Tuesday 12.10.13

"Raise your hand if you're going to the CFNE New Year Party at The Verve" -Ali

“Raise your hand if you’re going to the CFNE New Year Party at The Verve”

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Double Unders

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Your view post-Fran.

Your view post-Fran.

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  1. Annie- 7:28 Rx

  2. Annie – 7:23 Rx

  3. Annie: 7:58 Rx (4:21 PR over March)

    Meg, I’m pretty sure this sports bra you lent me is magic… needless to say, I’m keeping it.

  4. Kevin K III

    9:25 2x singles

  5. “Annie” – 7:47 Rx’d. Need to figure out how to improve cycle time in sit-ups!

    Box jump complex – 4:28

  6. Annie 6:06 rx
    BJ 4:20

  7. Annie 9:49(2xSU) in hotel gym. Whenever I travel now I bring my jump rope. I did all the situps unbroken. also, did the jump rope unbroken except one trip up on 80 round.

  8. Annie? 2xDU – 1/2xGHDs: 7:41
    BJ 4:30 too deliberate – but still messed up on the 15s

    Leap and Snatch pulls every oner minute x 20 – snatch pulls 135-205

  9. Patti Jeanne

    Annie 10:42 with 1/2du attempts ugh

  10. 12:15 Rx. It feels good to type Rx. Never done Annie before, but I like her :)

  11. 9:23 (2x singles)


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