Wednesday 11.06.13

John G. making the hurdle look effortless. It's gotta be the shoes...or maybe it's the 2XUs...or it could be the knee it's his socks...gotta be his socks.

John G. making the hurdle look effortless. It’s gotta be the shoes…or maybe it’s the 2XUs…or it could be the knee sleeves…no it’s his socks…gotta be his socks.

Weightlifting Wednesday

Clean Complex
5 sets of:
1 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
1 Jerk

Post loads to comments.

Braatz is determined...determined to kick butt! Mission accomplished Braatz.

Braatz is determined…determined to kick butt! Mission accomplished Braatz.

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  1. Clean Complex: 175, 185, 195, 205, 215 (failed jerk)

  2. 11.2 from yesterday: 7 + 16 @ 225#

    10×2 hang squat clean: 135, 155, 165×4, 175x 4

    Clean complex from today: 135 across…working form on jerks so kept it light.

  3. Clean complex – to 120# – failed at 125#.
    more to come this afternoon…

  4. Clean complex: 135/155/165/175/185

  5. Rachel E

    Lookin’ good, John G!

    Clean complex: 95/105/115/125/125
    Forgot to post yesterday: 10 x 2 hang squat cleans at 105#

  6. Clean complex: 95/115/135/155/175. everything felt really solid. Jerks are push presses, this will come around with time.

  7. Big Mike

    Clean Complex: 135-185, failed 195# jerk

  8. Heather V.

    Clean complex: 105/115/125/125/135
    MU practice…
    Fun having Rachel E in the 5:30am this week!

  9. Clean Complex: 135-165
    10 Muscle ups
    5X5 Push Press 115#

  10. Michelene

    Clean Complex: 65/75/80/85/90

  11. Sarah S.

    Clean Complex: 55-85#, wasn’t feeling the split jerk today, so did push jerks.

    Great lifting with Michelene and Alison today!

  12. BCC: worked up to 95#.
    Kept it at 95 to not compromise form too much

    Thanks for all the tips kathy

    Butterfly practice: 5 OTMx10
    These feeling much better! Fun!

  13. Tricia D

    Great photos!

    Have to post this – my daughter is learning about nutrition this week in preschool (of course entirely different than our nutrition :). I saw on the board today they had asked her what her favorite healthy food is – next to her name it says “chicken wings.” This would be the paleo buffalo chicken wings we have on Fridays. Love this kid.

  14. Clean complex: followed Ho’s lead today. 135# across…worked form on jerks so kept it light. Picked up lots of good cues from Kevin and Harry today. Time well spent.

    3 Rounds of:
    30 Cals on Airdyne
    30 Cals Rowing
    30 DUs
    400m Run

    Goat work: 10 x 5 T2B. Working on kip.

  15. Big Clean Complex

    115,135, 145, 155, 165, 165

    Worked on Split Jerk 135 4X

    Thanks Nancy and Renee for letting the only guy in 9:30 join. You both pushed hard. Well done.

  16. 85-110#, but failed the jerk. Then I failed the clean at 110# when I tried to redo. Practiced keeping arms locked until pockets in backroom. Work to be done.

    • Amy Brooks

      You still rock. And I used our video to help teach kids what a clean was!

  17. clean complex- 135,155,185,205,215

  18. Did this one at a box I coach at… making my way back to CFNE soon!!! But for now, I`ll live vicariously through your WODS.

    120#, 125#, 130#, 135#, 140#, failed at 145#-cleaned it, squatted it, couldn`t jerk it :(. Next time! :)

  19. Jonathan

    Clean Complex: 135#
    5 Rounds:
    5 Wall squats
    10 GHDSU
    20 Shoulder Taps

  20. Clean Complex: 155,165,175,185,195 failed jerk.

  21. Clean Complex – 115# to 160# (failed jerk 165)

    should have focused on valsalva during failed jerk, indicator was elbows dropping into press too early because column was not strong.

  22. Kristin B.

    Clean complex: 95# to 135#

  23. Nicole D

    Clean Complex: 95, 100, 105, 110, 115

    TTB after class: 5 OTM x 10

  24. Clean complex: 135, 155, 175, 195, 215, then a 225 pull for dramatic effects…

    Great working with you Steve.


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