Monday 12.16.13

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Open WOD 13.3
150 Wall Ball (20, 14)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

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Zoo and Petts practicing their breakdancing skills! Go get it you B-Boy and B-Girl!

Zoo and Petts practicing their breakdancing skills! What would be the name of their breakdancing crew? Post to comments.




  1. 248rx

  2. 13.3–178 8# med ball and double unders

  3. 13.3 – 191 Rx

    Wall beezies felt good, but then it felt like I had lead legs during the DUs. No idea how I strung together 23 consecutive.

  4. 150 (14#)

  5. 13.3 – 229 RX – 15×10 for wb is the secret sauce – thanks Max!

  6. Jared s: 243 rx didn’t get through DU’s in the Opens this year and was to my MU’s by 9 mins. So feel good about that. Need to work on stringing together MU’s so I don’t spend my time staring up at the rings next time.

    MU work afterwards. Thanks to kate for breaking down MU’s and what has worked for her. Strung 3 together right after she showed me how it has clicked for her.

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