dark Horse…

Weightlifting Wednesday

5×1 – 3 Position Clean + Split Jerk (mid-thigh, below knee, ground)
Complete the 3 cleans and then one split jerk.

Core Cashout

3 Rounds NFT:
1o Strict Toes to Bar
15 Hip Extension
20 Abmat Sit-ups
25 Banded Good Mornings

Post loads to comments.

Who will be the next Games Athlete to be announced?

Who will be the next Games Athlete to be announced?


Coaches Corner with Coach Max

As the year is coming to a close we start thinking about our goals for the year in and outside the gym. We rummage through our notebooks or search the website for our goals and compare them to our achievements. While this process is necessary to measure our progress and set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the new year, I also think it’s important to recognize others’ accomplishments. For this week’s Coaches’ Corner I ask you, the members, to post something that you saw this year at CFNE that struck you and stuck with you. It can be something like watching your friend get his/her first pull-up. It doesn’t have to be a milestone, but it certainly can be. I’ll start…

For me, this moment occurred two weekends ago. Andrew Ho came to workout at 1pm with some of the competitors. We were doing a massive barbell complex with 30 back squats, 30 jerks, and 30 thrusters. We all started together and at the end a few athletes were left finishing the last of their heavy thrusters, Andrew was one of them. Ho could have easily given up or taken more rest but instead of conceding and taking the easy way out he picked the wrench and finished strong. It was a terribly difficult workout, one that beat us all down. That day, I saw my friend grow both as an athlete and as a person. I felt so proud for him. He had grown so much during the workout.

We all grow together, so if you have any memories of your fellow athletes from this year, please post to comments.



  1. Annie T.

  2. Colleen (C4!)

    Oh my goodness, Kip Dynamite, really? He is the best games competitor ever. Fearless in Boggle, killer in Scrabble, and the best Texas Hold Em bluffer in the semi pro business. Look at that face! He is secretly undressing LaFawnduh with his eyes. The man is an animal.

  3. Colleen (C4!)

    A year-end acknowledgement to all my petite girl friends at CFNE who “apologize” or feel bad that they are not Rx-ing a weight or need to explain why they going lighter than others. I look at them with genuine amazement as they work out and throw their body weight over head. It’s impressive. I can’t do that. Krystle, Laura C. and the others in the Petite Bod Squad, you women really are amazing to me, dedicated, strong, tough — and inspiring!

    • Thanks!!!! One of my fav moments was seeing you KILL the competition… as well as, Krystle and Terri!!!

    • Aww thanks Colleen!! Your determination and strength amazes me every day!! So lucky to be able to WOD with you!!

  4. Christmas please!

  5. Max,
    Each time I try to find one example, I think of another. Guess the thing that sticks with me is “the whole damn thing”. The entire experience is something I cherish and continue to be amazed at. The past few months I have been traveling quite a bit. When I am on the road I do my best to find a local Box. I can tell you with 100% confidence, CFNE has the best coaches and the best members. Its really an honor to be part of the family.

  6. Have to give props to CFNE Team A & B. Seeing both teams in the final heat at Regionals and then watching the A Team battle the best in the world to come home with a podium finish. You have to be in our world to understand the strength, guts, dedication and skill it takes but to be able to work out everyday with world class athletes is pretty special.

    Second favorite-besting the Champion by like two minutes in the FINAL event at the ECC.

    (ok that was mean-I’m proud of him too)

    3 Pos Clean: ended at 175#. Took a shot at 185 but grip was shot and shoulder a little spiky.

  7. What the futterwagon is a “Good Morning”?

  8. 5X1 3 Position Clean : 95#, 125#, 135#, 155# & 135#

    Core Cashout – Done

  9. Hello CFNE – This morning our WOD at CrossFit South Cobb was: Cannonball (21-18-15-9-6-3 unbroken KBS for time) rest 3 minutes then Annie (50-40-30-20-10 DUs and situps)
    I pulled out my WOD book and found that Cannonball was the third WOD I ever did at CFNE, back in October 2010. 25# KB, 3:29, with a little note to myself: Do more weight next time. Today it was 44# in 5:27. Follow that with a 54 sec PR on Annie at 8:27 and it was a great morning! Can’t believe I’ve been gone from CFNE more than a year. I miss you! Happy Holidays!

