Sunday 11.03.13

Kathy looking RIPPED!

Kathy looking RIPPED!

Open Gym

Come one come all!


  1. Ashley R

    Go Kathy! Awesome picture!

  2. YES Kathy! So hot. So badass.

  3. Badass!

  4. Wow….told you! You look Ahhh mazing!!!

  5. Welcome to the gun show! Sweet Kathy!

  6. Fierce!

  7. Holy shit, Kathy is an animal.

  8. Total beast! That pullup rig doesn’t stand a chance.

  9. Michelle

    Strong and beautiful!

  10. Awesome pic Kathy!!!

  11. “And that is how it’s done”. Damn what a great pic!

  12. Who’s that hottie?!

  13. WOW!!Determination pays off!!!

  14. Kathy! Love it.

  15. Colleen (OC)

    Open Gym, aka: Goat Day

    Worked on the snatch balance (15#, 25#, taking it back to elements here) Don’t know how many I did, but they felt better as I progressed (thanks for the tips Harry)

    Odd: 3 HSPUs (one abmat, but only because the big gymnastics mat wasn’t rolled out)
    Even: 12 double unders (meh)

  16. That photo sums up all the hard work you have put in!! You are amazing!!

    Love to see the masters photos on the site! So much hard work was put in!!

    Can’t wait to be back to CFNE tomorrow!!

  17. Open gym 9-11. Why are these people showing up when it is almost 11 ? Oh, never mind.

  18. 400M OTM X 7: 1:18, 1:22, 1:22, 1:24, 1:24, 1:25 & 1:21

  19. 5 Butterfly pull-ups/10 Box Jumps otm for 10 min – Fun working with Melinda and Susan.
    Max # Buttefly-pull ups – 14
    Muscle up transition work – thanks again Harry!

    Thank you for all the postive comments – such a great community! :)

  20. Big Mike

    20m OTM: Bench Press/Front squat (135#)
    Thanks for thinking something up Saint

    Also got 10 DU’s this morning. Yes, 2+ years in….

  21. KickASS pic of Kathy!

    3 rep heavy/10 rep heavy back squat
    Think I should have gone a bit heavier – next time.

    3 X 50 DU unbroken.

  22. Kathy, you always look great!! Your hard work pays off!!

  23. Yo Kathy–lookin good!!

    Couples workout: with Lisa(who else)
    1000 meter row
    1 mile run
    Bench press. Worked up to 145#
    OTM toes 2 bar. 4-5 reps. 10 minutes

  24. Moral support for Toni and friends doing Grace, PT and mobility work, 5 reps wall therapy/ 20 reps ab mat sit up OTM 10

  25. Kathy- that’s a great photo!


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