Friday 11.01.13

Just two Marines hanging out.

Just two Marines hanging out.

Deadlift (225,155)

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Well, hello ladies...

Well, hello ladies…

What’s happening at CFNE? I’m glad you asked!

  • It’s November! Let’s take a look at our monthly goals for October and set some new S.M.A.R.T. goals for November
  • Have you been losing clothes at CFNE? Might be time to check the lost and found. Don’t want to? Totally fine, I’ll just wear every article of clothing and jump into a sauna. Actually that sounds terrible, please pick up your stuff from the lost and found.
  • Looking to improve your Olympic lifts? Heck yes you are! Well you’re in luck! November 9th Rick Stebbins is coming to CFNE for an Oly Workshop from 4pm-7pm. The price is $130 per person and will be capped at 10 people. The first ten people who email me at will get a spot. This is a great chance to work in small group with an awesome coach. Click HERE for more information about Rick.
  • The Red Sox won The World Series in case you’ve been living under a rock (I’m looking at you Patrick Star…little Spongebob humor).
  • Did you miss Grace yesterday? Looking for something fun to do on Saturday? Head down to Reebok Crossfit One for the Pink Bra Tour!

Here’s some information about Saturday at Reebok Crossfit One:

WHEN:                  November 2nd , 9am – 1pm (yes, we added an hour!)

WHERE:                Reebok CrossFit ONE (1895 J.W. Foster Blvd, Canton, MA)

WHO:                    All CrossFit owners, coaches, members, kids, friends, and all loved ones!

WHAT:                  In addition to setting a Grace PR, participants can:


·         Meet, greet and thank the Barbells for Boobs team as they wind up their cross country tour!

·         Shop for Reebok CrossFit gear, including official Barbells for Boobs™ apparel!

·         Be entered into a raffle for a $250 outfitting in Reebok CrossFit gear!

·         Enjoy lunch with Paleo Power Meals – they’ll be serving fresh paleo friendly meals on site!

·         Cheer on your kids as they compete in a “Burpee Grace” heat at 11:30am!

·         Bid on some fantastic silent auction prizes (hint: a ball signed by our reigning World Series MVP!!) and more!


A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Barbells for Boobs cause and help saves lives through the early detection of breast cancer regardless of one’s age, gender, or ability to pay!  One last exciting announcement – the affiliate with the most members competing in the Grace WOD will win $1,000 in Reebok CrossFit gear.

The opening ceremony starts at 9am sharp.  Grace heats will begin running at 9:30am and every 15 mins after. Anyone interested in throwing down is welcome join us — RX or scaled.  Individuals and teams can reserve their heat times at the event starting at 8:30am or by e-mailing


  1. Two very cute Marines!!
    Who is the little guy?

  2. J.Hobart

    The Ali-Trina mix up is pretty awesome.

  3. Diane: 11:59 Rx (2:49 PR since April)…maybe my most frustrating WOD. Once the HSPU go, they just goooooo. Couple of sweet face plants towards the end. Humbling.

    Muscle Ups OTM x 15: all singles except 2 sets of 2…good to string a couple together

  4. Diane: 7:57 (205#) (PR by 1:38 and 1 abmat)

  5. Diane: 12:01 (205#)

  6. Diane: 13:11 (205#) (PR by 50# and 1 abmat, about :10s slower)

    DL are such a struggle. But I was surprised when I looked at my weight from last time… I suppose I’ve made some good progress. Thanks to Eddie for being patient while I eeked out each rep!

  7. Love the Marines photo!

    Diane: 12:30ish (almost made this RX, failed the last four HSPU) Last time I did this: 7:29 with two abmats so there is a BIG difference going to RX. DL were all unbroken.

  8. Diane: 7:02 Rx. Last spring, I had an abmat at 135# and was 1:29 slower. Harry, I can’t thank you enough for continually walking the Mayhemers through the kipping HSPU progression. It is such a great feeling to beat down a goat and turn it into a strength.
    Kate S, thank you for keeping me humble with your 3:30 Rx. Wow.

  9. Colleen (OC)

    Diane: 7:49, 105# and RX HSPUs (9-6-3 reps). I put 9:49 on the board, but I forgot that I started at the 2 minute mark!

    OK, that being said, I totally should have done more reps on the HSPUs! (Last time I did this weight with Diane, I finished in 11 minutes and used 2 abmats though!)

    • Colleen (OC)

      Wait… no, that’s not right. 9:49. I finished at 11:49 and did subtract my 2 minutes. So the board is right. I need more sleep!

  10. Michelene

    Diane: 9:14 with 115#(10# PR) & 9-6-3 w/1 AM – the last few HSPUs were more like attempts.

  11. Heather V.

    Diane: 12:12 Rx, 1st time Rx, I will take it!
    Need to remember to explode w/ the legs – had a few no reps that I had to redo and when I used my legs it was sooo much easer.

  12. Diane: 8:26 Rx (PR); back held up and felt good.

    MUs OTMx15: All singles except linked doubles on last two rounds. Managed to keep things symmetrical today (i.e. no chicken wings). Progress.

  13. Craig B.

    Diane: 3:38 rx

  14. Diane: 7:39 rx (3:03 PR Boom!)

  15. Michelle

    Diane: 4:46rx. Pr by :20
    Neeb come to 8:30 all the time.

  16. Sarah S.

    Diane: 9:49 with 105# deadlift and I think 5-3-2 Rx HSPU. Time would have been faster but there were a lot of failed reps on the HSPU, hence the wacky scale.