  10. so many moments that have stuck with me to choose from. but i think one image that keeps coming into my head is nicole dillberg’s first time doing Fran rx, but maybe even her first fran ever, just last week. girl crushed it, starting off with 21 unbroken thrusters, and finished the workout under 7 minutes i believe.

    i looked at nicole’s face during that first set of thrusters, when she got to 15, and kept going, got to 18 and didn’t even flinch… it looked like she almost went to a different place, an alternate universe, where there was no pain.

    that ability, that mental toughness, is something i’ve been chasing for a long LONG time. and while i am envious of her ability to go to that place, remembering her face also motivates me to find my alternate universe during a wod.

    so thanks nicole, for kicking fran’s ass. and huge kudos to you for dominating one of the hardest crossfit wod’s there is!

    • Aw Corey!! Thanks lady! I’m envious of your strength and barbell movement every day. I remember the day you got your 100# snatch. Just awesome. Thanks for pushing me that day during Fran. I felt like I was gonna barf before that workout even started (TMI?) but you pushed me and said it’d be fineeeeee. You’re the first person I knew at CFNE and I am so grateful for your friendship!

    • She did the same thing during the team WOD this passed sat!! Girls got a fire!!

  11. Sarah Wilson

    Andy M. from Mayhem inspires me to be better. He lays it out there every day. Post-WOD, the guy always is dripping in sweat, flat on his back, with nothing left to give. He always chooses a weight that challenges him. He doesn’t care whether he is the first or last to finish. He is never showy, but he is dedicated, skilled (he’s got muscle ups in his arsenal), and smart about his approach to CF. Sometimes I go weeks without talking to Andy (it’s 5:30 in the morning for cryin’ out loud), but I always notice his work ethic on display.
    I likely never would have told Andy about his impact on me, so thanks, Max, for engaging us in this exercise of appreciation (I’m a Ho fan too btw, Max).

    • Sarah Wilson!! No particular moment here because everytime I see her she makes me smile!! She is one of the friendliest faces and somehow also one of the toughest girls at CFNE!! I haven’t quite figured out yet how she pulls both off so well.

  12. Like Ken K. said above, there are so many–so hard to pick just ONE. The CFNE community–everyone–is the best. The coaches, Ben and Heather, the community of people, the support,the friendships, the overall atmosphere at CFNE is like nothing else. Seeing so many people get stronger around me–both physically and mentally is inspiring. It has helped me grow as a person and tackle any of my personal challenges.One thing that I am really happy about is that my wife has come back to CFNE. We started elements, together, back in December 2010 with Mel(an amazing person by the way)Lisa stayed with it for a month, but, because of severe back issues she had to step away. I continued at CFNE with my wife watching me hobble in to the house after many a workouts–I thought for sure she would never give it a second thought to return. She has since rejoined(started with 31 Heroes WOD on August 2nd)and has stuck with it for almost 5 months. I have watched her get stronger and fitter on all fronts. Also it is awesome to have your partner/spouse doing the WOD’s along with you.

  13. These are awesome! Keep em coming CFNE!

  14. 5×1 3 position clean: 95,135,155,175,185(ugly)

    Felt my back twinge a bit on the last set, so unfortunately I couldn’t do the core cash out which I desperately need…

  15. I had my first date with the ARDYNE (not even sure how to spell and dont really care) today……You KNOW my back is in bad shape when I finally gave in and used that dreaded machine… I survived
    1 min on/ 1 min off

    I am scared to do a 2 min test…just scared!

