Thursday 11.07.13

Dylan warms up with new CFNE log! Get it Dylan!

Dylan warms up with the new CFNE log! Get it Dylan!

***Remember today is bring a friend day! Yippee!***

The River Styx
1000m Row
Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)

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Congrats to Sarah Bell! Our Firebreather of the Month for October!

1. How did you get into Crossfit?

Doug had been at CFNE for about a year, and convinced me to give it a try. I had spent the previous 5 years losing all touch with “fitness”, jogging here and there when it wasn’t too hot or too cold out :)

2. What’s your favorite movement?

Handstand stuff

3. What’s your favorite WOD?

I don’t have a favorite…but I’ll say Grace since I actually had fun doing that one the other night!

4. What’s your favorite paleo meal?

I like when meat is over cooked and crunchy, or ground up…and mixed with something else, preferably in a way that changes it’s color :)

5. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Cinnamon bread with two big pieces of butter down one side…then folded in half and smooshed….and peanut butter M&Ms…is that a meal?

6. How does it feel to be one of the top three power couples at CFNE?

This is a ridiculous question.

7. What’s your favorite Yankee Candle scent?

Anything vanilla-y, especially vanilla lime and except lavender vanilla, which I think smells like those drawer potpourri packets.

8. You’re known for snapping your gum in class. What’s your favorite gum brand and flavor?

Trident strawberry lime. I used to chew the minty ones but I started this new flavor and I CAN’T stop.

9. Rumor has it you’re in the Natick Athletic Hall of Fame. Any truth to this rumor?

Yes…I feel very honored!

10. If you could be any person for one day who would you be? You cannot say yourself, you have to pick someone.

My 6 year old….I’d love to remember what it feels like to be a kid again!

11. Which one of your kids is your favorite? Why?

Tonight it was Casey because he asked me how my “exercises” went when I got home…kept his underpants dry while I was gone…and said “scabetti” instead of “spaghetti” like 10 times before bed, which I LOVE!

12. Nike, Reebok, or Adidas? Why?

Out of those 3, I guess Nike…but why can’t one of these brands make thin comfy t-shirts???


Sarah Bell’s 5 muscle ups



  1. Michelle

    Holy smokes! Heck ya Sarah!!!!

  2. Congrats Sarah, that 5th MU was awesome…

  3. Way to go Sarah!!

  4. Nice job, Sarah!!!

  5. Nice Sarah! You deserve and earned it! Congrats to one of the nicest, sweetest people at CFNE!!

  6. Ashley R

    Love Sarah Bell…awesome muscle ups and an awesome person!

  7. Nice Sarah!

    The River Styx: 10:14 with 53#
    HUGE 5:30 class!
    Happy Thursday everyone:-)

  8. The River Styx: 9:11 Rx

    Congrats Sarah B. I’m trying your cinnamon bread recipe for breakfast.

  9. The River Styx: 12:45 Rx

    Congrats Sarah!

  10. The River Styx – 10:00 (1 abmat sit up = 1 KBS)

    minor tweek with back on a jerk yesterday. huge mental battle with not doing KBS. picked 70# and swung a few in warm ups. may have been able to do KBS, but a victory for me in staying away.

  11. Michelene

    Congrats way to go Sarah B!!

    The River Styx – 10:22 (35#) I think that might have been the biggest group of mayhemmers yet!

  12. The River Styx (modified): 8:55 (50 cals on airdyne, 50# one-arm snatch, 24″ box jumps)

  13. 9:44rx

  14. The Bells rock!

    Starting construction today on the CrossFit Treehouse. Fully equipped with 16 foot rope climb, pull up rig, wall ball target, 24 and 20″ tree stump box jumps, KB, rower, and squat log! Oh yeah, and a treehouse and zip wire for the kids!

    Does anyone have a portable generator I can borrow for a few days. It will speed up the process, especially cutting all the wood? Thx.

    Once built, all are welcome for an outdoor WOD.

    • This is going to be AWESOME!

    • Big Mike

      My name is JC and I’m a CF-aholic…..
      If you answer yes to more than four of these questions, then please join me in my treehouse for meetings every Tues & Thus at 6 PM (don’t worry we’ll stretch and roll out so we can get to the 7:30 class in time).

      1) Have you ever decided to stop working out for a week, but only lasted a couple of days?
      2) Do you wish people would mind their own business about your working out?
      3) Have you ever switched from one CF box to another hoping that you could cherry pick a better workout?
      4) Have you had to have a 5 hour energy before a workout on a programmed rest day?
      5) Do you envy people who can work out and be late for work?
      6) Do your workouts cause problems at home?
      7) Do you ever scale up because Rx was simply not enough weight for you?
      8) Do you ever tell yourself you can stop working out any time you want, even though you keep doing HRPU’s during commercials of the CF Games on ESPN?
      9) Have you missed work, church, accordion practice because of workouts?
      10) Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you went back to a Globo-Gym?

      Writers note: So as not to be compared to Paul Rand, I was “inspired” by AA self survey. One that at certain times in my life I had to take. PR was three…so I’m good.

    • Rachel E

      Is this real life? Please tell me it is. And are girls allowed? Because I am working on a sweet (though perhaps not sturdy) rope bridge to contribute.

      • Rachel – As part of the original “Team Neon Snatch”, you have a lifetime pass to CFTH.

    • I have a portable generator you can use. Email me at

    • Brilliant and crazy

    • Ashley R

      I knew we should’ve bought that house on your block..damn Bob.

  15. The River Sucks: 9:47 Rx…woof

    OTM x 12 squat clean and jerk: 175

    2×3 back squat: 225, 245

    10×1 front squat: 225×5, 235×3, 245×2

    Legs are destroyed. I was shaking like a baby deer.

