Friday 11.15.13

The dream of every American crossfitter.

The dream of every American crossfitter.

Optimus Prime
Wall Balls (20, 14#)
EMOM 5 Deadlifts (225, 155#)

Workout starts with wall balls.
At the one minute mark complete 5 deadlifts.

Post scores to comments.

Move over Two Chains, Kev is in the house.

Move over Two Chains.


  1. Oh no. I’m so torn. This workout is called Optimus Prime so I have to do it. But wall balls can go f themselves. Goddammit, what do I do.

  2. Lára Vukson

    Oh wallballs. I love and hate you at the same time.

    AMRAP 7:
    Wall Balls (20, 14#)
    EMOM 5 Deadlifts (225, 155#)

    54. (10# Wall Ball. 125# to start, 3 rounds then down to 105#).

    Good to see you Megan! Happy Friday all.

    • Great job! I love that you got up, loved/hated/tossed balls around, posted and got home before me and the kids woke up.

  3. OP: 120 Rx

    3×30 BJs at 24″…all unbroken (although had to reset set 2 because I missed at 12…last set of 30 in 42 seconds)

    Anyone else yearning for Big Mike’s next chapter? I mean, I’m not of course, buuuuut, maybe others.

  4. Optimum Prime: 85 Rx

    2×30 + 1×29 box jumps (24″). Got no-repped by Dave “EC” Crabbe on one jump in the 3rd set.

  5. Optimus Prime: 116 Rx

    3×30 Box Jumps @ 24″. Best set 49 secs.

  6. Optimus prime: 52 (105#, 12# btw 9-10ft target)

    Fun class and warm up :). Happy Friday.

  7. Optimus Prime: 121 Rx
    Dave on one side and Ho on the other….just tried to hold on and not get schooled. Big first set and then just stay consistent in rounds 2-6. Finish round 6 of deads quickly and use all the time on the last round. Still coughing 2 hours later.

    • redemption

    • I heard that Fran cough! Nice job today. I think you owe the wallballs another chapter since you dominated them so thoroughly today… just sayin’

      • No, too busy….oh, wtf

        50 Shades: Redemption
        Chapter 3
        I went to bed last knowing that she’d be there in the morning….waiting, anticipating my hands, the tension, the raw power.
        When I walked in I saw her. She was sitting in a new place, out of the way, trying to be untouchable, top shelf. But nothing is untouchable for me. I hated that I had to climb up to get her but I took her aggressively and let her fall to the ground, just so she knew who was in charge.
        The foreplay got complicated. SMW was there, she wanted to play and had brought her own friend….”gotta get me some” she said. I set her aside and gave her what she needed even though her friend was a little light. It takes more than two to take me down.
        Now it was our time. I had brought some other tools to the party today. Things that I could manipulate…heavy things, dirty things (but not too dirty because they had a protective bio shield). There were others around me…a Ginger…soulless, and a Marine. Were they there to school me or get schooled.
        I took her in my grasp and for a solid minute I went unbroken, deep, thrusting, extending my reach, catching her as she returned from my thrust only to repeat. It seemed like an hour but it was only a minute. Then I left her, just for a moment, just to bring her to the edge. I was back, this time just trying to stay steady and each time I would bring her to the point of no return and take one step back.
        Then it was over. Time to fight to the end. It was glorious as I fell to the ground. The Marine, who had been watching fell beside me. “Hoo Raaah” he said. The Ginger, screamed at a baby….like I said-soulless.
        I could have put her back but I left her there. Today she was mine, my monument, my story, my victory.

    • Awesome score Big Mike….clearly a wheelhouse!

    • great job! i don’t know what i like reading more, your great score or the wallball porn below!

  8. Optimus Prime: 100 Rx
    3×30 Box Jumps @ 24″. 3rd set was ugly but got it done

  9. OP: 60 Rx plus several bleacher beach ball no reps.

  10. Michelene

    Optimus Prime: 53 (105 DL & 12 WB) I had a window spot and took a ball slam to the face on my first one. At least when you are under the window there is no way to cut corners on the standards, the ball will quickly let you know…

    • lmao – great job and thanks for taking the window – given the standards I was maintaining I would have two black eyes :). Have a good weekend.

    • I’m familiar with the window no-repping me.

