Saturday 11.16.13

Katrina has been CRUSHING it lately! Keep up the awesome work!

Katrina has been CRUSHING it lately! Keep up the awesome work! Also…nice guns!

Three Kings
Teams of 3
3 rounds of:
50 Power Cleans (135, 95#)
1500m Row (must switch every 250m)
One partner works at a time.

Post scores to comments.

Jono it was great having you here at CFNE!

Jono it was great having you here at CFNE these past couple weeks! Come visit us again soon!



  1. Wait… THAT’S Jono? Why the heck was he always wearing a hoodie when I saw him!

  2. Team 5’10” (Braatz, Cotter, Ho): 23:15 Rx

    Great team. Great fun. Great WOD.

  3. Visited CrossFit Framingham (in teams):
    2 rounds:
    100 double unders
    24 burpees
    400m med ball run (20/14)
    22 box over jumps
    5x50m overhead plate carry (45/25)
    24 TTBs

    That was interesting. Nice box.

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Team WOD with Michelene and Tricia D: 30:56, with 70#. SO much fun! Thought the weight was too light in the first round, changed my mind about that in the 3rd round!

  5. Three Kings: 28:26 (75#) w/AK & Dina

  6. Maureen B.

    Team Three Princesses (Me, Krystle, Laura): 30:?? So much fun working with you hotties!

  7. Team Grunt (Tam, Pablo, JC): 23:14 Rx

    Lots of noise over in our corner of the room!

  8. Team Scott, Greg, and KenK: 23:49 Rx

    Thanks for carrying me this morning boys. Awesome to walk in and see so many people this morning. CFNE is a special place for sure!

  9. Three Kings with Bruce and Robb C. 28:30
    Great job Bruce. Welcome to CFNE!
    You were not to bad either Robb.

    • Thanks Gradon! Great team with you and Bruce! Really like the team workouts! Definitely push hard for the team. Welcome to CFNE Bruce!

    • Almost forgot the weight. 115/85

  10. Team TAT (Thorp, Andrew, and Tom) original. 25:58 RX’d way to gut it out guys, great working with you both.

  11. Team Ashley, Ali g, and myself 25:03 Rx (I think)

    So fun to work with such stron and fast ladies. Thanks for pushing me.

  12. Team Barbara s, Laura H, Michelle: 26:16
    What a blast it was this am at Cfne. Great to have Barbara in for visit!
    Come back soon! Laura- you make rowing look easy.

  13. Three Kings: 28:26 (75#) w/Toni & Dina

    First day at CFNE in almost 2 weeks…SOO good to be back at it!

    • Special shout out to the 9am for welcoming in my friend Breezy who was visiting from Minnesota. This was her FIRST WOD! She loved it. 33 and change 35# KB Deadlifts and Rx row with Charli.

  14. 3 Kings (Andy, Kathy, Kaitlyn) – 25:45 RX

    SO much fun!!

  15. Nice job everybody, way to get after it today! 2 Dudleys, One Rower, and a Barbell @ 135#: 30:45

  16. Ben or CFNE staff. I’ve been trying to post on the comp blog, but my comments aren’t going thru. Am I doing something wrong?


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