Monday 12.9.13

Guess fitness runs in the family...congrats Rachel and Erica on your first place finish this weekend!

Guess fitness runs in the family…congrats Rachel and Erica on your first place finish this weekend!

Thrusters (95, 65#)

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LTK Crew

LTK Crew



  1. Fran
    4:40 rx (way off PR. Work to do)

  2. Good morning from Manila
    3 rounds 500m row / 15 push press (125#)
    Somewhere around 12 min – forgot to set timer.

  3. Fran: 4:01
    substitute ring rows for pull-ups

  4. Fran: 6:27 (75#) / (PR: 6:42 at 65# last year)

  5. 3×5 Back squats 225
    3:43 Fran. 45 sec pr

    Such a crappy day outside so congrats to anyone who PR’d, tried to PR, scaled, substituted, or simply just got active today!

  6. Lil Tony

    Fran: 2:59 rx. 1:17pr

  7. Maureen B.

    Fran: 10:18 Rx – Not even close to a PR. Literally thought I was going to die, pass out and throw up at the same time, but none of these things happened so I guess there will always be another Fran. Forgetting to eat enough the past few days did not help.

    Thanks for cheering me on Cheryl and Nikki your reminder that I’ll be in a bikini in two weeks def pushed me!!

  8. 8:27 scaled to 53# and 15-12-9. 9 reps and 10# lighter than last year (12:26)

  9. Fran: 8:09rx
    PR of 1:15 from May

    This workout is the mental hurdle of all time for me. Happy with the PR but still have a long way to go with the brain.

  10. Kevin K III

    5:36 Rx

  11. Nicole D

    Fran: 6:26 Rx

    First official Fran time in the books!

  12. Kristin B.

    Fran: 7:14 with 12-9-6 pull-ups. A little 5-second PR from last time when I did 9-6-3 for pullups. Had an RX Fran on my goal list this year, so that’ll be numero uno in 2014.

  13. Fran: 4:46 Rx

  14. 7:30pm CRUSHED it tonight! So proud of everyone for throwing down!

  15. Jonathan M

    Fran: 9:11, 85# pr

  16. Fran: 8:53 (55#). 3 sec pr

  17. 9:51 (75#, blue band PUs)

    Almost blacked out afterwards. So glad to make it before time cap!

    It all started quite nice with a lot of jokes by coach Max in warm-up, but in WOD itself there were only focused fellow 7:30pm’ers, sweat and heavy breathing in music’s pauses . . .

    Huge props to Les for completing Fran Rx’d doing it first time!

    • Thanks for the love Erkin …. It was he magic knuckles that made it happen!

  18. Fran: 7:47 (12,9,6 strict pull ups)

  19. Finally getting my butt in gear for winter cycling training.
    First trainer ride – 1:00 (19.7mph) HR ~155bpm

  20. 7:20 Rx. Not a time PR but a total win on this WOD. Totally threw the clock out the window, didn’t think and just got after it. Defintitly PR’d the first round and totally blew up in the second. like I was down to doubles on the thrursters. Could not move. It was awesome. Awesome feeling knowing I gave it everthing I had.

  21. My first Fran … Was like a big sweaty blur from 15 onward. Appreciate the cues tonight Max … They made a huge difference. Fran RX 11:26. PR

  22. second (third and fourth) rx frans. all 3 were PRs. all thrusters unbroken except the set of 15 in the 2nd fran. butterflies were shot by that point too.

    3:31, 4:22, 5:00

    thought about doing it a fourth time with the 5:30 just because, then quickly abandoned the idea in favor of sitting for 2 1/2 hours to watch the new hunger games flick… #win.

    great official first day of coaching at CFNE. thanks everyone, for the warm welcome and tolerating my chipperness at 5:30/6:30 am. : )

  23. WOW! 3 Frans Rx a day! If only counting pull-ups that’s much more than in Murph – plus there were 135 thrusters! Insane!

    Congrats on 1st official day of coaching at CFNE!

  24. Fran: 7:49 with 55#. Not a PR, as I took many breaks to keep the heart rate down.

  25. First time Fran 7:41 65# and black band


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