Thursday 10.31.13

Our high school kids are not only great athletes but pretty good at working the camera too.

Our high school athletes are super artsy. Great pic taken by Brent.

Happy Halloween! Remember to wear your costume or pink OR your pink costume to class today! If you’d like to donate to Barbells for Boobs please click HERE. Also, we’ll have the donation box in the gym today so feel free to drop a couple bucks in before or after class.

30 Clean and Jerks (135, 95#)

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Rasheed = Bad A$$

Rasheed = Bad A$$


  1. grace 3:57 rx not beastly but felt good

  2. had trouble focusing today between sleep deprivation, red sox beer goggles that i was wearing, shiny things, leather things and sparkling things.. Ronda can i help you fold laundry tonight?

  3. I haven’t posted in awhile (other than the obvious daily post for the WOD). I wanted to answer Ronda’s question of what happened today. So many PRs, so much improvement, how does this happen? Well it’s because we’ve all bought into the program. We know that eating clean and working hard will translate into faster times and overall better fitness. When a workout like Grace comes up this is magnified. Not only that but days like today the community of CFNE shines at it’s brightest. There’s something about a “light your hair on fire” sprint that gets all of us going and makes us cheer louder for our classmates. I got chills so many times today watching our members leave it all on the floor then peel themselves off that very floor to cheer on other members who were finishing. People ask me if I miss teaching. I miss parts, mostly the kids (because let’s be serious I am a big kid and probably won’t be growing up anytime soon…sorry Kate). What I’m getting at is I don’t miss it when I’m at CFNE. This place is so special I can’t put it into words. Ben has created this place and you all have run with it and made it what it is today. Great job today CFNE.

  4. Grace: 3:59 Rx ( 1st time)
    Thanks for the push Rachael.

  5. 4:58 Rx – First time doing Grace in my almost 3 years CrossFitting! Can’t complain!

  6. 3:55rx

    50 seconds faster, 20# heavier than a year ago. First time RX.

  7. Nicole D

    Grace: 3:56 (85#)

    Last time I did Grace was a year ago, second class out of elements. Used 35# and took 4:28. So a 50# and 32 second PR. Amazing what a year can do.

  8. Jenny "jfo"

    Grace 2:54 Rx PR

  9. Maureen B.

    Grace: 5:49 (85#) this wod is one of my worst goats ever, failed a few, but did this a year ago at 60# in 4:11

  10. Not so Grace(ful) 2:20 85# Power Cleans

    Still not going overhead and tweaked the good old achilles this weekend. Would have liked to see my 95# PC time, but I figured going 85# would “help” the achilles…We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

    Great 6:30pm Pink/Costume crew! Happy Halloween CFNE!

  11. 3:23RX 33 secs off PR.. Great to see everyone crush this today!!

  12. Grace: 3:31 (65#). 10# and :14 pr


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