    I can not come up with a single defining moment this year except seeing Suzanne Hayes (who prob wont read this) and Sharon in the locker room one day = it was their first day of elements..they were like “this crossfit thing is NOT for me…I could NEVER do this”….well, months later they are both still at it and I think, to me, that says so much about what we do everyday. I respect the BIG DAWGS a lot but us little people that give it our all, day in and day out, and never RX, cant do a lot of the movements but really come in to work and get better motivates me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

    Anyone can do Crossfit – it is if they choose to be better today then they were yesterday!

    • Suzanne H.

      Yes I did utter those words! It seems like crazy talk now! There have been so many defining moments this year for me at Crossfit. Not only has my physical self changed for the better but my inside self has changed just as dramatically. My mindset is no longer “I could never do that”. It is “I will give it my all and see what happens”. I have conquered my fear of handstands and can do a doubleunder – both goals I set for myself when I started in April. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

      Yes – Laura – I read this blog CONSTANTLY! I just rarely post anything! Thanks for your encouragement in the early days. I needed it!

      • yeah! So glad you read this!!! Now I know you are a reader you NEED TO START posting! It helps so much to be able to look back and see your OWN progress!!! Make it a goal in 2014 – one day you will thank me for it:)!

  16. So many moments to talk about. Can’t keep it to just one…so in no particular order I’d love to mention highlights from those athletes that really keep it under the radar here at CFNE but who are quietly crushing it every day. For these people, trust us, we do notice!
    1. Erin and Rae during Clovis, running those miles like it was just another beautiful day in the park (yes, it actually was a beautiful day).
    2. Doug E pounding out bar muscle ups the other day.
    3. Mick crushing DT.
    4. Doug B being the REAL Doug B. Seriously, this guy is so under the radar it is crazy. Guy has all the tools (except the limit gauge in his head in round one of any workout). But having him crush me in a double under test last week was awesome given he couldn’t do any just a few months back.
    5. Travaun throwing up snatches yesterday. The guy is making such huge gains every day.
    6. Mike T…we did see those muscle ups yesterday, and you are a pull-up machine.
    7. Speaking of muscle ups, Rick W getting his first and then second, third and so on.
    8. Andy M. Stepping up the weights the last week in a front squat workout…dude is going to get stronger every day.
    9. Rich T…I say this all the time, but my favorite cross fitter in the gym. Never quits! Ever!
    10. Andy L. Holy cow on grace and that open workout with clean and jerks. What the hell!
    11. Eddie on the airdyne test. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard, but you stayed on for the whole two minutes when most of us would have just quit.
    12. Mike G’s shirt posting. Please come back.
    13. Finally, I’d also like to say that I am amazed every day at the progress Craig and Ali G have made this year. Totally new level. Tell me what I need to do please to make 10% of your progress!

    • and your my favorite (blushing). actually you are my goto crossfit example when describing to a non-crossfitter; weighing in 40 lbs less than me and and throwing up much more weight.

  17. My favorite thing at CFNE- The look on people’s faces when they accomplish something they had never done before. PR a lift, a first pu, first box jump, du- the look of utter happiness and pride, like, “Did you see THAT?” is is like the face of a toddler who gets their first step. I LOVE THAT!

    C&J complex 105, 115, 120, 125 f, 120, 120
    Isabel: 10:22 rx switched rooms mid wod- time is a little funky
    10 x 10 otm burpees- tks allie p!
    Flight Simulator: made it to 50! which is pr. Goal is to complete this wod before 2014.

  18. This is kinda like picking your favorite kid.

    But among the many, my favorite was at the Games when the team finished the last WOD and came to the end zone, arms wrapped around each other, and looking for Ben in the crowd. No words were said. But I caught Ben and the team in the moment with the proud look of accomplishment on their faces. All the hard work and sacrifice had paid off. It was awesome.

    If you look around the room each day you can catch a glimpse of that same look on Ben, the coaches, and the rest of the CFNE community’s faces when any one of us achieves something special. It’s a genuine shared sense of accomplishment.

