Wednesday 12.11.13

We got an awesome letter today! Miss you Messina's!

We got an awesome letter today! Miss you Messina’s!

Weightlifting Wednesday
Overhead Squat 1-1-1
Snatch Balance 1-1-1
Squat Snatch 1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Neeb's like, "OMG cutest Crossfit couple like EVER! I'm so JELLY!"

Neeb’s like, “Ughhhhh could they be any cuter?”


  1. Actually…….Neeb’s like..Did they take my weight lifting belt? Nah!

    Seriously though everyone check their belts! Weight belts that is! Mine is missing. It’s an atlas belt and says Neeb on it.


  2. Overhead Squat: 145
    Snatch Balance: 115
    Squat Snatch: 165 Weight felt comfortable, up 15# from Oct. thinking about PR’g next time. cheers all!

  3. OHS: 135/145/155
    SB: 95/105/115(f)
    SS: 95/105(f)/95/105/115

    Very up and down day, but all good in the end.

    Oh, and either me or Brad is bad at math because we did the same OHS…

    • HA! I couldn’t remember if we had 45s and 10s or 5s. I always go with the lower weight on a guess. I’ll take the 155# if you feel good about that weight! Nice lifting with you today, way to stick with it.

  4. Did 45, 55, 65 on OHS, snatch and 45 felt good on snatch balance

    Fun working with Sarah and Lisa and thanks for your help, Rachel!

  5. OHS- 75
    Balance- 65
    Squat Snatch – 85# PR by 10# where was this when I was trying to Snatch 80# at the Masters????

    Annie: 7:44 RX PR by about 2min. First time doing it RX without the single/double thing.

    Abmat sit-ups are pathetically slow. My twin can do almost 2 to my 1. What gives? Do 3 cesareans make a difference??? She has had none.

  6. I woke up but shoulder did not. Type of pain that results in “I should have known better injury” so glad I was smart enough to walk away.
    Did 21-15-9 of back squats (135#) and row for calories…7:30…was not pushing for time and even the bar pressure on my shoulder was a little much.
    Made my 9:30 meeting in NYC

  7. Patti Jeanne

    OHS – 55
    Balance – 45
    Squat Snatch 90# PR. 25 lb PR
    Power Snatch 95#PR by 10 lb

    Biggest part of the PR is the movement. I have never landed near the squat with anything over 55-65 lb. Its always a power snatch and then ride it down. Today, it was amazing. So its a 5 lb pr for just any type of weird attempt at a snatch and 25 lb pr for something that looks like a squat snatch!!

    Big thanks to the 8:30 coaches for improving my form – BEN, RACHEL and MICK. Thanks to my crew for cheering me on – Cary, Nicole and Laura

  8. OHS-155
    Balance – 115
    Squat snatch – 135, got 145 but form was terrible.

    Coaching was very helpful for me today. I think we should make 10 person class with three coaches the norm.

  9. OHS: 75#
    Annie: 6:24Rx pr

  10. OHS – 145# (20# PR)
    Snatch balance – 105#
    Squat snatch – 125#

    An update on the accident that caused my 1.5h delay on Rt. 9…it was a car carrier that clipped an overpass so it looked way nastier in the photo than it actually was. No one was hurt!

  11. Active recovery day
    4x750m, 1 min res

  12. Been working on shoulder mobility for a month now, and things are starting to open up. Lots of dowel pass throughs and squat therapy. Have added in OHS for the first time recently. Did sets of 5 at 95# today, as well as Snatch Balance work. Staying light till this becomes a comfortable movement. Thx HB and Kevin for the tips. Pleased with the progress.

    Missed Annie yesterday so I did it today after class.

    Annie: 6:17 Rx (felt like the DU gods were smiling on me)

  13. OHS: 135/155/175
    SB: 95/115/135
    Squat: 115/135/155

    Squat snatches need some work…

  14. Ohs: stayed@ 60# because my form is SO wrong.
    Snatch balance: 45#? I stoped adding weights.
    Squat snatch.: 45# but I finally got the form closer to correct.
    It is hard (for me) trying to stay positive on weightlifting wed.

  15. OHS: 135/155/165 (10# PR)
    SB: 95/115/135
    SS: 95/115/135

    Annie: 10:43 Rx. DU’s were a disaster until the last 2 rounds.

  16. 5×3 back squat 200#
    5×3 bench press 165#

  17. Cross fit Paradigm in San Jose CA:
    Chipper- 11:17
    10 burpees
    20 box jumps
    30 lunges
    40 abs
    50 DU
    400 Meter Row
    30 jump squats
    20 box jump burpees

    12 minutes to work up to
    3 rep max hang power squat – 1225
    4×3 @ 90@

    12 minutes to work up to
    2 rep C&J 1 clean- 185
    10 strict pull ups

  18. Ohs 95
    Sb 85
    Ss 75

    Modified Annie: subbed tuck jumps for du’s/ untimed

  19. Amy Brooks

    @ HS:
    Oh squat: 85,95,100
    Snatch balance: 65 worked form
    Snatch: 65, 75,75

    50 over box jumps (24″)
    30 power snatch (65)
    10 strict pull-ups
    10 strict dips(bar)


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