Sunday 11.17.13

"Heck ya it's got a Hemi"

“Heck ya it’s got a Hemi”

Goat Day
EMOM x 20
Odd: Goat One
Even: Goat Two

Post goats, reps, and loads to comments.

So what's a Goat?

So what’s a Goat?

Simply put a Goat is a movement that you need to work on. Ask any Crossfitter from the weekend warrior to the games athlete and they’ll rattle off a list of Goats. We all have them – embrace them, train them, cross them off the list, and move on to the next one.

How do I pick a Goat? Well, which one do you want to do the least? Whatever the answer is that’s where you should start.

How do I program a Goat workout? Keep a couple things in mind:

  • No matter the rep scheme, weight, or movement each minute should be around :20-:40 of work.
  • Choose Goats that activate opposing muscle groups. An example would be a push movement paired with a pull movement.
  • If you’re working a skill movement on the odd minute choose something that will get your heart rate up for the even minute. An example would be handstand walks and box jumps.
  • If you’re working a barbell movement keep the load light and work on technique
  • Lastly some wise words from Chris Spealler – “Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death”.



  1. EMOM X 20: even–double unders. Was able to get 20 per round(30 seconds of work)
    still single,double, single etc…
    odd: 5-7 strict pull-ups. for 3 rounds I did 18 sit ups

  2. psyched to get 2 PR’s today
    215# Front Squat
    5 cons. MU’s

    thanks for the tips Neeb

  3. Practice WOD – 500M row / 12-9-6 Thrusters (95#): 5:48

  4. Strength Day:

    5×3 deads 315

    3×1 Snatch @ 90% 145
    3×2 snatch @80% 135

    3×1 C&J @ 90% 215
    2×2 C&J @ 80% 195

    5×5 OTM C2B Even, squat Therapy Odd

  5. Squat snatch on the minute @135# for 6 minutes
    Squat snatch on the :30 @115# for 4 minutes
    Deadlift: 315×3, 335×3, 345×3

    • Not sure the military understands what they are getting in you. They are going to have to lengthen Basic training when you show up.
      Thanks for serving!

  6. Murdered it today:

    300M row x1
    ~ 30 DU, once.

    Was at the gym for 2 1/2 hrs. HUGE talking and walking around PR. Someday’s its just in you. You wake up and you know ur gunna PR. I had that feeling as soon as I opened my eyes this morning and I never let it go.

    In my defense tho, I did have caffeinated coffee x 6 {six} this morning.

  7. The least I wanted to do at this time of the year is run so i choose that as a goat to attack. 2.5 miles run in 29:30, super slow. It will take time to kill this goat(huge one)but I will kill it. Weathet was acually great for this activity so I kind of enjoyed :-)

  8. 12 burpees/5 t2b on the minute.
    I chose burpees because I needed to burn some calories and I seem to have one speed..slow.

    muscle up practice too!

  9. Even: 10 burpees
    Odd: 5 pull ups for the first 5 minutes, 5 T2B for the second half

  10. 38mile ride. First time on the bike since this summer. Legs felt GREAT!


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