Monday 12.2.13

Wendy doing a great job keeping the barbell on her shoulders. Whether you're going to perform a strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk the barbell should be resting on your shoulders. Nice work Wendy!

Wendy doing a great job keeping the barbell on her shoulders. Whether you’re going to perform a strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk the barbell should be resting on your shoulders. Nice work Wendy!

3 rounds of:
15 Toes to Bar
15 Push Press (95, 65#)
15 Box Jumps (24, 20″)
15 Overhead Squats (95, 65#)

Post times to comments.


Maureen L-O-V-E-S to volunteer! Want to be as happy as Maureen? Of course you do! Read below for more information.

Maureen L-O-V-E-S to volunteer! Want to be as happy as Maureen? Of course you do! Read below for more information.

Hey CrossFit Family! is pumped for the Competitors Competition in January! We need to get a crew together to help setup the night before and breakdown at the end of the competition. Here are the details:

Who: Anyone who wants to help!
What: Competitors Competition
When: Setup: Friday January 24th, 2014- time TBD
Breakdown: Sunday January 26th, 2014- time TBD
Where: Reebok CrossFit One, Canton MA

*You will be compensated $20/hr

As always we greatly appreciate all of your help. Please email me if you are interested in one or both days!


Click HERE to volunteer during the day Saturday and/or Sunday!


Committed Club for November!

Andrew Hohenstein


Ronda Rockett


Michelle Marshall


Karen Hayes


Eric Brisebois


Nell Getz


Doug Bell


Kimberly Phillips


Allison Giorgio


Chris Neeb


Rachel Engelson


JC del Real


Brian Curley


Raymonde Arseneau


Kaitlyn Miklinevich


Daisy Powers


James Sheridan


Patti Jeanne Barry


Sarah Wilson


Laura Cohen


Andy Mirsky


Scott Sylvester


Mike Braatz


John Giannuzzi


Lynne McVie


Joe Vukson


Lori Baldwin


Greg D’Agostino


Toni Indresano-DiRuscio


Jared Schuler


Andy LoPilato


Sarah Bell


Nancy Funkhouser


Melinda Keegan


Kathy Langen


Tom Lyons


Wendy Poppenhagen


Sam Landau


Michelene Flanigon


Erin O’Dea


Saint Aufranc


Katrina Shafer


Eugene Lee


Andrew Renzella


Nikki Zambarano


Michael Tatelman


Ashley Ranaldi


Nicole Zajec


Jenney Pascarelli


Heather Vitti


Devon Ellis


Susan Weiss


L.J. DiCarlo


Joe Doherty


Stephanie Lapat


Jerry Fireman


Sarah Schuler


Janet Simmons


Edward Steele


Colleen Bailey


Kyle Toto


Angelo Maragos


Mark Warren


Craig Brisebois


Lisa Blanchard


Mike Piispanen


Mark McGraw


Tom Gerry


Dina Papernow




  1. I want to thank Ben, Heather, Andrew, Kevin, Harry & Max for making my four visits to CFNE over the Thanksgiving holiday a wonderful experience. It is nice to come to a box and immediately feel welcomed. I also want to thank Jared for being my partner for Loch Ness on Saturday.

  2. “Guile”: 13:19 Rx

  3. Guile: 15:02 Rx

  4. Guile: 14:33 Rx

    5 sets of: 2 squat cleans + 2 jerks: 135# across

    10RM back squat: 205#

  5. Guile: 12:48 Rx

    • Saw you chillin’ on one of the boxes while the rest of us suffered. Fast, Dave.

  6. Guile: 17:22 Rx felt underwater today. gotta shake it off.

  7. Guile: 16:02, 10 TTB per round, rest Rx

    I was down to singles on TTB in round 1 and could still feel last Wednesday’s ab-tastic cash out. Figured self-preservation was wise.

  8. Heather V

    Guile: 12:15 Rx

  9. Guile: 15:07 135# Push Press, rest Rx

    5 x 2 squat clean + 2 jerks at 135#

    10RM back squat: 225…went too light.

    …still remarkably sore from Murph. Woof.

