Thursday 12.4.13

Len and Pete have been crushing it lately! Two beasts in one photo. Don't make any sudden movements or they might charge.

Len and Pete have been crushing it lately! Two beasts in one photo. Don’t make any sudden movements or they might charge.

***Remember today is bring a friend day***

5 rounds of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Air Squats

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.
Post times to comments.
Compare scores HERE.


The Firebreather of the Month for November is Casey!

The Firebreather of the Month for November is Casey!

1. How did you get started doing Crossfit?

I started at the recommendation of a good friend of mine named Ben. He was a two sport college athlete who started Crossfit about a year and a half ago and told me he was in the best shape of his life. I took one class and then wanted to join the cult immediately.

2. What’s your favorite movement?

My favorite movement has to be the snatch. It is powerful and intricate and requires so much practice. Plus, everyone loves saying “snatch” in public, and you can pretend that you are more mature than you were in middle school because it is a barbell movement.

3. What’s your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is Helen. I love that it involves cardio, a weighted movement and a body weight movement.

4. You wake up in the middle of the night starving, what’s the first thing you grab out of the fridge?

Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints!! For the record, I keep them in the freezer (which is key) and the beauty of snacking on them at night is the minty aftertaste makes you feel like you don’t have to brush your teeth again…

5. I hear you have a twin brother? Is he evil? If so how evil? I want details.

Legend has it that there was a third baby inside the womb with us before we were born who was pure evil. It took my brother and I nine, epic months to defeat him, therefore saving the world. I would like to think that we are both “Golden Childs” but he makes it kinda difficult by getting a scholarship for his master’s, becoming a pastor, and getting married to an Olivia Wilde look-a-like. But he doesn’t Crossfit, so you tell me who is more evil.

6. Would you live in a house made of gingerbread even though it wasn’t “paleo”?

Without a doubt. I am a chubby kid at heart so this would be a dream come true. I can imagine it now… *fades to a dream* I wake up from my bed made of Jet Puffed marsh mellows and lift my head from my gum-drop pillow, take a quick bath in my Pop Rocks Jacuzzi, slide down my candy cane banister, all the while taking bites of that holiday ginger bread that reminds me of when I was a chubby kid… *snaps back into reality* Oh… I mean crossfit, paleo, and supps. (cruel joke Max)

7. Rumor has it you have a personal shopper who buys you clothes and ships them to you in a trunk? Any truth to this rumor?

The rumor is true. Her name is Shannon and she gets me. What am I supposed to do? Go to a mall, pick a dozen things that don’t fit and I don’t want, and try them on just to put them back on a rack? Man, ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

My mom’s homemade chili. She has won many a chili cook-off back in my humble, home state of Utah. They even had her on TV so she could share her recipe. Another thing that contributed to my chubby youth.

9. Let’s play a little game called farm, wrestle, space ship. I’ll give you three people and you have to choose which one you’d farm with, wrestle with, and spend a week in a space ship with. Your people are Stephen King, Lebron James, and Lada Gaga.

This actually came to me pretty easy. First, I would farm with Lady Gaga. We would be feeding the cows singing our own mangled versions of Ol’ McDonald with dubstep in the background. And then, when the animals were fat enough, we could make our own super trendy meat suits like she wore to the MTV VMA’s – only thing we haven’t figured out is pockets… (Plus I think she already has a spaceship so that would be boring for her.) I would wrestle Lebron. Why? Because we are the exact same size and weight, not to mention both highly skilled on the basketball court. Think Rodman vs. Malone in the 1998 bout “Bash at the Beach.” And finally, I would spend a week with Stephen King in a space ship because that is probably how long it would take to get him back wherever he came from.

10. High socks, mid socks, or low socks? Why?

High socks all day e’ry day! At the inception of every sport, high socks were part of the uniform ex. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Golf (R.IP. Payne). I heard that even swimming had that rule but it was short lived. Crossfit doesn’t have a uniform, but if it did I can assure you it would include high socks.

11. What are three things on your Christmas list? Also, I’ve heard that you still leave out cookies for Santa, is that true? If so what kind and how many?

1. I will continue to ask my parents for the “Holy Grail” of Christmas gifts – the Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in its stock and this thing that tells time. 2. More high socks because basics are “a must” at Christmas and I won’t buy them for myself. 3. And another subscription to “SLAM” magazine so that I can keep my edge. And of course I leave cookies! I don’t want to end up on the naughty list. I leave him one paleo cookie (because he has a “bowl full of jelly” problem), one oatmeal cookie (because everyone has one of those lying around somewhere that they are trying to pawn off on someone else), and a dog biscuit cookie (because I have it on good word that Vixen loves biscuits).

12. If you could be any power ranger which one would you be?

Obviously the Shadow Ranger. He has a sweet sword, the Shadow Sabre, which is the truest sword in the Galaxy and he will right all wrongs with it.

13. Apparently the government is planning a $2 billion bailout of Blockbuster. Did you know Blockbuster still existed? Also, what was the last movie you rented from a video store?

I wish the government would bailout all of my bad ideas… No I didn’t know they still existed. But in my search for worst movie of all time, the last movie I rented there was Death to Smoochy. It is not the worst movie I have ever seen but it is close.

Honored to be the Firebreather of the Month! Coincidently, it comes on the exact day of my 1 year anniversary of CFNE. So thankful for all of the friends I have met and people who have helped shape my life in a positive way.