"Heck ya it's got a Hemi"

“Heck ya it’s got a Hemi”

Goat Day
EMOM x 20
Odd: Goat One
Even: Goat Two

Post goats, reps, and loads to comments.

So what's a Goat?

So what’s a Goat?

Simply put a Goat is a movement that you need to work on. Ask any Crossfitter from the weekend warrior to the games athlete and they’ll rattle off a list of Goats. We all have them – embrace them, train them, cross them off the list, and move on to the next one.

How do I pick a Goat? Well, which one do you want to do the least? Whatever the answer is that’s where you should start.

How do I program a Goat workout? Keep a couple things in mind:

  • No matter the rep scheme, weight, or movement each minute should be around :20-:40 of work.
  • Choose Goats that activate opposing muscle groups. An example would be a push movement paired with a pull movement.
  • If you’re working a skill movement on the odd minute choose something that will get your heart rate up for the even minute. An example would be handstand walks and box jumps.
  • If you’re working a barbell movement keep the load light and work on technique
  • Lastly some wise words from Chris Spealler – “Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death”.