  11. OP: after a fun med ball warm up I was crushed by this wod. I decided to do rx weight but I was defeated. After 2 rounds I went down in dead lift weight. That took a minute and I lost that round. My deads still took way too long and left me little time for wall balls. Oh well, I still had fun with the 5:30 am and all their trash talk. And my posterior chain still got worked

  12. Optimus Prime: 90

  13. OP: 72 205# 9′ WB
    Got 30 on the first round. Averaged 7 per round on the rest.

  14. Optimus Prime: 65 (135# DL) A few no-reps for height on the WBs . . . and too many times where I let it drop. Yuck.

    Box jump fun: 3 x 30 unbroken
    2 x 10 back squats: 135#, 145#

  15. 1. Optimus Prime – 130 Rx
    2. 3×30 UB 24″ Box Jumps – Complete

  16. Optimus Prime: 88 RX. Have a great weekend all!

  17. Optimus Prime- 51 RX

  18. Optimus prime: 89rx. (I wrote 90 on board, wishful mathing)–30, 13, 11, 10, 7, 7, 11
    3 x 30 (20″) bj

    I learned so much today, tks, Ben.

  19. OP: 85RX
    1x15Bj, 2x20bj

  20. 87 reps 105DL and 14# WB. Even better was that I kept the addition in my head and didn’t mess it up for once!

    Off to watch Bob and Saint in Portland this weekend for their partner WOD competition!!!

  21. OP – 100 Rx

    3 good Fails today:
    Strict Press 5RM 155# (failed on 5th rep)
    Strict Press 1RM 175# (failed but very close), got 170# easily right after
    Bench 5RM 240#
    Bench 1RM 270#

    DU – 98 unbroken in a min. Goal was 100 (soooo close!)

    10 rounds of 5 SQ Therapy/6 T2B

    • CFTH (CrossFit Treehouse) is open for business. No membership required.

      She’s loaded with a 15 foot rope, 52″ Rogue pull up bar, 20# WB with a 10′ target, 50# KB, 20″ and 24″ stump BJs, a 60# log for squats, a matt for burpees, and a concept rower. Upstairs is a cooler for post WOD protein shakes or adult beverages.

      Hope all our CFNE pals will come play with us.

      • The Death Star is operational. I’ve seen it and it’s legit. Word is that Castro is flying in next week to scope it out for 2014 Northeast Regionals. Nice work, JC!

      • soooo. i’m looking to move closer to CFNE in april… is your tree house for rent, is heat and hot water included? : P

      • JC that sounds BA man. Nothing like wodding it up outdoors lumberjack style haha. I’d be down for an outdoor wod.

  22. OP: 84 125# (10# WB)

  23. Kristin R

    Optimus Prime: 59 (105#, 10# WB). Maybe a few less, as I probably should have no-repped a few of those! Fun class today. Also – amazing treehouse! Hope Patrick is brushing up on his carpentry skills so we can get going on one…

  24. OP: 76 (135# DL, 14# WB)

    happy weekend!

  25. Optimus Prime (ish): 10 WB / round then abmat sit ups for the remaining time between DLs @ 185#.

    Ben, thanks for the mods and smarts this week. Feeling 100% back, and just in time for the Fenway Spartan Race tomorrow morning.

  26. Did yesterday’s WOD today

    Handstand Push-ups
    Chest to Bar Pull-ups
    16:32 Rx’d
    Not exactly wheelhouse for me but i’ll take it.

  27. Optimus Prime – 83 Rx (ugh)

  28. OP: 53 Rx. Would have crushed this wih a lighter DL and a beach ball!

  29. Optimus Prime: 121 Rx

    Morning Workout
    Strict Press: 5RM @ 135#, 1RM @ 155# (3# PR)

    Bench Press: 5RM @ 225#, 1RM @ 260#, 25 Reps @ 135#

  30. Heather V

    Optimus Prime – ???? Rx no clue… Lost count.

  31. Optimus Prime: 56 (125#, 14# wb to 9′)

  32. 10×1 OTM front squats 250
    Optimus: 132 Burpees instead of Deads
    3×30 Box Jumps….thanks for the help Harry!
    5×5 C2B Butterfly’s OTM

    Fun MC the Coaches WOD today! Great Job!

  33. Optimus Prime – 85 RX
    3×30 UB BJs – done (missed a couple sets in the 15-20 rep range–so frustrating!)

  34. OP-150 Rx

  35. OP 75
    12lb WB,125 DL

  36. Patti Jeanne

    OP 85 with 135lb dead.

  37. Hi CFNE community, thank you to everyone for taking me in over the past 2 weeks, it’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve loved every second of it! Thank you to everyone. I hope to see you all soon, take care and all the best.

  38. Optimus Prime Rx = 78 wall balls


  39. OP: 97 Rx

    90 rebounding box jumps for time (didn’t have the legs to get. 30 straight): 6:06

  40. Getting back to posting.
    Optimus Prime – 151rx

  41. Optimus 100 Rx

    3×30 box jumps.

  42. 70 to the 9′ and 93#. Back is feeling better.

  43. Maureen B.

    68 (125#)

  44. OP: 92 with 105# and 10# wb

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