Saturday 12.14.13

Brace yourself...

Brace yourself…

The NYE party just got that much better!
The menu:
-Hors d’ oeuvres: Coconut shrimp, satay chicken, seared tuna and antipasto
-Buffet Dinner: Heirloom tomato salad, spinach and bacon salad, brick chicken, hanger steak, sirloin steak, sautéed mushrooms & veggies.
-Dessert: Chocolate cake, cheese cake, carrot cake.

-BONUS: Open Bar for 2 hours with wine and NorCal Margaritas being served as you enter.

Friends and family of all crossfitters are invited. What a great way to meet new people, so spread the word!!

Register for the party here HERE.

Triple Threat
Teams of 3:
Row 1500m (switch every 250m)
75 Hang Power Snatches (75, 55#)
75 Thrusters (75, 55#)
75 Hang Power Snatches (75, 55#)
Row 1500m (switch every 250m)
Post times to comments.
Congratulations to Bob Leonhardt and the 5th Grade Wellesley Jr Raiders for the AYF National Championship! Not only did they win but they went 16-0! Way to go!

Congratulations to Bob Leonhardt and the 5th Grade Wellesley Jr Raiders for winning the AYF National Championship! The Jr Raiders were a perfect 16-0! Way to go!



  1. Annie: 6:54 Rx (PR)
    Wendler back squats and front squats

  2. Colleen (OC)

    Triple Threat with Michelene and Tricia D: 24:04, 35#. Back problems for 2 out of 3 of us so we kept it light today. That was fun!

  3. Triple Threat: Team AARP (Cam, Jared, & JC): 18:28
    I think Jared named the team for me?!

    Pre WOD
    Odd: 8 Front squats (135#) + 20 Double unders
    Even: 8 Bench Press (135#) + 20 Double unders

  4. Triple Threat: Team Great Hair (Doug B., Braatz, Ho): 17:53 Rx

    AMRAP 5 sets of 30 DUs unbroken: 6

    10 Bar muscle ups

    The Sleeping Giant from yesterday: 12:59 Rx

    50 sit-ups

    Bench: 10 @ 115, 10 @ 185…I’m tired. Going home.

    For many reason unspoken, today CFNE meant a lot to me. As always, thanks.

    • I might’ve had one great hair day in 1990, but I’ll ride the coattails of Ho and the real Doug Bell any day.

      Big day at the gym for you. That’s about 3 days of CrossFit crammed into a couple of hours.

      Hang tough, buddy.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Ho, get back to the gym. You didn’t do enough work today.

    • Love ya bud!

  5. Ali G, Ashley, Katrina

    Triple Threat: 20:33 RX

  6. Team Naughty Elves with Maureen and Krystle: 24:30 Rx

    So fun working with you hotties this morning!

  7. Team Tight Sphincter with Eric and Chris
    The boys were pulling hard, forearms en fuego
    Great WOD good times

  8. Stationary bike OTM x10 w/1 minute rest- all out sprints
    (not sure if its the travel, but that absolutely killed me)

    DL- 185-225
    Strict pull ups

  9. Team TDZG (Greg D, Thorp, Dan & Zander)

    Triple Threat: 21:26 Rx


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