  16. The River Styx: 12:31 Rx. Running on an empty tank. Didn’t feel wonderful.

    OTMx12 squat C&J @ 125#

    2×3 back squat @ 175#, 195#

    10×1 front squat – 2@ 155#, 4 @ 165#, 4 @ 175#, which is apparently my new 1RM (by 2#).

    Thanks for asking me, Meg Fox!

  17. Big Mike

    The River Styx: 9:16 Rx

    Most appropriate WOD name ever. Styx was the river you needed to cross to get into Hell. This morning it was a 1000 meters wide and dropped me right onto Elm Street where I promptly deposited a lung.

    Can’t believe my 9:16 was the slowest time on lane 3. Great work by Bob and Saint. I’d like to think I warmed up the rower for them but not getting the set of 15 KBS unbroken as my undoing.

  18. The River Styx: 10:46 RX
    Thanks for people helping me slog through.

  19. Heather V

    The River Styx: 9:52 Rx

  20. Heather V

    Sarah B: so awesome! U r doing amazing!

  21. Colleen (OC)

    Sarah Bell is AWESOME!!!! Congrats lady!!!

    The River Styx: 12:30, 30# KB. Serious progress with the KB (despite the like, 10 times I had to stop because my shoulders were so fried!) Love the KB snatches – no back pain at all.

    Great job this morning Mayhemers- 38 people and NO ONE got whacked in the head with a KB!

  22. Rachel E

    Woohoooo! Congrats, Awesome Sarah Bell! Well-earned for sure.

    The River Styx: 11:52 Rx (that KB owned me for a little bit in round 1)

    OTM C&J x 12: 105#
    2 x 3 back squats: 155#
    Ran out of time on FS, booo work

  23. The River Styx: 11:02 Rx

  24. Craig B.

    River Styx: 8:38 rx

  25. The River Styx: 11:04 (35#)

  26. The River Styx: 13:19 (45#). I am mad at myself for taking too long a break during some of my kb swings. I hope we get to do this one again sometime soon so I can be faster.

  27. Chris M.

    1. The River Styx – 9:03 Rx (like drinking battery acid)
    2. SC&J (OTM12) @ 170#
    3A. Backsquat (OT2M) – 2×3 @ 285#/295#
    3B. Frontsquat (OT2M) 10×1 @ 285#

    … was folding like a lawnchair on the last one – tough fight.

  28. Patti Jeanne

    The river Styx 9:21 at 35 lbs

  29. The River Styx: 10:17 (45#)

    started to lose my form on the KBS. Thanks for the help Harry!

  30. Styx – 12:30 RX (but very questionable KB reps). Will do the C&Js and front/back squats this afternoon.

  31. The River Styx: 11:23 (53#)

  32. The River Styx 9:23 w/ a 44# bell.
    Speaking of bells, Sarah, you da bomb!

  33. River Styx: 9:59 Rx. This was my first time using a 53# bell in a workout. Great progression drills from Rachel and Ben beforehand helped so much with efficiency.
    Sara (am I right here that you don’t have the H? It’s important to get it right, Maxi), you are a better version of me, but what the hell can I expect as I only earned an honorable mention in the Cochituate Athletic Association H of Fame. I watched your mu video about 337 times.

  34. The River Styx: 10:43 (53#) – first wod in a week and a half, good way to shake the rust off

  35. Sarah nice job! No wonder your husband can’t stop talking about you in the mornings classes! It’s Sarah, Sarah, Sarah blah blah blah!

    Otm x 12 snatch 120
    Wod 8:14 RX
    Otm x12 squat C&J 175

    No friends in the 630 class! Hmmm!

  36. Ashley R

    9:31 44# KB.

    Brought my friend Jakie who thought everyone was wonderful! She def. felt the warm and friendly CF atmosphere :) She said she felt pretty lousy in the middle of the WOD..I told her that was normal :)

  37. Kristin R

    The River Styx: 11:45 (35#). Personal win today, as I managed to stay within shouting distance of Michelene on the row :)

  38. Ben Bergeron

    Sarah Bell!!!!!

  39. The River Styx: 10:50 rx – nasty workout
    My neighbor let me down on bring a friend day. Said he would come last week then pretended he wasn’t home when i rang his doorbell last night…

  40. River Styx – 9:18 Rx

    Post WOD –

    BSQ – 2 x 3 @ 245
    FSQ – 10 x 1 @ 195

  41. Congrats Sarah!

    River Styx: 9:47 Rx

  42. Susan Stein

    River Styx: 9:46 with 35# Russian swings due to shoulder problems. Still no going overhead.

    Congrats Sarah, so cool!

  43. denise sullivan

    Ye-ah Sarah….amazing!!!!!!!!!! You are one motivating athlete to watch.

    RS: 10:14 (only 26#) BUT worked on efficient KBs AND stronger on row than usual!

    Glad to be there this AM!

  44. River Styx – 9:38 Rx (KBS iffy, even with no reps)

  45. The River Styx- 14:23 RX

  46. Ken knudson

    Hotel WOD: NYC
    Bike intervals to max HR
    2×10 strict pull ups
    100 push-ups
    100 sit ups

  47. 7:40 rx

    2 cfne class workouts in the same week! Woo-hoo! That’s a win!

  48. Lára Vukson

    Nice Sarah!

    The River Styx: 11:37
    1000m Row
    Kettlebell Swings (26#)

  49. Lisa K-L

    The River Styx. 9:25 (26#). Awesome energy with the mayhemers!!!

  50. The river Styx: 9:34 RX


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