Thursday 11.28.13

Throwback Thursday. Aj, Leard, Daigle, and Maloney doing vested Murph. Looking good gents.

Throwback Thursday. Aj, Leard, Daigle, and Maloney doing vested Murph. Looking good gents.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you to all of our members! You all make CFNE an incredibly special place.

Two classes today at 6am and 8am.

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Partition pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats as you like.
Must start and end with a 1 mile run.

Post times to comments.

The Gobbler's putting a crew together.

The Gobbler’s putting a crew together. Better watch out Hamel…

Coach Geoff’s Thanksgiving day “Murph” speech. This video still gives me chills. RIP Murph.



  1. Important photo note:

    That was the second time we did “Murph” that weekend. Your move, world.

  2. 43:37, 50/100/150, jumping pull-ups. Happy Thanksgiving to my CFNE family at home and abroad!

  3. 1/2 Murph – did not time – but felt like about 25 minutes. Did 10/20/30 first three rounds but then had to go to 5/10/15’s for remainder.

    Had to blast out early to get my son to his team breakfast. Have a great Thanksgiving all.

    • God bless you Lt Murphy. Thankful for many things today – one being that there are leaders such as Lt Murphy on the front line leading so many others who choose to serve. There are many like him and his team that are not with their families today. May these folks be remembered and toasted at tables across our beautiful land today.

      Happy Thanksgiving all.

  4. Murph: 40:53 Rx…first time.

    Rest peacefully, Murph. I was privileged to honor your memory today.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the best second family a guy could have. That’s you, CFNE!

  5. Murph: 47:07 Rx (3:21 PR)

    Happy Thanksgiving all

  6. Colleen (OC)

    Murph: 57:29, Rx.

    About 3 minutes slower than last time, but I’ll take it as I pretty much lost my push ups in the second round.

    Once again, great speech Geoff! It helps get me in the right frame of mind every time (until I hit that mental wall in that last mile, ugh!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my CFNE brothers and sisters!

  7. Murph: 52:12 w/22# vest.

    Thank you Michael P. Murphy for the ultimate sacrifice and to all those others who have done the same; words are not enough. Leard, your words got me through that WOD.

    So much to be thankful for, family, friends, health and the incredible community that IS CFNE! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  8. Murph: 44:36 Rx (:52 PR)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  9. Michelene

    Murph: 53:38 Rx First time doing Rx which was a personal goal for this year so really happy.

    Thank you Lt. Murph, a true super hero, and thank you Geoff for helping us honor his memory.

  10. Murph: 47:02 Rx – Great WOD to kickoff Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for, including the great CFNE coaches and athletes. Thanks to Lt. Murphy and the legions of others who sacrifice so much for this country.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Leard, your speech was incredibly moving. Great work 6am!

  12. Murph – 41:46 with vest

    Great speech Geoff. Great tradition here at CFNE. happy thanksgiving!

    • Always fun working out with you my friend. You kicked some serious butt today

  13. Murph- 45:40 RX

    Happy Thanksgiving CFNE! Great job with speech Geoff–inspiring!

  14. Alison – 1/2 Murph – 38:23 Rx or 38:25 correct time is on the board.

    Lisa – 1/2 Murph – 35:00 jumping pullups, knee pushups – switched to v-sits for 2 rounds.

    Thanks for the speech, Geoff.
    Thanks 6 am for being so welcoming to my sister.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  15. Great class this morning. Thanks and good job to all who came out. It was truly an honor to do such a great wod for a great American hero and soldier who represents the saying ” not for self but for others.” It was great doing this wod with the CFNE family today. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Murph: 34:36rx

  16. Murph:

    Ash: 54:13 RX 4 min off last year :( but glad i got to come do it!

    Bob: 30:20 RX

    My arms are pretty tired..Bob may need to lift that 20# turkey out of the oven later on!!!

  17. Sad to miss this — best day of the year at CFNE. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  18. Murph: 47:21 RX
    kinda bummed it was about 2 1/2 min slowe then last time but the point is to honor…..

    Murph has inspired me so much. RIP.

    I highly suggest everyone, crossfitter or not, read LONE SURVIVOR… Best book. Thx Geoff for your inspiring words.

    Happy turkey day and Chanukah to those that celebrate!

  19. Murph: 46:22 Rx (3:36 PR)

    I am truly thankful for CFNE! Happy Thanksgiving all!

  20. Murph: 55:17 (Rx except last 3 rounds of push ups on knees)

    Bummed couldn’t finish Rx, but with my shoulder bothering me for a few weeks now I had to drop.

    Did Murph a year ago with half the reps, banded pull ups, and all push ups on knees in 39 min.