  10. Guile: 14:28 (75#)

  11. Guile: 16:44 (55#) TTB were mostly Rx, some attempts.

    Tried to do 65# on the overhead squats but realized I needed to lower it after I failed reps 5 and 7 in the first round. Great to be back after a long weekend.

  12. Guile: 14:46 Rx
    Room for improvement on Toes to Bar and OHS. Grip was too wide in beginning and my wrists hurt a ton. Corrected grip and felt much better on OHS.

    • Nice work, babe!

    • Amy Brooks

      @ HS:
      2 minute DU drill – 64 – struggled
      15 minutes on bike – pyramid during majority(5.4 total miles)
      5×3 bench (95, 100s)
      5×3 dead lift (up to 225)
      5×3 back squat (up to 145)
      Max HSPU – 7,7,4,5,6

  13. Big Mike

    Guile: 14:35 Rx
    Nothing like eight days off to remind you why you try to stay consistent. Skiing with a bunch of out of shape people does not keep you on the road to fitness. Just means you’re at the bottom waiting while they all suck wind. Can’t tell you how many times I gave the CrossFit speech on the chairlift.
    Happy to be back, even if it really hurts.

  14. Guile: 12:06 Rx

    • Nice Rick! Apparently you were good over Thanksgiving (unless most of the rest of us).

      • Ahh thank you – It was more of playing up to the people around me. Mick in front, Meg to my left and Alli G. behind me. They were flying! I also had some 1980’s running shoes on that helped quite a bit.

    • Great time…nice job!

  15. guile: 13:42 Rx

  16. Guile – 15:47 (75#)

  17. Heather O

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. I know I have not been around in the past 6 weeks or so but I wanted to say how much I miss you all and to thank you all for a great year and intro into how amazing Crossfit is.

    Life has been crazy since the wedding and going back to work after that was interesting as there were many changes at my firm which caused me to work long work days and 6 day weeks since then as I have doing the work of three people on my own. On top of all that Kevin and I are in the process of buying our first home in Shrewsbury and if all goes well this month will be closing on December 30! Happy New Year to us. :-) So with that being said I will be looking for a new box (in either Worcester or Westboro) to start at in January and stick it out at Planet Fitness and the great outdoors at my random hours of the day when I can fit in a run or some strength training.

    I hope you all have a great December, holidays and New Year and I hope to be back for a WOD or two at CFNE someday. Thank you all again for all of your love and support this past year. If I can find a new box half as amazing as CFNE I will be a lucky girl. xoxo :-)

    • Tricia D

      Heather O! Congratulations! This is bittersweet – so happy for you and Kevin, but so sad to hear you will be leaving CFNE. I will miss you girl!! I’m going to have to start running a mile before the mayhem to keep your spirit alive. Keep in touch. xoxoxo

    • Michelene

      You are definitely missed at the mayhem! That makes me so sad to hear that you will be leaving us, but I am so happy for you on the house, the wedding and all the wonderful things life has brought you and will bring you. Stay in touch and visit us from time to time!!

    • Hey Heather. Congrats on the new house! We were wondering where you were – missed you at 5:30.

      I work in Westboro and there is a CF – CrossFit Prototype. Haven’t been there but one of the owners works in my building and seems like a good guy. Plus his name is Michael Scott – with a name like that, he must have a sense of humor.

      Best of luck to you and Kevin!

    • Best of luck Heather!

    • Best of luck to you in all of the great things to come! It goes without saying that you will be missed! But good news is that you always know where to find us!!

    • Harry Palley

      Best of luck Heather! Stop in when you can. We’ll miss ya.

    • This is definitely bittersweet! Best of luck to you and Kevin, you have many exciting adventures ahead of you! It was a pleasure getting to know you this past year :-)

  18. Ashley R


    11:03 45#

  19. Guile: 11:01 RX

  20. Gulie

    18:49 (95#)

  21. Rachel E

    Guile: 14:02 Rx (first linked TTB in a WOD but they peaced out fast!)

    5 x 2 squat cleans + 2 jerks: 75-105#
    10 rep max BS: 155#

    Lucky to stay and catch the 8:30am talk — thanks for the reminder about why we’re doing what we do, Ben!

