Sunday 12.15.13



Open Gym

9am – 11am



  1. Kristin B.

    A variation of yesterday’s wod: 11:25
    500m row
    25 HPC @ 65#
    25 FS
    25 HPC
    500m row

    OTMx10: 30 secs DUs, stringing 3 KPUs

  2. Got my first Bar Muscle Up this morning!

    Haiyan (modified): 8:22 (scaled weighted movements to 135# / modified rep scheme for BMU to 3-2-1, rest of rep scheme Rx)

  3. Snow Blower: AMSTAP (As Many Squat Throws as Possible): Do best impersonation of a snow blower after it dies 30 seconds in. 2 solid hours of shoveling some heavy wet snow. Awesome workout, I feel great and I’m not in traction, thanks to CFNE.

  4. Annie for 2nd time this week: 10:54 Rx
    First time Rx. But still doing double-single-double etc.
    pleased that I completed it and in decent time but
    Wish I could string DU together. Seems like
    If I can do that, I could be more efficient.
    Taking rope with me on 2 week trip. Determined to
    Practice my DU and make improvements while
    I lay off the weights and rest my very sore elbow


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