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Dave's been following CFNE programming for the past year. He just placed 3rd at the Reindeer Games. Guess this stuff works...

Dave’s been following CFNE programming for the past year. He just placed 3rd at the 2013 Reindeer Games. Guess this stuff works…

30 Front Squats (155, 105#)
Push Jerks (155, 105#)
Bar Muscle Ups

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Typhoon Haiyan was an extremely powerful and deadly tropical cyclone that devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, in early November.

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Two of the nicest people I know in one picture! Say what!?!? It's like an overdose of niceness!

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Coaches Corner with Coach Geoff

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

A couple weeks ago I had a great conversation with one of our members over how inspiring it was for her and others to see the coaches and competitors post on the blog. She seemed to think that some scores, times, weights, etc. were superhuman and that we had no weaknesses or holes when it came to our ten components of fitness.  I had no choice but to laugh and to think back to when I first started CrossFit and how hard it was for me to figure certain movements out.

I asked the coaches to tell me about movements they struggled with at the beginning of their journey into CrossFit.  Here’s a list of GOATS and how each coach made friends with their weakness and beat them to death.

Harry: OHS

The Problem – I would have to bend my arms and squat on the toes just to reach parallel.
The Fix – I added OHS with the dowel during daily warm up.  Simply getting in the repetitions with the right positioning was what took me there.

Meg: Double Unders

The Problem – Stringing together consecutive repetitions during a workout.  It seemed to always be the limiting factor in workouts that slowed me down.
The Fix – Completed a mini version of flight simulator 3x week (1-2-3-4-5 up to 10 and back down)

Heather: Wall Balls 

The Problem – I had difficulty being able to hit consistent good reps to the line, while rebounding rep after rep.
The Fix – Worked through the following a few times a week, always to regulation height.  At the beginning it took forever but I kept at it until I completed the reps. I eventually worked up to unbroken sets by the time I finished.  5 reps @ 30# – 10 reps @ 20# – 15 reps @ 16# – 20 reps @ 20#

Max: Parallette HSPU

The Problem – Being able to move my body in a controlled area of space was a difficult task at first.  I knew I had the strength prerequisite but the technique was a different story.
The Fix – Watched videos on skills and progressions. I practiced the progressions in a controlled environment on my own, outside of class. Once I learned the skills I then tested them in a metcon.

Ben: Rowing

The Problem – Being a smaller athlete, I didn’t have the power that the bigger guys did.  It was during the 2008 Regional’s where I finished all the WODs in the top 10, except for the 2K row.  After missing the podium and falling down the rankings, it was time to address the issue.
The Fix – Performed a 1k before every work out and intervals a few times a week.

Rachel: Running

The Problem – Running used to scare me and I hated being uncomfortable during it.
The Fix – Running intervals or distance almost every day of the week. Running more frequently made me more confident in it. I know I will be uncomfortable but being more confident in it allows me to push way harder.

Kevin: Jerks

The Problem –They we’re so frustrating because I could clean so much more than I could jerk. I just couldn’t seem to get the lockout and stability.
The Fix – It took hours of practicing drills, filming and reviewing my movement. Sliding straight down a wall and up hundreds if not thousands of times, practicing footwork to targets again hundreds if not thousands of times. Now it is one of my favorite movements.

Ashley: Running

The Problem – I would dread WODs that had any sort of running greater than 200m, I was always afraid to push the runs in fear of not doing well on the other movements of the workout.
The Fix – I did a lot of interval training, running with a vest or weighted objects, and used A LOT of positive self-talk while running

Geoff: Olympic Lifts

The Problem – I was limited by a few factors in both the Snatch and C&J.  My main issue coming from lack of lower body strength, followed up by poor overhead position and flexibility.
The Fix – Tons of mobility on my shoulders and lats allowed me to gain better positioning without sacrificing my mid-line overhead.  While I wasn’t mobilizing I was underneath a barbell squatting 3x/week.

As you can see both coaches and competitors struggled with movements just like you when we started CrossFit, and by no means are we masters at any of these movements yet.  However, with a little bit of patience, and repetition after repetition things slowly and surely got better.  If you have a goal or a weakness that you want to turn into a strength, please find a coach and address it so we can get you on the right path.  I’m going to leave you with a little advice:

In terms of learning a new skill or improving a weakness there’s a few key points we need to remember.  The goal is to create a correct habit that can be produced instinctively under great pressure. To make sure the goal is achieved you must incorporate the eight laws of learning – explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition.



Sunday 12.8.13

Crosscountry Skiing!

Cross country Skiing!

Cross country Skiing is a great way to stay active! It is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up in the snow.