  22. Guile: 13:09 55#
    TTB def needs tons of work!!

    Thanks for the talk today, Ben. After it, I’m glad I did NOT go RX as planned and was able to move through all the weights with good form and ease… Even in my exhausted state! We are so blessed with amazing coaches!

    Back at it 100% tomorrow once the fog lifts:)!

  23. “Guile” – 9:41 Rx’d

    2 squat clean/2 jerk – 3 sets at 185#

  24. Michelle

    Guile: 11:56. (65# shallow on some ohs- I was playing around w closer grip)
    5 sets 2 sc& 2 jerks: 85- 115#
    10 rm bs 155#

  25. guile: 13:07 (55#)

    love the 930!!!

  26. Guile (modified): 11:26 (from the rack for push presses and front squats)

  27. “Guile”: 14:10
    Knee Raises
    95# Push Press
    20′ Box Jumps
    45# Over Head Squats

  28. Michelene

    Guile: 16:24 (40# & K2E) Can’t seem to get more than a few of the TTB. Also spent a little too much time looking down at my bar.

  29. Guile: 17:18 (45#, 20″)

  30. Guile: 16:20 (95#)

    That took longer than anticipated …tks to Harry
    for sticking with me at the end!

    2 Squat clean/jerk: 105, 115, 125(2), 135#
    10 rep back squat: 175#

  31. Patti Jeanne

    Guile 15:22 at 55lbs. Great chat Ben. Always a good reminder of why we work so hard it’s to get fit for life. Great to meet Cheryl coaching during the 8:30!

  32. Guile – 29:xx @ 115#
    Looking forward to seeing this bad boy again sometime soon.

  33. Out of town at Crossfir Grow in Mn. these guys are legit Ran our 200m outside while it was snowing, in 2″ of snow, 18F at 515Am. BooYa!

    Warmup: 30 burpees, Orion’s, Double unders 3:00

    Strength: back squats 2×5 1×9 at 135

    5 RFT: 12:51
    8 – Push Press (75/55)
    16 – Back Squats (75/55)
    200m Run

  34. Guile – 16:12 Rx. Overhead squats were an embarrassment. one of these days i’ll improve my mobility enough to do these properly….

  35. Guille(esq): 13:30

    Blew out my calf again last week, so I did a version of this on my good leg.
    Strict Press for Push Press (95#)
    ASQ for BJ
    OHS (45#)

    Pre WOD
    3×10 Strict Press (95#)

    5 rounds of 200m Row and 10 Bench (135#)

    Post WOD
    OHS 5×5 (75#)

  36. Guile 14:00 (55#) this would have been a wheelhouse if not for the OHS… Totally cramped my style

  37. Colleen (C4!)

    Guile 12:35 Rx.
    T2B were a suck fest. The next goat in an increasingly smaller herd.

  38. Guile: 16:07 95# back squat for push press, and GHD Back Extensions for OHS.

  39. Craig B.

    Guile 12:49 (115#)

  40. Guile: 14:40 (35#)

  41. Guile: 9:42 rx Box jumps felt like I had sand bags tied to my legs after Murp and loch ness and possibly due to the tray of cinnamon buns I ate over the weekend…

    5 x 2 Squat clean and jerk worked up to 195

  42. 11:40 Rx. Felt like I lost a contact the way I was staring at the floor today! Or maybe it was the five helpings of pumpkin pie this past weekend.

    Good laughs today 6:30!

    Happy bday Rachel E!

  43. Kevin K III

    15:51 Rx

  44. Guile: 14:56 (40#).

  45. Guile: 9:29 Rx

    Morning Workout
    3×10 Strict Press (95#)

    5 rounds of 200m Row and Bench 10 reps @ 135#

  46. Guile: 12:36 (45#)

  47. Guile: 15:00rx

    Easily spent a minute catching my breath. Good WOD

  48. Nicole D

    Guile: 11:47 (55#)

  49. Kristin B.

    Guile: 14:16 w/k2e, the rest rx

  50. Maureen B.

    13:13 (55#)

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