Monday 12.9.13

Guess fitness runs in the family...congrats Rachel and Erica on your first place finish this weekend!

Guess fitness runs in the family…congrats Rachel and Erica on your first place finish this weekend!

Thrusters (95, 65#)

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LTK Crew

LTK Crew



  1. I want to give a BIG thank you to all the texts, messages and especially those that came in person to cheer us on at Union competition (joe, Sonia, susan, matt… Mike T had to be there but was extra supportive to us!). It was a great and challenging day. Loved the respect we got for wearing our CFNE tanks. We were like rock stars. Speaking of which stellar performances by my fellow athletes Terri taking 3rd in scaled, Colleen taking 4th in RX AND Krystle taking 7th in scaled! LJ held his own in RX … Tough competition there!

    If you are ever thinking of competing.. Do it! You won’t regret it! Makes you a better athlete and a more confident athlete. And GREAT photos:)!

    And now Fran….. Didn’t see that one coming!!

    • Harry Palley

      Awesome work! Congrats!

    • It was a pleasure and so inspiring to watch how you guys crushed those wods, specially how some of you dominate those weights close or more than your body weight and managed to go through it in style!! Keep up the great work guys!

    • Also, thanks to Rob C for coming out!

      And big congrats to rachel and erica!

    • And Ron, too! Trosen was just awesome — big voice, big spirit! And a shout out right back to you Laura! You and Krystle were definitely throwing your body weight overhead. Impressive! The LTK rocks!

    • Rachel E

      Congrats, Team CFNE! Strong performances all around!

    • So great you guys. Well done.

    • Patti Jeanne

      Congrats Laura,

    • congrats guys. strong showing!!!

  2. Congratulations Rachel, Terri, LJ, C4, Laura and Krystal!!!!!

    LJ jr was tearing up this kids class on Saturday!!

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  4. 4:42 Rx
    Eugene thanks for the push.
    Braatz and Ho great PR!

  5. Fran: 4:23 Rx (2:45 PR)

    …perhaps the bigger PR was my scream of happiness. PR by a mile. Also, no cussing. Bring on the babies!

    Shout out to massive PRs from Doug E., Braatz, Sarah W., Vitti, Andy L., Travaun, and I’m sure countless others. The Mayhem took Fran to the woodshed! BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!

  6. The Trosen Transformation. Fran: 8:05 @ 65#. 1:40 PR from when I did it last during my L1 cert

  7. Heather V

    Fran: 4:26 Rx PR

  8. Fran: 6:41 Rx (2:01 PR) I felt like a zen warrior after this PR. Veni, vidi, vici. Till next time Fran!

  9. 6:19 75# Working my way back. Last time at this weight was 2011. Goal is to beat this time at 95# in 2014.

  10. Fran: 6:19 Rx (1:54 PR) fun time with brook who killed his first fran! ho and braatz, great job this morning. go 5:30 mayhem!

  11. Fran: 7:08 (20 sec. PR)

    Huge PR’s all around this morning, awesome job everyone.

    PS: Backing out from the lot I bumped the back of an Acura sedan that was facing the road; plates start with 467. Looked long and hard and didn’t see any damage but it wasn’t totally light either. If this is your car I am sorry and if I did damage your bumper, email me at

  12. Craig B.

    Fran: 2:19 rx pr

  13. Rachel E

    Fran: 6:19 Rx (1:13 PR, still lots of room to improve pullups, especially)

    Fun to see PR city in the 5:30 and 6:30!

  14. Fran: 6:53 Rx – first time with Fran. Felt so strong after the 21s. Then the wheels came off big time. I want another shot at this WOD… but I am also scared of it. Is that weird?

  15. Big Mike

    Fran: 6:55 Rx

    My get up and go-go has got up and went-went. 44 seconds off the PR from May.
    Blame this on the Italian grandmother who fed me all day yesterday. Pasta, bread, dessert…..if I didn’t eat it, I’d be typing this from a shallow grave…..if you know what I mean…..

  16. Fran: 6:37 Rx.

    PR by 41 seconds, plus this was my first time Rx (last time was on the blue band for pull-ups).

  17. Colleen (OC)

    Fran: 6:47, 50# (PR on the weight, not on the time). Thanks for the push Alison!!

    Not bad after a weekend of revelry over my Auburn Tigers going to the National Championship game!!!

  18. Fran: 4:51 Rx (1:46 PR)

    Mayhem performances for the ages this morning. Great job everyone!

    Checked off a 2013 goal, which was a sub-6 Fran.

    Thanks to Ho for the motivation and push… knew the right time to drop the hammer.

    • Couldn’t keep up. Tried, but you just moved through the 2nd set so smoothly. Amazing push.

    • Rachel E

      Great job, Braatz! Huge PR and you blew that goal outta the water.

    • You just absolutely destroyed it. Smooth is fast. And you were fast. Happy to be a part of you hitting a goal!

    • Chris M.

      Congrats – cleared and crushed it.