    Great morning at CFNE. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  21. “Murph”: 55:01 Rx

  22. Kristin B.

    Messy Murph for me: 58:48. 800m run/800m row, 10 rounds RX then had to sub 53# RKBSs for pull-ups and sit-ups for push-ups, finishing with a 1600m row. Back and shoulder felt like crap again but a big thanks to AK for the push at the end. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Murph: 43:12 Rx. Very thankful for the entire CFNE community!

  24. Heather V

    Murph: 46:19 Rx
    No PR’s today… But super fun and so much to be thankful for!

  25. Murph (ish)… Lots of subbing. Kettle bell swings (18#) for pull-ups and sit-ups for push-ups… 47:18 – hard to breath on the runs because of the cold/wind.

    Happy Thanksgiving to my CFNE family!!! :)

  26. 51:07
    Knee push-ups for 2 reps in one round and 3 in another. No band for the pull-ups.

  27. Happy thanksgiving everyone! Stellar crew at 6am!!

    Murph 32:44rx

  28. Jonathan M

    Murph: 60:41 rx glad I got to do this.

  29. Woke up late, little sleep, and thought of a thousand reasons why I should just skip this today. Then went to the web site and listened to Geoff’s speech – What would Michael Murphy do? Raced to my car, jumped out of my car at CFNE, and started running.

    Murph 32:30 Rx. Thanks Geoff for reminding me.

  30. Murph @ CFS in Ashland: 1:09
    The running part and half of the reps Rx, then switched to knee push ups and ring rows instead of pull ups for the other half of the wod. First time finishing all reps.

  31. Grace at CrossFit the Swamp: 3:51rx, 5 second PR

    Happy Thanksgiving CFNE!

  32. Happy thanksgiving!

  33. Colleen (C4!)

    Thank you Geoff for your steady, quiet intensity and leadership. No more evident than in your wonderful homage to Murph. I so appreciate you.

    RIP Lt. Michael Murphy.

    Turkey WOD from home: 10 RTF (35:30)
    15 pushups, 20 KBS 35#, 24 situps, 30 air squats.
    Cash out: DU practice.

  34. Modified Murphy: Bear Lane,Maine 57:ish

    Thanks for the inspiration Geoff
    I am thankful for my family, friends, and CFNE

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    1 mile row
    200 sit ups
    200 push ups
    200 air squats
    1 mile row

  35. Murph: 53:38 Rx (3 sec PR from Memorial Day)

    It was so great to have Lára there for her first Thanksgiving Murph. And while it’s only my second one, I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without Geoff’s inspiring words and the opportunity to honor Lt. Murphy. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire CFNE family.

  36. Murph: 45:30, subbed 12 situps for squats, rest Rx

    Geoff, just love starting Thanksgiving by listening to you recite the medal of honor speech. And was both inspiring and humbling to do push-ups next to Heather B. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  37. Turkey Trot (5K) in Minneapolis: ~32 minutes. Was fun with 10,000+ of my best friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

  38. Murph: 57:54 subbed row for run for the achilles. Still knee push ups. 22sec slower than May. No rips! Second day back doing overhead reaching. Glad I still have pull ups.

    My first Thanksgiving WODing at CFNE. Best decision. Thank you Ben, Heather and all the coaches for fostering such a caring crossfit family. Geoff, your dedication to honoring Murph and all the military hero’s of our country is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passion and instilling important perspective in our lives.

    • “Geoff, your dedication to honoring Murph and all the military hero’s of our country is truly inspiring.”

      I so agree with the above. Geoff you are my constant reminder to be thankful for those who serve.

  39. Murph: 41:41

  40. Murph: 51:35, knee push ups. Broke up the running and rep scheme, but got all the distance and reps done. Thank you Geoff for your inspiring speech, I am glad that I got to hear it live today.

    A beautiful day to be at CFNE, one of the many wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for today, and everyday.

  41. Murph: 30:40 rx
    Geoff, great speech today

  42. 53:33 Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome while I’m in town visiting family. First time doing Murph Rx’d. Need to work on push-ups–yikes, 200 was not a pretty battle for me. Please stop by Crossfit Novi if any of you find yourself in Detroit metro area! :)

  43. Thanks to my CFNE family for helping me Honor my role model and American hero today!

    You guys never cease to amaze me! Keep up the great work

    Happy Thanksgiving

  44. First time Murpher 39:43

  45. 41:21
    Images today: Geoff getting the goosebumps and wet eyes going. Bode pretending to start the clock just like his old man with the remote. Bubba running up to the gym as we were starting the run. Bode telling me to get lower on my push-ups and squats…love it CFNE

  46. 47:17 Rx


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