  19. Rowing – 9×1:40 on, :20 off (2 min rest after round 5)

    T2B – 10 x 8 OTM

    BJ – 10 x 10 OTM (24″)

    SQT & OHS work 10 x 10 OTM

  20. Wow. First, thanks Max. That was a great day, and your encouragement meant the world to me. I’ve been pondering for a few hours what to write here. What was something that stood out this year. I began rattling off highlights in my head, many of which Eugene already touched on. A few others that I draw inspiration from on an almost daily basis: Big Mike’s 2K row, Eugene’s Rx Bull, Braatz’s Fran, and maybe my favorite, Max doing the CJ/toe to bar workout in the Open. He had just sliced his foot open badly, but he persevered and crushed the workout. It was everything he had. In that moment, Max was exposed and I so appreciated being a small part of it. There are so many others.

    You see, it’s the community, as we know, that makes this place special. Today, I laid my father to rest. And even on a day like this, CFNE finds a way into my heart, helping me push through life’s many challenges. Just before the service, I went to the blog to find my escape. And there you are, reminding me how lucky I am. We often joke about the cult of CrossFit, or how we drank the Koolaid. That’s fun to say, cliche as it is, but I know the truth. At least for me, CFNE fills a void that existed in my life for many years. Yes, at first I thought it was physical. I mean, I want to be a beast and look amazing naked like everyone else. But what I didn’t see coming was this beautiful community and how much it would help me find peace and happiness in an otherwise hectic world. In short, although abstract, my moment is this moment. This point of reflection where I can sit and be thankful for just how lucky I am to know you all and watch you grow. You inspire me in ways words fall desparately short of describing. Thank you. And see you soon.

    • Andrew, I am so sorry for your loss. Congratulations on making one of the best decisions – to join CFNE. You’ve expressed publically what many of us feel, though are too shy to post about. Each member makes this community more special, thank you for being a part of it.

    • Susan Stein

      Andrew- very sorry for your loss. Please know that I am thinking of you and your family, especially during this sad time. Xo Susan

    • Love you bud. We are all here for you.

    • Well put Ho. Condolences to you and your family.

    • Ho, so sorry for your loss… Glad you have CFNE to be your “wings”, so to speak (by Bette milder… Has she ever made the blog?). Anyhow, it’s ironic that you post this bc I was gonna write how the most important moments have been when CFNE has been in our lives to help us get through stuff. I know for me personally, it’s very true. That feeling is WAY better then any PR or RX. Hang tough. We are all behind you… Today and everyday!

    • Thinking of you. As Max said, we’ve got your back… rain or shine.

    • Michelene

      So sorry for your loss Andrew.

      I think you might have the most memorable mentions in this whole post, btw. You clearly inspire many people!

    • I’m so sorry about your loss, Andrew. You and your family are in my thoughts.

    • You’ve provided a bit of light in all of our days with your benjamin button banter between yourself and big mike. You’ve also provided many of us with inspiration and proof that hard work, perserverance and determination do pay off. I am truly sorry to hear about your loss but know that you’ve got a whole community of friends to support you even if you got a mouth on you that would put andrew dice clay to shame.

      • Excuse me sir, but if you must slander my good name, you shall do so accurately. My mouth, although of a rough nature, has been washed clean of its sins. Just as one works on muscle up efficiency one must work on cleansing the literary pallet of its offensive taste. In that vein, I have vowed to refrain from foul mouthed debauchery and tomfoolery. In jest, you show your ignorance to my cleansed verbal license. My passion remains, but the language long learned of days scrubbing toilets at our esteemed military installations has run its course. So, sir, I would remind you to consider the substance of your statements before making rash comparisons between a strapping young chisel chinned man such as myself and someone of the sort that would make statements awash in filth.

        In other news, please attend my workshop this weekend: “How to drop an F-bomb like you just don’t give a #%€$.”