    • Colleen (OC)

      What? We had the exact same time with the same weight??? Hilarious!

  17. Diane: 7:52 RX

  18. Rachel E

    Diane: 15:09 (135#)

    First time doing Rx HSPUs in a WOD (used 2 abmats for Diane in April) — thanks for your support, 6:30! (Oh, and patience…haha)

  19. 8:54
    135# deads, knees are sore
    Knees on box hspu

  20. Chris M.

    1. Diane – 5:55 Rx (0:21s off PR pace)
    2. EMOM – 15 – 3 unbroken kipping MU’s
    All rounds complete except R14 – failed on 3rd rep

    … committed to establishing a kipping HSPU – doing these strict is not helping my time …

  21. Diane: 8:43 RX/PR by 1:12

  22. Diane: 4:26 Rx (5 min PR)

    First time I’ve ever done 21 HSPUs unbroken. Thanks for the push Neeb!

  23. Diane – 7:41 Rx

  24. Jonathan M

    Diane: 6:51(205#,pike hspu)..need to get on that wall next time hspu come up

  25. Diane-6:49–1:44 PR!!!
    225# Deadlift and Push Ups

  26. Diane: 6:52 Rx (5 min PR). Good progress. Thanks to the speedsters (Neeb, Michelle, and LJ) who surrounded me and helped me finish.

    Post WOD 5×5 Strict Press (140#)

    Max DU’s in 1 min: 88 (5 rep PR)

  27. Diane: 4:45 RX

    8 rounds of 1-3 Mu’s with Squat Therapy!

    Lots of great stuff happening at 8:30 today! Must of been all the candy!

    Rachel great job coaching too! Stuff wouldn’t happen without the world class coaching of CFNE!

  28. Diane: 7:11rx (first time doing)

    Rowing: 8 Rounds of:25 on, :35
    3 Rds: 20 second L-Sit, 20 GHDSU, 20 KBS@53#

    Love, love, love Millie and Harry pic.
    Tx 9:30 crew too!

  29. Diane: 9:46 Rx.

  30. Diane: 10:17 (145#, HSPU with 24″ box)

    Done in memory of my wife Diane.

  31. “Diane” – 9:36 Rx’d (4:42 PR). Slowly but surely beating back my old nemesis Diane. Thanks for the cues, Rach!

  32. Diane: 8:something @ 185# DL and 9-6-3 HSPU (35#plate+mat).

    HSPUs are coming along. Fun to at least do some in a WOD.

    5×5 Squat / Bench / Bent Rows

    Lively 8:30 bunch today to say the least. Amazing to see some finishing just as I was starting. Impressive. Good to be back after a week in the city that never sleeps, but does eat and drink a little too much. Today begins Paleo-vember!! It’s on!

  33. “Diane”: 5:49 (225, 7-5-3 HSPUs). 1st time doing Rx HSPUs. Will go for more next time.

  34. Patti Jeanne

    Diane 5:36 135# and box hspu. Ready to move up in weight and go back to abmat hspu.

  35. Ronda Rockstar

    From tears to cheers!!!!!!

    Mod Diane: 145# DL and HSPU with one matt (9, 6, 3): 10:53

    Felt so disheartened during HSPU, such an effort then suddenly while everyone was cheering for me (they were all finished long before me) I started linking kipping HSPUs. Got second and 3rd sets straight. Great thanks to Harry and Mick for teaching and encouraging me today.

    Nutrition: PERFECT since Ben’s talk on Monday

  36. Diane – 10:00 RX
    Once those HSPU go, they’re gone!

  37. Diane: 6:53 (115#, 9-7-5 HSPU). Rx HSPU for first time, also the first time kipping. Unbroken first two sets. Thanks Harry for helping me learn the kip, and for encouraging me to try these Rx.

  38. Diane – 9:47 at 225# and band assist HSPU (full range of motion)

  39. Ashley R

    I love mini Tam Millie with cute!

    Diane: 75# front squat 21/15/9 kip hspu 12/9/6 10:01. My days of deadlifts may be over :(

  40. Diane: 9:00 at 135# and HSPU attempts/practice handstands.

    HSPU are a work in progress. Considering the fact that I’ve never done a successful cartwheel in my life, this is a move I need to work on. Thanks Harry for all your help today!

  41. Diane – 8:53 Rx
    Blew up on the HSPUs. On the bright side, got a pr of 17 straight in the first round; not so much after that. Good group today at Noon. Thanks Rachel!!

  42. Ken knudson

    Diane: 6:35 rx (3 minute PR)

    Great to see the giant leaps of progress with so many on this. Great job.

  43. Diane: 13:08 (125#, 1 ab mat)

  44. Nicole D

    Diane: 12:43 (125#)

    Thanks for the encouragement 5:30!! Needed that for the last set of HSPU.

  45. Kristin B.

    Diane: 9:15 w/155# and a plate w/ab mat. Got the set of 21 and 9 dreads straight, HSPUs were not pretty.

  46. diane: 10:58 135# (25# pr) 2-3 abmats.

  47. Diane 8:04 Rx
    MUs OTM 2×10
    It was a great friday night class. Good work everyone.

  48. Dianeish: 7:34 125# DL, 5 full body push ups, rest off knees. G.O.A.T.

    5:30 was SO inspiring tonight! Everyone was kicking Diane’s BUTT!


  49. Andrew bucher

    4:07 RX. First time doing it.

  50. “diane”
    5:31 Rx


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