Saturday 12.7.13

Maureen is PSYCHED it's Saturday! How about you?

Maureen is PSYCHED it’s Saturday! How about you?

Patrick’s Party
Kettlebell Swings (53/35#)
Box Jumps (24, 20″)
400m run after each round.

Post times to comments.

The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.


  1. Maureen B.

    I’m clearly doing my best Patrick from Spongebob impression in that pic….

  2. Heather V

    Shall we bring our snow shoes?

  3. Jonathan M

    Patrick’s Party: 26:46 rx

  4. PP: 22:04 Rx

  5. Heather V

    Patrick’s Party: 18:13 Rx

  6. Michelene

    Patrick’s party: 22:53 Rx. Great coaching Max, thanks for the kettle bell tips!!

  7. 24:28 with 26#. Fun 8 am group.

  8. Big Mike

    Patrick’s Party: 22:45 Rx
    I love Saturday WODs! Great chance to see all the weirdos who work out when the sun is up. Running in the sunlight, how functional is that? Ever see a zombie movie when people get eaten during their lunch hour?

  9. Patrick’s Party: 26:10 Rx need to be faster on box jumps, oy.

  10. BARBARA kept dragging me down. 26:15. 45#

    • Omg. Really! How long does it take to get over Barbara. I can’t even roll over in bed without remembering the effects of that wod

  11. Weight Lifting:
    5×10 back squats 95-155#
    5 set of 2 squat cleans and 2 c&j 135#

    If anyone is looking for a place to live or knows someone who is, I’ve got an apartment in Natick right near the center that I’m looking to rent for February 1st. Here’s the Craigslist link

    If interested respond to the ad or email me at

  12. 31:53 Rx. All Kettlebell swings unbroken. Box jumps and run were very slow. I was planning not to do all the reps, bit my partner Susan W. inspired me to do all reps. Thanks Susan, always nice to wod woth you!

  13. Patrick’s Party: 23:49 Rx. KBs are coming together. Box jumps… not so much. Great class 7am!

  14. Thomas F

    Patrick’s Party 22:01 rx

  15. Patricks party. 27:40 box jump step ups. The rest rx. Love Saturday Wods. Great class max.

  16. Maureen B.

    PP: 24:17 Rx
    Fun chasing you Kaitlyn! Need to work on box jumps.

  17. Patrick’s Party: 17:52 RX

  18. Colleen (OC)

    Patrick’s Party: 24:59, 26# KB snatches. My back is not ready for 35# KB swings. That was fun!

  19. Rachel E

    Patrick’s Party: 21:45 Rx

  20. Patrick’s Party: 22:37 Rx

  21. Michelle

    Patricks party: 22:46 rx
    50 hspu
    Butterfly practice- fun am!

  22. PP: 23:01 20″ step-ups

  23. PP: 22:36 Rx

  24. Patrick’s Party: 25:20 with 45# KB. That was a grind, but, as always feel great once I get home, shower and start the day. Glad I pushed through it!!

    Lisa: 27:10 with 26# KB and did ALL the box jumps Rx—super proud of her!!!

  25. Three tickets for New England Patriots versus Buffalo Bills on December 29
    30 yard line third row from field
    Face value $170 each
    Email me

  26. Patrick’s Party – 23:13 RX

    Fresh ankle issues are making box jumps scary and running difficult!

  27. Patrick’s Party – 34:00 done at home with 20″ box.

  28. 22 somthing Rx. good one!

  29. Kristin B.

    PP: 24:10 with various mods. Rows for runs, 35# RKBS and a mix of BJs and step-ups.

  30. Kristin R

    Patrick’s Party 27:48 with Russian swings and 1/2 box jumps – apparently not as recovered from my cold as I thought. Just had completely dead legs from the very beginning! Thanks for the box jump training wheels, though, Max – was about to switch to step ups but that was the assist I needed….

  31. CompWOD: 30 back squat @225, 30 Jerks @185, 30 thrusters @135, all taken from ground: 19:41 Rx

    50 HSPUs

    Rowed 10,000 meters: 44:36


  32. Pitty party: 26:40, not my fault, Big Mike kept pushing me off the box, everyone cut me off the road. My kettlebell kept getting stolen…

    Oops it’s Patrick’s party!!! Ok: 26:40, 45#KB, great work by everyone! Stopped by CF Union on the way home to cheer on the CFNE competitors.

  33. Weight Lifting:
    5×10 back squats 95-155#
    5 set of 2 squat cleans and 2 c&j 135#

    If anyone is looking for a 2/3 bed in Natick Feb. 1, email me at

  34. Kristin R

    Patrick’s Party – 19:56 Rx

  35. PP: 25:31 (53# Russian KBS)

  36. 21:40 …18# KB … 400 m Row instead of run- icy roads. Did this two days later than scheduled


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