        • No matter how much holy water you throw on yourself and tell us all that your days of verbal filth are behind you, somewhere underneath it all is a foul mouthed sailor or airmen in your case. I challenge you sir, to 2 weeks of curse word celibacy. Personally, I fear that it has gone past the point of intervention and that you no longer even know you breathe the words of the devil like our friend Ron Burgundy:

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Two weeks!?!?!?! Dude, be realistic. With serious money on the line, I’m certain I could make it 2 hours. Maybe.

    • Tricia D.

      Andrew, I am so sorry. Both of my parents have passed on and there are truly no words to describe how it feels to lose a parent. All I can say with certainty is, He will always be with you and in you. We are thinking of you and your family. xo

    • My thoughts are with you Andrew. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • You’re in our hearts and thoughts, Ho.

  21. 5×1 – 3 Position Clean + Split Jerk; 135,145, 155,160(F),135

    hang’n with the Nooners.

  22. Michelene

    One particular day that really sticks with me is when Harry (and Kevin) taught like 4 or 5 people to do their first hand stand pushups during one class. It is a tribute to the incredible coaching at CFNE.

  23. There are so many moments and so many people who inspire me and dazzle me every day at cfne. I am humbled and ecstatic every day that I come to cfne. A special shout out in my own memories is to Kevin ( I don’t know his last name) he never gives up, he is always pushing himself to the max. He is always encouraging and helpful to others, he goes to crazy lengths to practice movements and skills and he can move huge amounts of weights PLUS he always seems happy to see me (I like that a lot). Kevin, everytime I want to give up or have a pity party I think of you. You inspire me. Thanks.

  24. Since joining the CFNE community a lot of memories have stuck with me. The day I walked into the box was the day I found a group of special people. The first memory was on Thanksgiving day when I drove down for Murph. I didn’t know what to expect but prior to coming down I saw Geoff’s Murph speech and knew it was going to be something both special and inspirational. I did the 6am Murph Wod and it was something I will never forget. Geoff’s speech firing everyone up, a couple of the CFNE firebreather’s putting on the weight vest, giving high fives and daps ( fist pounds) to the person next to us before the 3 2 1 GO! But most importantly everyone wodding together and encouraging one another to move past the aches and pains and keep pushing forward, simply put coming together as a family. Another memory I’ll never forget is when I was shadowing Ben’s 830am class and the wod was I believe 30min EMOM of Row Max Cals on Even minute and Max Burpees on the Odd minute. Everyone got after the wod hard and pushed themselves further than they knew that day. Just watching how the members pushed on and never gave up was very moving and got me fired up just from watching. When it was all over each member was spent, they gave it all they had. Ben reminded them that the feeling they had after a wod such as that one is why we do it, why we push ourselves both mentally and physically thann we ever thought possible. It’s great being a part of the CFNE community and I am very thankful for everyone welcoming me into the community. Thank you.

  25. Like others have said, so many moments but, for me, I think that I have been most impressed with Michelle’s (Marshall) dedication to getting better. Whether it is Double unders, or muscle ups, or, “insert many things here”, she continues to practice and to get fitter and stronger every day.
    I also have to applaud her for being smart and ,scaling things when necessary, for her health and well being. I know that “holding back” is not really a strength of Michelle’s so the fact that she is being smart, is especially impressive!!

    • Well said & couldn’t agree more!! Michelle is a ROCKSTAR!!

    • Thank you so much, Karen! This means so much to me. Thank you, too, for being my voice of reason so many times when questioning what to do. Your quiet and endless support has become a touchstone for me every day when walk into CFNE.