      • Great job Bratz! And all the other pr’s today. Wish I could have been there this am

  19. Fran: 5:46 Rx (1:14 PR from May). Came into this with a really positive attitude.

  20. MAYHEMERS KILLED IT… solid work crew! so fun to watch!

  21. Fran-4:40 PR’d by :44 seconds
    65# Thruster
    Jumping Pull Ups

  22. Chris M.

    Fran – 2:35 Rx (0:24s PR)

  23. Kristin R

    Fran 7:32 with 55# FS subbed for thrusters (shoulder). Sad to miss the insanity at 5:30 but thanks to the 8:30 for letting me crash!

  24. hotel wod – 3 x fire escape stairs – 24 fls – 4:10, 3:38, 3:18
    10 rft – 10 air squats, 10 burpees, 10 sit ups – 20 min? (6 min off of pr, like i was in super slow mo)

    walked into hotel “spa” and saw wall to wall treadmills. turned around and got a real work out done.

  25. michelle

    Great to watch Fran go down!
    Mod wod: 4:50 30″ bj/ghd sit up 21-15-9

  26. Fran: 4:57 RX (:34 PR)

  27. Patti Jeanne

    Fran 8:55 rx first time rx. Last December started rx and had to lower weight and switch to jumping pull ups. So glad I was able to get this one even though is slow going. Thanks for your support Cary!

  28. Colleen (C4!)

    Fran 5:29 Rx
    It doesn’t matter if I can do 21 thrusters in :40 if it takes me 3:00 to do 21 pull ups. My biggest goat is greek-myth in size. I’m gonna hunt down that evil cloven beast and kill it with my bare, raw palms and bad kipping action. Roar!

    • It takes me more than 5:29 to do 21 pull ups!!!
      And almost 20 to do Frank Rx. Lets chace those goats together and make burgers out of them :-)

    • Patti Jeanne

      Colleen I so hear you! Time to link those pull ups for me

  29. 5:12
    Under 5:00 next time

  30. “Fran” – 3:21 Rx’d (PR)

  31. Ashley R

    6:40 RX. (1:40 PR from one year ago) I guess I haven’t done it since then! Lot’s of room for improvement on the usual!

  32. Fran: 6:36Rx’d (29sec Pr)

  33. 3:30rx

  34. Fran 4:46Rx (17 sec PR)
    Off to Arizona to see MA Jen :)

  35. Fran 7:14 (45#) Not exciting weight or time, but just seconds off my PR and given that I have done thrusters only a few times since April, was happy. Partner WODS work.

  36. Fran: 7:49 (45#). Last time I did this was 8:58 with 40# and banded PU.

  37. Pre WOD
    4 x 10 DL (225#)
    4 x 20 DU

    Fran – 5:00 Rx (54 seconds and 20# PR)

  38. I could not face Fran today….being honest here in the full judgement free zone so…

    At Daybreak I did FS 10,8,6,8,10 Build up and then the last 3 sets same weight as before

    I got 10 @ 75, 8@ 95# and 6 @115 # and then back again..

    My 1 RM from april was 120# so this was a huge PR!!!

    Always so nice to see Mel:)!
    Cash out sled push with burpees.

  39. Fran: 4:55Rx

    (PR – last time was 6:50)

    More work to do w/ PUs
    5,000m row with Kim.

  40. Fran: 4:24 Rx (1:05PR)

    Wasn’t feeling well today, almost didn’t come in. Now I feel great…funny how that works. Great effort from the noones today. Heather, as always…great lessons and motivation. thx

  41. Fran: 3:35 Rx (2:15 PR)

    Heather B., thanks for being my partner today and pushing me to the finish line. Next time I’ll keep my height down on the pullups!

  42. 4:41RX (not sure if it is a pr or not)

  43. Fran – 5:45 RX

    Thanks for the encouragement Susan!!
    This was my first rendezvous with Fran.

  44. Fran: 8:41 Rx (1:00 PR)

  45. Fran: 6:30 @ 65#( :15 pr from May)
    First time at nooner class with Heather which was
    a lot of fun. Heather is a great coach with such
    Helpful tips/coaching but makes it so much fun
    too! Was happy my wife Lisa could go to this class
    too. But, I was disappointed with my time. Had
    hoped for more improvement since May….
    But I dropped the bar too many times which
    Impacted my overall time too much. Next time
    I won’t put the bar down. Rest on shoulders
    If need be. Lisa first time Fran. She did awesome!!

  46. Stephanie

    Fran: 7:09 (35#, black band PUs)
    Thanks, Rhonda – awesome partner!
    Thanks, Bri for the hip tips!

  47. Fran 3:59 Rx (pr)

  48. Fran: 2:53 Rx (no pr but happy to be doing barbell thrusters after 4 months with wrist issues)

    Hey has anyone seen a gold ring with a purple stone around the gym, usually on a leather necklace?

  49. Lisa K-L

    1st Fran. 5:25 (40#, red banded pu’s)
    Missed the mayhemers, but learning that the naughty nooners are a fun bunch, too.
    Heathers quote of the day when teaching the thrusters: “tighten your ass, slide the card and the bar goes up!” Y’all can think about that one… (And it actually works


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