Thursday 11.14.13

Jonah doing work in kids class. Get em Jonah!

Jonah doing work in kids class. Get em Jonah!

Handstand Push-ups
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

400m run after each round.

Post scores to comments.

Steve and Seth cleaning in unison. It's no big deal they were on the same synchronized swimming team in high school.

Steve and Seth cleaning in unison. It’s no big deal they were on the same synchronized swimming team in high school.

Coaches Corner with Coach Rachel

We all do our best to eat clean and healthy but we all know sometimes it gets difficult to find time to cook in our busy lives. I know, for me, if I do not cook on Sunday’s it throws off my whole week. Lately I have been trying to make a few easy meals that I can either put in the oven or slow cooker so I don’t have to be in the kitchen all day and feel like I’m wasting a Sunday. I am going to share my “go to” breakfast. If you ask Andrew at the front desk or any of the 6:30 am’ers they can attest to the fact that I eat this same breakfast every day of the week!

Egg Loafs and Sweet Potato Hash

What you need:

Egg Whites
Ham (or any meat you choose)
Olive Oil Spray
Sweet Potatoes
Bacon Fat

The Process:

Egg Muffins: (I use disposable mini loaf tins from Roach Bros and eat half a day, I make 3 for the week)

*Spray loaf tin with olive oil

*Put spinach and ham at the bottom of the tin

*Crack 4 eggs in each tin and fill the rest of the tin with Egg Whites

*Bake on 350 for about a half hour or until cooked through

Sweet Potato Hash:

*Dice 6 Sweet Potatoes (skin on is fine)

*Dice 2 onions (or be lazy like me and get the already cut onions from Trader Joes)

*Put onions and sweet pots into a pan with bacon grease (I save the grease from bacon I cook in an old coffee container and freeze it so that I have some for cooking)

*Stir frequently on low until potatoes are tender and add paprika and a little salt

Hope you enjoy this breakfast as much as I do!



  1. 15:32 (box HSPU, GBPU, row)

  2. Jug: 10:59 (1 ab m)

  3. Juggernaut: 12:05 Rx

  4. Juggernaut: 8:58

  5. JuggerNOT: 18:xx
    15-12-9 rep scheme
    Rx HSPU
    1 round of RX CTBs, then got frustrated and just did kipping

    Kind of a rough week. DT was awesome but it crushed me for the rest of the week. Will be sleeping well tonight!


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