  26. I would say most recently I was totally impressed by my good friend Jakie. She joined CF recently after listening to me blab on and on about it for the last two years. We got a chance to do our first WOD together last was Fran!! She battled through the thrusters using a dowel and pull ups using a black band. She never even thought about giving up. I texted her after the WOD to tell her how proud I was of her. Jakie has worked out at the globo gyms since she came to America about 5-6 years ago. She had no idea what a thrusters was and probably never imagined herself ever putting her hands on the pull up rig! Needless to say I was totally impressed. Most importantly- I am excited to be around to watch her get her first pull up someday. I seriously may cry when it happens…
    When you see a petite Brazilian woman floating around that is Jakie!!!

  27. During my first class at CFNE, every single person said hello with a smile even though they had no idea who I was, and I immediately felt at home. I noticed that positivity just seems to radiate from that place. In the short time I’ve been with you guys, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the genuine joy everyone gets out of other peoples’ accomplishments, and also the ability to turn what feels like a defeat into a victory. Yesterday’s Isabel is a perfect example. In the middle of what felt like a terrible WOD for me, the high-fives and words of encouragement got me to the end. Afterward, there was no shortage of “good jobs”. Between that and some incredible coaching, I left with a smile and knowing I had become a better athlete. Every day I look forward to spending time with all of you!

    • so awesome having you here. here’s to many more high fives, isabells and smiles. : )

  28. So many to mention but one thing that sticks in my mind is/was the resolve of JC, Bob R and Harry to not only rehab but come back with a vengeance from bicep injuries. Rather than be beaten by these set backs, each of these guys was in the gym just as much, if not more than they were prior to the injuries, determined to get back out there and not feel sorry for themselves. Whether or not we encounter injuries or a set back in strength, form, you name it, CFNE has really taught all of us to stick with it, break it all down and approach it with a new and positive perspective and in the end we are ultimately better for it.

  29. WLW: 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195 failed on split portion. Need to work on the whole aspect of feeling comfortable getting under the bar for the split jerk.

  30. not so much at CFNE, but when I go to other boxes and reply that I belong to CFNE, it is amazing the responses I get different people; a female coach that idolizes Heather, an owner who has taken Ben’s class, an athlete that talks about our competitors and teams. CFNE is the epitome of world class.

    one more – when Ali fixed up the locker rooms and Kevin redesigned the wallballs (and other stuff)

  31. Big thank you to Max and Kate for having me last night so I didn’t have to drive home in the snow.

    • Anytime brother. You are a great guy and a wonderful house guest. I know I speak for everyone at CFNE when I say how psyched we are that you found your way to CFNE.

  32. Ben Bergeron

    My moments are numerous. I love everything about this place, but here are 4 that pop out..

    1. Seeing how much progress and weigh loss Angelo has accomplished in 2013. I hadn’t seen Angelo in 6-7 years (he was one of my PT clients years ago at Boston Sports Club), the commitment, dedication and results over the past year have been one of my favorite things this year.

    2. Heather coming back to compete on the Team and taking 2nd place at the Games

    3. Harry coming back and joining our staff.

    4. Andrew Sutton loosing 60 lbs since September!!!

  33. My favorite memory of this year was the 7.30 after Power Drill.

    • MOST of your 730s make it onto my list of favorites from this year.

      remember 13.3 and my first muscle up? remember how you MADE me say i was going to do one? not just try to do one? and then it happened. (much like all the other good things you helped push me to accomplish as well.) i’ve already said this a few times. i’m sure this won’t be the last,.thanks, coach, for being a force of positivity in my life, and a great friend. : )

    • Oh yeah I remember that Power Drill WOD.
      wanted to quit at around half an hour, but had to keep going to not let down the rest of 7:30pm’ers . . .

  34. My favorite memory of CFNE is not so much a memory but is more like a state of being. I love the casual grace and the tenacity that each coach brings to class. The sign of a good teacher is the ability to reach each student in their learning style, which is no easy feat. Somehow Ben and Heather have recruited an arsenault of talented coaches who can find a way to reach each member and maximize their potential. It’s amazing and special, and it cannot be replicated. Trust me, I no longer get to tap into the abyss of CFNE’s talent, and because of that there is a huge void in my life. I miss the community and coaches every day. Happy holidays to all!

