Saturday 11.02.13

Our fearless leader...WOLVERINE!!!

Our fearless leader…WOLVERINE!!!

6 rounds of:
400m Run
20 Burpees
20 Pull-ups

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Halloween at CFNE

The 8:30am! Mick looks like he could actually be Thor.

The 8:30am! Mick looks like he could actually be Thor.

The 5:30am and 6:30am. Mmmmmmm Braatz looks delicious.

The 5:30am and 6:30am. Mmmmmmm Braatz looks delicious.

The meanest PB&J I've ever seen...yikes don't wanna see these in a dark alley...actually give me a big glass of milk and I'll be ok.

The meanest PB&J I’ve ever seen…yikes don’t wanna see these guys in a dark alley…actually give me a big glass of milk and I’ll be ok.


Captain America, he saves the world and still makes it home for his afternoon nap.

Captain America, he saves the world and still makes it home for his afternoon nap.

The 6:30pm. Steve didn't get the fun pose memo.

The 6:30pm. Steve didn’t get the funny pose memo.









  1. In Texas for 3 days… Was gonna take 3 days of rest (this body needs it) and right across the street from my hotel is north Plano crossfit. Can throw a damn stone at it. Yup, took the 430 pm class. 5 days on and ready to rest!

    20 min emom
    Odd: 10 kbs 35#
    Even KTE

    I switched to pull ups after about 7 rounds on kte bc back not happy

    Appreciate CFNE when away!

  2. Colossus: 29:57 Rx

    Saint, Bob and Mike G fast as hell.

  3. Colossus: 33:49 Rx…woof

    Fun chasing Mike Rich and Andy…August 2012 Elements for life. Equally fun making sure Rachel E. didn’t catch me. Come on, Rach, step up the game.

  4. Heather V

    Colossus: 27:12 Rx

  5. Colossus: 31:11 Rx

  6. Rachel E

    Colossus: 34:11 Rx

  7. Colossus: 32:54 Rx

  8. Colossus: 31:24 Rx. Colossal fail on pull ups rounds 2-6, but really enjoyed every second of this WOD. Great 7:00 am group.

  9. Michelene

    Colossus: 38:10 Rx

  10. Colossus: 31:20 Rx

  11. Colossus: 29:52 Rx

  12. Colossus: 34:19 Rx

  13. Colossus: 27:39 Rx

    That last round of burpees took me to a dark place i havent visited in a while. Had to do it to hold off Eugene.

  14. 5×3 front squats 225
    3×5 OHS 155
    Colossus: 26:54

    I’ve said this before but the coaching at CFNE is simply World Class. Max that little tip mid WOD on the BFly was money! Banging 20 unbroken Pullups 3 round was awesome! Haven’t smiled like that in a long time! Which is saying something! Thank you!

    Great Job 8am!

    • Yeah Neeb that was pretty amazing. Awesome work.

      Max why don’t share that tip with everybody. Not cool to play favorites with Neeb.

  15. Collossus: 29:54 rx.

  16. Colossus: 36:10 Rx

  17. Colossus 28:00 rx

    Cam on fire. Then neeb funding another gear round three. And could not get Dave. Fun day.

  18. Michelle

    Colossus: 33:39rx. Fun morning! This wod really brought out the smack talk / big push from the group. Allie p, You rocked it!

  19. Colossus 38:01 subbed Rowing for running 20 pullups and burpees 1st round. scaled 15 pull-ups and burpees on the rest.

  20. Colossus 33:32 fun! hard!

  21. Colossus – 31:59 RX
    Thanks for the pre-WOD pep talk Ronda!!

  22. Colossus (special version): 10 rounds, option 1 (200/10/10) 30:52. Perfect modification for me, thanks Max.

    Great pictures!

  23. Colossus: 36:42, alternate 400m row with 30 cal airdyne (which is actually double the amount of time it takes me to row…so that only means one thing: row slower), kbs became russian kbs or abmat sit ups…..Crossfit A.D.D.

  24. Colossus: 26:something (10 butterfly PU attempts per round)

  25. Colossus – 30.09 Rx

    Post WOD
    EMOM 20
    Even 8 FSQ @ 135#
    Odd 8 Bench @ 155#

    Today was a lot harder than I expected. 160 reps after Colossus was nasty. Nothing left in the tank after a solid week.

    Thx Rasheed for looking out for me on the last few sets.

  26. Colossus’s Cousin 26:09 400m row, 20 Rkbs @ 35#, burpees

    Felt really good on the burpees 😀 Row to RKBS was tough on the derriere.

  27. Collosus- 31:03 rx. I’ll call that a win after failing the warm up after complete leg implosion at Monday’s class :)

  28. Catching up on posts

    Thursday BS 10×1 5@275 5@285 (almost on the minute), 2×3 FS 205 (first time in 2 months fast but wrist limited), Snatch Complex to 115, Isabel 4:26 Rx PR

    Friday Dl to 2×355, Diane 3:58 Rx (first time doing HSPU in a month), 1 mile “run” with 100lb sandbag (hell) 18:26, MUs 1 strict 1 kipping OTM 15 minutes

    Saturday Collossus 25:38 Rx

    Feels like i’m getting some momentum back in the training. looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

  29. Scaled/subbed Colossus at the track:
    10 pushups
    10 burpees

    Still took 22:00. Ugh. Need to get back at it.

  30. Colossus 29:43

  31. Colossus (modified): 22:37 (12 GHD sit-ups / 20# WB Squats)


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