Tuesday 12.16.13

Name that sweat angel. Post to comments.

Name that sweat angel. Post to comments.

***7:30pm Class is Cancelled***

30 Snatches (135, 95#)

Post time to comments.

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What's going on here? Post to comments.

What’s going on here? Post to comments.



  1. Hey guys,

    Make sure to sign up for the NYE party! Big huge steak dinner, open bar for two hours with your gym family. Not one hour. TWO hours. Two (2)… which is, coincidently, the same number of people in the Natick sports hall of fame. Doug Flutie is one of them, can you name the other person?

    Anyway, back to the New Years Eve party. Come to the zero-drama-zone at the Verve and party like a rap star with ur best buds!! Do it!! Maybe u make a move on that cute chica/o in the 5:30pm class that u never get to talk to. Perhaps you meet someone from another CF gym… Yup, they’re coming too. All out, BLOW OUT. It’s like regionals, only with more booze and a dance floor. Isn’t that every single CF’s dream? Date a CrossFitter from another box. It doesn’t get any better than that, amirite? Already hitched? That’s cool, bring them too!! Got kids? Bring them??? errr…IDK about the kids. Get a baby sitter!!

    Don’t miss my performance of “Wrecking Ball”. Just like Miley, I’ll be nude on swinging on a wrecking ball. Ok, ok I’ll spare you the nudity and keep my diapers on. I caaaaame innnn like a wrecking balllll. Just.warming.up.

    Sign up via the link below or the clip board in class. Lets get weird.


  2. “Isabel”: 2:35 Rx

  3. Isabel: 4:07 (115#)

    Only other time I have on record was early 2011 and it was 3:36 at 85#.

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Isabel: 2:51, 50#, PR on weight and time (5#, 8 seconds)

    Fighting a head cold so I’ll up the weight next time. Pressed out a lot on this one. Glad I got out of bed this morning, even if the thermometer said 0!

  5. Isabel: 4:41 (95#)

    AMRAP 10 of 10 unbroken C2B Pull ups: 7,5,7,6,6,6,6,6,6,6

  6. Isabel: 4:26 Rx. 10# PR on weight, 1:01 off on time, but I’ll take it.

    5×2 strict banded pull ups, 2×2 foot assisted GHD dips, 3×3 green band GHD dips

    • This was my first time going Rx. Did something weird with one of my shoulders on the 3rd rep before settling in. Lots to do on snatch form (it went to hell fairly quickly), but I’m glad I stepped up and did that weight.

    • good job!

  7. Heather V

    Isabel: 6:16 Rx
    1st time Rx! Totally scared, but I did it. Ya!

  8. Isabel – 2:52 @ 70#

    Yes, Meg Fox, should have done 75#!

  9. 3:20 @ 115#

  10. The Trosen Transformation:

    Isabel: 2:19 @ 85# Could have been a bit faster, and definitely could have gone heavier but felt good with my effort.

    Today starts yet another new journey for me, look out world :)

  11. Isabel: 5:08 (85#)

    AMRAP 10 unbroken C2B: Did 4 OTM

  12. Isabel: 3:13 (95#)
    will go to 105 next time.

  13. Isabel 3:43 RX (Pr by 2:26)

  14. Isabel: 3:33 (120#)…4 second/5# PR

    Thought about 125 (next time) but warmup felt so heavy and sticky in the shoulder.

    Anyone else have perma-Fran cough? Going on two weeks now (actually two years since first time I experienced it). Wife wants me to go ‘holistic’ but I don’t want some witch doctor telling me I need to take $500 worth of these fabulous supplements sitting on my shelf.

    • that happened to me after my first WOD ever! (burpees and 200 Meter run – I laughed at MEL when told me and then I coughed for 2 weeks) It just would not go away…… maybe you got a slight cold on top of it??

      • Have been through the same cycle probably more than two dozen times. Three-four days of uncontrollable coughing (no relief), then it goes away only to come back next time I go big time anaerobic. More frequent in the fall/winter/spring than the summer. Told it might be reflux but that no longer makes sense because it is 100% exercise induced. Need a pulmonary specialist!

