Tuesday 11.19.13

Griggs showing the bar who's boss.

Griggs showing the bar who’s boss.

4 rounds of:
400m Run
4 Muscle Ups
40 Double Unders

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Ashley R. eats thrusters for breakfast...well not really she probably eats something else, but she's really good at thrusters.

Ashley R. eats thrusters for breakfast…well not really she probably eats something else, but she’s really good at thrusters.


  1. 14:32 with MU transitions

  2. 15:27rx

  3. Maureen B.

    15:58 (pull-ups, single unders)

  4. Schlitz – 15:43 (MU transitions)

    • Oh! Almost forgot… Got the second round of DUs unbroken, which, I’m pretty sure, is a record for me. Soooo, I got that goin’ for me.

      And great work by the whole 7:30 crew trying to pump out those muscle ups at the end!

    • Maureen B.

      Nice job AC Slater!!

    • Thanks, mama!

    • The magic of your own rope … will change DU forever! Well done, buddy!

  5. Schlitz: 13:53 (12PU, 80SU)

  6. Schlitz: 15:35 (MU transitions)

    Loved the muscle-up party, 7:30! You guys are great!

  7. 7:30 was on FIRE tonight! Such a fun time! Thanks for visiting Rachel E! Come back soon.

  8. Hotel WOD: “Madison on Tuesday”

    AMRAP 15:
    12 dumbbell hang split cleans (15#)
    12 walking lunges

    9+2 rds

  9. 18:05 (400m row, 12 GBPUs, 80 SUs)

  10. Schlitz 13:21 w/ 12 chin-ups (unbroken each set). Working together on MU was the highlight of my month … loved every single minute!!

  11. 1. Schlitz – 10:31 Rx (2:23 PR – all in the muscle-ups I’m sure)
    2. 2 min DU – 173/173

  12. 4mi run – tested the achilles. Felt okay during the run. NOT good afterwards, and getting worse. Back to square one

  13. 13:40 RX



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