Friday 11.29.13

Ever felt like this?

Ever felt like this?

Open Gym

Bushy is supah strong.

Bushy is supah strong.



  1. it is funny because I have felt 100% like that before…….

  2. 8 min: 12 dl/ 7 ctbs. (185/ strict ctbs) 3, 6, 9, etc
    2 min du: 2 min rest: 2 min du: 111/95. Big pr
    10 cal air dyne/ 10 burpees x 3
    Ohs: thumbs touching: 10 @ 55#, 9 @ 65#
    Bar mu practice.

  3. 3X5 deads 315
    Comp wod. Got thru 9.
    2min du’s. 150 134
    Otm x6 95 snatch and 5 t2b
    Otmx5 10 box jumps.

  4. Murph: 55:53 rx’d missed out on it yesterday, but battled through today in the back room.

    Looking up to the clear blue sky on my last run made me remember why I was doing what I was doing. Always good to put things in perspective.

  5. Comp WOD with The Ho: Through round of 9s plus one round of 12s

    175#DL for me, strict C2B went to strict PU, then kipping C2B for most of last two rounds. Thanks to Ho and Ashley for telling me to go heavier — was definitely the right weight.

    1RM DL just because: 235# (20# PR)

  6. Open CompWOD with Rachel: Like she said, through the 12s (kudos to her for going heavier…she had that all day. My DLs were Rx and all straight but the strict C2Bs were a joke, which quickly devolved to strict pull-ups and then kipping C2Bs. Strict pulling power it turns out is severely lacking.

    2×2 minute drills DUs: over 100 each time…didn’t really count.

    1RM Deadlift: 375 (10 or 20# PR…I forget)

    10 bar muscle ups not for time.

    Played around with close grip OHS.

  7. Colleen (OC)

    Couldn’t move my legs… Thanks Murph. So…

    5×5 bench @ 55#.

    And LOTS of mobility. Owwww.

  8. Push Press: 5RM (170#).

    DL (225#) & T2B: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15.

    Light OHS work.


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