Tuesday 12.10.13

"Raise your hand if you're going to the CFNE New Year Party at The Verve" -Ali

“Raise your hand if you’re going to the CFNE New Year Party at The Verve”

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Double Unders

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Your view post-Fran.

Your view post-Fran.

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  1. Annie: 7:26 Rx (1:38 PR)

    BJs 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3: 3:58…all unbroken and rebounding, no misses.

  2. Annie: 9:30 Rx. PR by 2:13 from April

  3. Annie: 8:13 RX
    Six seconds shy of my pr with a few strings of Double digit DUs but someone gave me a coaching tip near the end regarding my range on my sit ups. I thought it was Alison yelling at me but it turns out it wasn’t.

  4. Annie: 12:25 Rx. Distinctly not a PR.

    I got 45 DUs in a row (tied a PR I haven’t seen in a while – yay!) but then they disappeared and I was getting only one at a time for most of the rest of it. Frustrating.

    But it’s still better than not having them at all.

  5. Annie: 10:48 Rx (PR – last Annie was in April in 11:58 with half DUs and half SUs)

  6. Heather V

    Annie: 6:21 Rx PR
    That was fun trying to beat Saint… I tried.

  7. Annie: 9:46 (25/20/15/10/10 DU’s & 50/40/30/20/10 Sit Ups)

    No lonelier feeling than being the only one still working on your first set of DU’s while the whole heat is doing sit ups and heat two is staring at you with pity filled eyes.

    At least I stuck with the DU’s….never doing singles only again.

  8. annie: 12:19? Rx over a 2 min PR. Im happy

  9. Annie-ish: 14:25 100 singles, 40 doubles, 60 singles, 40 singles, 20 singles

    What a weird friggin day. My double unders have really been pretty solid lately. Even in warmups they felt good. 3, 2, 1, go and they are nowhere to be found. I whipped myself with the rope for a while, then did 100 unbroken singles. Came back from situps and oh, hey double unders… wassup. 40 went by pretty easy, then came back again and I’m like “DUdes, where’d you go?” Some good tips from Harry, but I think I just had a massive brain disconnect like when you put conscious thought into walking down stairs and fall on your ass. I’m going with brain fart since I think today is the first day ever that I forgot to write my time on the white board.

  10. Annie: 9:25 Rx (first time Rx)

  11. Annie: 11:33 Rx

  12. Annie: 10:18 (2xSU’s)

  13. Annie – 7:36 RX (I think this is a PR?)
    21-…-3 BJs – 6:34 Couple of misses in the set of 15

    Thanks to the 6:30 for letting me crash!

  14. Annie: 7:02 RX

  15. 1. Annie – 4:52 Rx (0:36s PR)
    1. UB 24″ Box Jumps (21-18-15-12-9-6-3)
    3:26 Rx (Had a miss early on the round of 18 – rest all good)

    … feel like I’m running with a new engine lately.

  16. Annie: 6:50 rx. Pr
    This ranks as one of my top days at CFNE ever. Double unders- I am so happy! Tks Ben & Maura!
    21-18 . . . 3 bjs

  17. Annie: Did not look. tried 10 DU per round b/c lost them totally in warm up – pretty much got none so after the 10 attempts I did the singles.

    I showed up. Had a bad attitude. Got about 5 DU the whole WOD. I will conquer this enormous goat.

    I got fitter today…mentally.

    RX jump rope was ordered last night.

    I left with a bruised ego and 2 VERY bruised fingers……not sure how that happened:)!

    Tomorrow is another day!

  18. Annie: 11:07(SU)

  19. Annie: 9:19 first time I did Annie with double unders. But, because I am still doing double-single-double-single etc, Harry advised me to do 30-25-20-15-10 rep scheme for DU. Did RX sit ups. Given my time, I think I could have done the whole thing–just would have taken me a 2-3 minutes longer.

  20. Colleen (OC)

    Annie: 9:13, 20-16-12-8-4 DU rep scheme which was twice as many DUs as I did in April and I was only :53 seconds slower. Progress!!!!

  21. First time Annie 8:41 with SU

  22. Annie – 6:51 Rx (PR)

    • you were so fast that when you stopped(at end of workout) I actually thought you were resting and told you to keep going??? dont know if you heard me—but, so sorry–I assumed you figured that out. Obviously I had much work to do after you finished!! Great job, Eugene!

  23. Annie – 10:46, 2:19 pr from April. DUs were much better today than in April. However, situps were super slow this morning. I needed to move faster through them.

  24. Stephanie

    Annie: 19:01 – I got some very exciting double unders in those attempts. Thanks, Terry and the 9:30 class for all that encouragement!

    • You did it! So proud of you! Can’t wait to see you and your sparkles headband workin’ it again!

  25. The Trosen Transformation: from Casa de Trosen Garage.

    Annie: 8:27. Need to make my situps faster.

  26. Annie:6:20rx

    BJs: done….had a miss on 18s, rest good to go

  27. Annie: 9:46 2 x su

    Not a pr, 1 minute and 10 seconds slower! Wtf is that!!! Still a good workout, but not happy with myself.

  28. Annie: 7:30 Rx

    First time with this WOD. Best DUs I have had in a WOD! Just before it started, I cut 2 inches off of my jump rope. Size matters!!!

  29. Annie: 10:33 (singles)

  30. Competitors Annie: 10:48 Rx
    100-80-60-40-20 Double unders
    25-20-15-10-5 GHDSU

  31. Annie 9:29RX not a great wod for and really of a PR

    150 squat clean PR
    I got 155 but could not get up from the squat, next time.

  32. Annie 7:55 (a 1:58 PR)

  33. Annie: 9:22 (with 1/2 DU rep scheme). PR in terms of number of DUs in a WOD but not a time PR at all. DUs started to come together in the later rounds. Need to get my focus back on slaying this goat.

  34. Annie: 6:19 rx something like a 2 + minute PR on a workout I dreaded because of the DU’s

    4×750 row and 20 hang cleans at 135

  35. Greetings from Denmark :-)

    5.34 as RX.

  36. Annie: 9:16(SU)

  37. 7:24Rx (2:20 PR) so much fun with the nooners! LJ good time having you next to me. I got you next time :)

  38. Annie: 8:11 (1:44 PR)

  39. Annie 9:23 Rx’d.

    Box jumps: 4:48 only had to restart once at the round of 15

  40. Annie- 9:43 Singles
    1:14 PR!!!

  41. Annie: 8:22 RX

  42. Annie: 8:20 Rx. :28 pr

  43. Kristin B.

    Annie: 8:56 w/2x singles 2:09PR

    The first time I did Annie I cut the sit-ups in half and finished in 13:16. Fun to look back and see the progress.

  44. Annie: 9:05, 2x singles

  45. Annie: 8:14 Rx

    Over 3 minute PR. Super happy about today. Fun trying to chase Rachel!

  46. 11:28 Rx. PR. Getting to where I was and even better after a big slow down while away from CFNE. I will get where I was and better. I know I am in the right place to achieve it. Thanks CFNE!!!

  47. Annie: 8:19rx
    Off PR by 12 seconds. I blame the hair malfunction and having to stop and tie it back because it was getting caught in my rope. Won’t make that mistake again!

  48. Annie 8:32 Rx

  49. Heavy Annie: 100-80-60-40-20 DUs / 25-20-15-10-5 GHDSU – 5:46

  50. 7:39 rx
    5×10 jumps to 30 inch retaining wall (best I could find)
    A little outdoor swimming while watching the sun rise in Manila (awesome morning)


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