Tuesday 12.3.13

Doole doing his best Kirby impression.

Doole doing his best Kirby impression.

Knuckle Sandwich
25 Burpees
then 3 rounds of:

  • 10 Deadlifts (275, 185#)
  • 50 Double Unders

25 Burpees

The burpees bookend the 3 rounds for time.
Post times to comments.

The snow is coming...hide your children. Actually give them a shovel.

The snow is coming…hide your children. Actually give them a shovel.



  1. Nicole D

    Knuckle Sandwich: 9:27

    Double unders didn’t show up today

  2. Knuckle Sammy: 10:45, 165#

  3. 5:49 rx

  4. Maureen B.

    KS: 9:46 (135#)
    10 RM Back Squat: 125#

  5. “Knuckle Sandwich” – 8:27 Rx’d

    MU Wave – hung out in the back, did a few doubles, had a few laughs with Sarah. She did more MUs than me. Done.

  6. Jonathan M

    Knuckle Sandwich : 10:01, 205#, 100 su

  7. 12:43 with 113#

  8. I enjoyed my first class at CFNE today – and my first Crossfit class in quite awhile as I had a baby 3 weeks ago (she enjoyed sleeping through the class). It will be a long road back to fitness but excited to get started and seems like a great place to get some goals accomplished. Thanks for the warm welcome.

  9. Knuckle Sandwich – 11:28 (225#)

    Wanted to go Rx on the DLs, but I still tend to stripper-pole it…naturally. Dance! Too much booty in the pants! Anyone…?? Ooookey doke. Anyway, felt good to work on the form a little more tonight. On the plus side, I got at least 20 DUs unbroken in each set, so those continue to get better.

    7:30 continuing to rock out – nice class tonight, errybody!

  10. Rachel E

    Knuckle Sandwich: 11:55 (155#) DUs took me awhile. Thanks for having me, 7:30ers!

  11. Kevin K III

    8:20 #225, 100 singles

  12. Chris M.

    1. Knuckle Sandwich: 7:15 Rx
    2. Unbroken MU Wave: 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-1-2-3


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