  35. Patti Jeanne

    Wow pick a favorite moment? I would like to just offer special appreciation to some amazing CFNE’ers
    Karen H + Michelle M probably the first members to learn my name and definitely the two who learn every new members name coming in the door. Both of you make me smile every day I see you!

    Special moments
    – doing a post wod ab workout with the funniest women I know Nicole Z, Ronda R (our own inhouse doctor) and Cary. I don’t know if we got fitter laughing or throwing the med balls around.
    – working out in team wods with new members- love meeting new members
    – having my son “judge” me in two of the open wods! Where else can you workout so hard with your kids!
    – seeing Rachel smile when I asked about her huge clean and jerk pr. Always fun to make one of our amazing coaches smile!,

  36. My CFNE top 10 moments of 2013:

    1. Cam’s late WOD puke and rally!
    2. The genuine excitement Harry showed when I followed one of his coaching cues.
    3. LJ’s rapid transformation from man to beast.
    4. Heather’s pre “Jackie” dance at regionals.
    5. Geoff’s Murph speech.
    6. Going head to head with Melinda and getting my ass kicked!
    7. Watching Ben’s face light up every time Bode is in the gym.
    8. Curt calling me out for going too light on “Grace”.
    9. Thinking Jared is going to skip a WOD because he is working thru an injury…then he absolutely crushes it!
    10. Any time someone nails their first muscle-up!

  37. Like so many others — there are an overwhelming number of moments that come to mind when I think about this question but I think as the day has gone on and I’ve thought about it more and more, then come here to read all of the comments above — I think that is my favorite take-a-way from this year — the community, the support, the family and the never ending togetherness that each and every member of CFNE possesses. Every day, we show up, put ourselves to the test, give everything we have and then some, and still find the energy to encourage our fellow athletes to pour out just a little more. There truly isn’t another place in the world, let alone gym, like CFNE and the people who manage, coach and walk in those doors every day are the reason why this place is one of a kind.

  38. 5×1 – 3 Position Clean + Split Jerk: 85, 105, 110, 105, 115

    Couldn’t get out of the bottom of the 3rd clean at 120 (previous 1RM). Thanks for the tips Max and Meg!

  39. Andrew S. (Sumo)

    Wow. I feel like I just got a high five from Luke Skywalker after bombing the death star. I’m humbled and honored. The pillars of my CFNE world are the coaches and the familiar faces that make me feel at home and keep me coming in everyday. I usually try to fly below the radar, but I cherish the fact that the CFNE community does not allow me to be anonymous. I am accountable to myself and to the community as a whole. At CFNE, the outside world seems to melt away and for a brief moment, the only thing that matters is the workout. Blood, sweat, and tears find a common ground. CFNE is special to me because I feel like CFNE is a place where it’s ok to fail. At CFNE, I can go hard, and I go hard, because I am able to go hard. Everyday is a victory and every day is a goat. I love it.

  40. 105-125-135-145-150

  41. So many good ones, but I thought I’d throw one more out.

    One of the highlights for me is watching Big Bri train and compete.

    Big Bri does the right thing every day, and for many of us he represents what’s great about CFNE. He’s a role model. No one works harder, no one helps others more, and no one is more humble. He doesn’t back down from challenges, and never makes excuses. He represents what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. And he wears the CFNE colors proudly. Many of us are better athletes and people because of what we’ve learned from him.

    • This is 1,000% true. Big Bri does the right thing all the time no matter what no matter who’s watching. It is no surprise that he was the very first member of CFNE.

    • Hey guys! Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. I love coming to CFNE more than I can describe, because I am inspired by each and every athlete that comes through the door. Ben, the coaches and the athletes at CFNE have changed my life in incredible ways. I am truly fortunate – thank you all!

  42. Kevin K III

    135, 135, 155, 165, 185

  43. 95, 95, 115, 115, 135 – failed in last rep, but PR on the two reps.

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