    • Yup. I’ve got “Fran Lung”

  15. Isabel – 6:59 RX
    First time RX!! Lots of misses. Thank you so much for all the help Meg, Ben, Ally, and Harry!

  16. Isabel – 2:20 @ 85#
    I thought I’d never done Isabel so I decide to go on the lighter side.
    When I got home I looked at my log and realized Isabel was my first ever entry, which happened to be on my last day of elements on 11/29/12, with a time of 3:23 @ 35#. I guess I have a new PR!

  17. 1. “Isabel” – 4:15 Rx (3:53 PR – crazy)
    2. AMRAP 10: 10 UB C2B – 7 sets

    … no tears thankfully but man my hands are raw.
    … tears (rip) and tears (cry) have the exact same spelling never noticed that before – odd.

    • Nice job. Not sure what I’m more impressed by though…the great Isabel time or the AMRAP 10.

    • That is a crazy PR. Nice work! I might cry (tears of joy) with scores like that.

  18. Isabel: 3:17 85# PR
    3+ min PR from July!!

  19. Isabel: 3:39 @ 95# (6 sec / 10# PR vs July) Weight and time PRs aside, I got sloppy at the bottom and top. Got to spend some quality technique time here.

  20. Isabel: 2:36 (70#).

  21. Isabel:

    2:25 60#.

  22. Isabel: 4:55 (80#)

  23. Isabel – 3:51 (115#) back holding it together…didn’t go crazy.

  24. Isabel: 3:32 (115#)

    First time with this WOD!

  25. Isabel: 6:11 (125#) – 10# heavier than last time, but a lot slower. was more focused on form than the clock, which started good but deteriorated a bit by the end.

    OHS – 5×5 worked up to 105#. Slow and steady improvement.

    Snatch – 5×5 (115#)

    C2B – 10×8 OTM

  26. Isabel: 3:12 (60#). 5# heavier and 1 second faster than July.

  27. Tricia D: 2:15 (55#). 45 second PR plus 5# more. Must give the credit to my rockin partner who pushed me along!

  28. 7:19 at 80# great coaching today.
    Thanks to Kevin and Colleen for helping me get my first bar muscle up.

  29. Isabel: 2:20 (95#)

  30. Stephanie

    Isabel: 1:50; 35# – thanks, Heather! Next time I’m going heavier! (Much heavier!)

  31. isabel: 2:48 (#65) first time with this wod – really wish i had more weight. next time!

  32. Kevin K III

    3:12 115#

  33. Colleen (C4!)

    Isabel 4:46 Rx
    First time Rx. Second Isabel ever. (7/19/13 75# 2:34)
    Thanks you Cheryl! Just watching you methodically pump out your super heavy reps really helped me “see” that I could do it Rx. I walked in scared, I walked out happy. LOVE those rare days!

  34. Will the evening classes happen as scheduled per the pending storm? Thanks :)

  35. 3:18 rx

  36. 2:12 at 75#’s. Should have gone higher – shoulders feel fine once I get going but sticky during warm ups. Noted in book and I will go higher next time

  37. Good time wodding with the nooners today. Isabel 6:26rx

  38. Isabel :4:26 rx

    1st time doing.

    Great job today everyone!

  39. Isabel – 3:52 Rx

  40. Just In Case

    ***7:30pm Class is Cancelled***

  41. 5:18 @115

  42. Isabel: 3:20 (115#)

  43. Isabel: 2:36 (65#)

    50 second and 5# PR from July.

  44. Jonathan M

    Isabel: 3:29 , 85#, 24 sec pr

  45. 3:49. Light weight. I think 6-8 were good form.

  46. Isabel @ 155# 6:55 all singles

  47. Isabel 3:22 115#

  48. Isabel: 4:19 Rx (11 sec pr)

    Butterfly C2B OTM 10/10/10//8/8/8/DNS/8/8/8 first time really linking Butterfly C2B – very happy

    21-15-9 Cal/Burpee/hand release Pushups: 6:46 just had to experience the fun.

  49. Isabel: 5:11 rx First time doing this RX. Snatches are a big goat so I will chalk this up as a win.

    Odd: Deadlift 225
    Even: 5 c2b, 5ttb, 5 PU’s

  50. Isabel: a day late, but worth the wait. 4:59 RX’d (2:56 PR) solo at the high school.


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