Sunday 12.8.13

Some strong ladies representing CFNE at Crossfit Union!

Some strong ladies representing CFNE at Crossfit Union!

Open Gym



  1. congratulations Ladies!!!!!!!
    way to represent!
    Yahoo to the men too!!!!!

  2. Agree with Karen, congrats to all who competed yesterday! Nice job!!

  3. Michelle

    Congratulations! You ladies are amazing!

    At home, Flight simulater to 30, got 34, My goal is to complete this in 2013.

  4. Congratulations ladies!

  5. Open Gym OTM Technique Work

    OTM10 3 position squat clean (with plenty of social time breaks)
    OTM5 3 position squat snatch
    OTM10 2 strict pull ups

    Great job yesterday L,T,K, (now I know what this means) and Colleen and LJ too.

    Killer lift today Big Bri! Way to fight that one to the finish!

  6. Kristin B.

    Rough Seas: 8:53 RX, I think. Not easy to do it alone!

  7. Congrats competitors – nice work!

    1RM squat clean – worked up to 230#
    7 X 3 squat clean OTM @ 170#
    Bit of a struggle today, worked on the mental game!

  8. Patricks party 23:11 45#


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