Thursday 11.07.13

Dylan warms up with new CFNE log! Get it Dylan!

Dylan warms up with the new CFNE log! Get it Dylan!

***Remember today is bring a friend day! Yippee!***

The River Styx
1000m Row
Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)

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Congrats to Sarah Bell! Our Firebreather of the Month for October!

1. How did you get into Crossfit?

Doug had been at CFNE for about a year, and convinced me to give it a try. I had spent the previous 5 years losing all touch with “fitness”, jogging here and there when it wasn’t too hot or too cold out :)

2. What’s your favorite movement?

Handstand stuff

3. What’s your favorite WOD?

I don’t have a favorite…but I’ll say Grace since I actually had fun doing that one the other night!

4. What’s your favorite paleo meal?

I like when meat is over cooked and crunchy, or ground up…and mixed with something else, preferably in a way that changes it’s color :)

5. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Cinnamon bread with two big pieces of butter down one side…then folded in half and smooshed….and peanut butter M&Ms…is that a meal?

6. How does it feel to be one of the top three power couples at CFNE?

This is a ridiculous question.

7. What’s your favorite Yankee Candle scent?

Anything vanilla-y, especially vanilla lime and except lavender vanilla, which I think smells like those drawer potpourri packets.

8. You’re known for snapping your gum in class. What’s your favorite gum brand and flavor?

Trident strawberry lime. I used to chew the minty ones but I started this new flavor and I CAN’T stop.

9. Rumor has it you’re in the Natick Athletic Hall of Fame. Any truth to this rumor?

Yes…I feel very honored!

10. If you could be any person for one day who would you be? You cannot say yourself, you have to pick someone.

My 6 year old….I’d love to remember what it feels like to be a kid again!

11. Which one of your kids is your favorite? Why?

Tonight it was Casey because he asked me how my “exercises” went when I got home…kept his underpants dry while I was gone…and said “scabetti” instead of “spaghetti” like 10 times before bed, which I LOVE!

12. Nike, Reebok, or Adidas? Why?

Out of those 3, I guess Nike…but why can’t one of these brands make thin comfy t-shirts???


Sarah Bell’s 5 muscle ups



  1. Ronda Rockett

    River: 9:13 rx
    1 C&J OTM x12 at 100#
    3×2 BS at 150#
    10×1 FS at 125
    I love working out:)
    I am so glad the Bergerons are back!

  2. Yea Sarah B, you are the best!

    River Styx: 9:00rx

    2×3 BS @ 175#
    1×10 FS @ 145#
    Form, form, form.

    • You were moving great today. Very gritty in the set of 15!
      It was fun having a front row seat.

  3. Tricia D

    YEAH Sarah B! Amazing job on the mu’s!!! In addition to being an amazing athlete, you def have the most infectious laugh and smile at cfne – congrats girl, much deserved!

  4. 10:48
    35# Kettlebell –wish I tried the 45#, talked myself out of it :(

  5. Congratulations Sarah!

    The River Styx – 11:27 45#. Put KB down a little more than I should have — and getting the sucker back up in the air takes a few swings.

  6. Just wanted to thank CFNE coaches, staff and all its members for an awesome bring a friend day. My little broski had a great time woddin with the nooners! In his words after the wod, “Dude I am spent, this place is badass.”

  7. The River Styx – 9:51 RX

    C&J OTMx12 – 115#
    (Did this 100% backwards):
    10×1 back squat – 195#
    2×3 front squat – 155#

  8. Sarah B – NICE JOB!! Love your smile and energy! And seriously for 5 years you really didnot exercise? Those muscle ups looked effortless. Once an athlete, always an athlete. Congrats!

  9. Amazing job Sarah!!!! Cheering for you from here! :)

  10. River Styx – 9:16 Rx
    SC&J OTM12 @175#
    BS 2×3 @285# (definitely getting stronger)
    FS 10×1 2 set @225, 8 sets @245 (these were a lot harder than expected post everything else)

  11. “River Styx” – 8:53 Rx’d

    12 X 1 Clean & Jerk @ 170#

  12. michelle

    Thrusters climbing otm12: 80-115#
    BS 155, 160
    FS 145/150?
    Cardio/ 9 ski erg/row/burpees

  13. Thanks everyone….I love this place! I get to work out with the nicest, most supportive, awesome people…I’m so lucky!!!

    • Big Mike

      Not to mention married to a guy with GREAT hair…..can’t believe we got all the way to 7:22 without a single mention.
      Does he have five unbroken MU’s?

  14. Jonathan M

    11:45,53# kb

  15. River Styx 9:40 RX’d

    Great watching Big Bri out of the corner of my eye. Blazing!

  16. jared s.

    River Styx: 8:08 rx. Bs: 2×3@ 245. Fs: 10×1@ 245

  17. Nicole D

    Nice job Sarah B!! Well deserved!!

    River Styx: 11:08 (45#)

    Wow that was ugly.

  18. River Styx: 11:31 with 35#,I think, not even sure of the time to be honest.

    I get to have a proud moment though: after more than a year of listening to myself, my sister and the Dude talk about CrossFit, I finally got my mom to the box for a workout tonight. So proud of her – 57 years old and crushing WODs. Think she finally gets it.

    Amazing 6:30 class Max – so many “friends”, and just an inspiring lesson for everyone – veteran or newbie – about what we do here at CFNE.

    Love this place.

  19. The River Styx: 11:10 Rx. Kept questioning myself on grabbing the 70# KB for the first time. Sometime you gotta say what the… So glad I did it.

    Good time at the 5:30. Sorry for the 1st frame in rowling, Big Bri.

  20. Annmarie

    The River Styx: 10:52 35KBS

    Casey – hope you’re feeling better!!

  21. Christian

    The River Styx – 8:42 rx

    Freddy, by any other name… Loved this one EVEN with my intense hatred of all things C2.

  22. River Styx 11:10 53#

  23. 12:57 (53#)

    Spent a lot of time staring at the spot on the floor where I was going to do burpees. And by the end of River Styx I realized that I really-really-really hate burpees.

    Great picture of Twinsies Meg-Geoff! Shoes must be the hardest items to coordinate!

    P.S.: Nice to see Tony & Amie(sp?) back at 7:30pm! Also congratulations on buying a house!!!

  24. The River Styx – 12:48 Rx

    Felt pretty disappointed when I wrote my 17-minute time on the board, and thennnnnn I remembered that I’m a dummy and had forgotten I started at 5 mins…psh, idiot. On the bright side, it’s the first time I didn’t finish dead last in a really, really long time, so I got that going for me.

    Anyway, another great class with the whole 7:30! Maxy baby, you’ve been killin’ it!

    • The River Styx: 12:27 (30#)

      So glad you posted about the 5 min delay because when I noted my time, I was also disappointed. Completely forgot about that. :)

  25. The River Styx – 10:04 RX

  26. The River Styx: 9:45 (35#)

  27. 10:15 scaled to 53#

    Thanks all, I’ll be posting my scores more often. I Love the programing and reading all the posts.

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