Wednesday 10.30.13

R.I.P. beard...I'll remember you as you were...full and luscious.

R.I.P. beard…I’ll remember you as you were…full and luscious.

Weightlifting Wednesday

5×1 3 Position Snatch
1st Position – Hang
2nd Position – At knee
3rd Position – Mid-shin but off the ground

Post loads to comments.

Frozen, Mike G, and Daigle. I wish I had a sweet nickname like Frozen. If you could pick your nickname what would it be?

Frozen, Mike G, and Daigle. I wish I had a sweet nickname like Frozen. If you could pick your nickname what would it be?

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Coaches Corner with Coach Heather

People could look at my life as it’s spanned out over the last ten to fifteen years and call it dysfunctional: damaged goods, loaded with baggage, selfish.

Damaged: grew up with a full-blown eating disorder (that you never really psychologically heal from), married to a really great guy that ended up in a divorce after ten years, and not for nothing…I’m really just not all that bright when it comes down to it.

Baggage: two kids that I now share with that guy, degrees and grad school loans that I’ll owe money on for years (and, doing NOTHING professionally related to that now), parents whose health is rapidly declining because they aren’t willing to listen to what I know would make them live longer happier lives.

Selfish: constantly turning down Level 1 seminars Castro asks me to work because I don’t feel like working them, dragging my poor kids around to hoouuurrrss of training so I can stay at a competitive level (including missing school drop-off because it conflicts with team training), forcing Jonah to listen to my country music all the time even though all he wants to listen to is the stuff that his friends listen to.

But, the thing is: I know that all of this stuff has the right intentions backing it up.

Having successfully recovered from an eating disorder has, strangely, given me a really healthy relationship with food. I purely lucked out with my ex-husband. He really is a great, great guy and one of the best fathers I have, literally, ever met. Simply put, I lucked out because I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have the fairy tale relationship that I now have with Ben if it weren’t for Alex. And, me being a dumb jock somehow makes most people feel really comfortable with me. No judgement, because I have no defense if anyone ever judged me.

The schedules our kids have to keep because they have two families now is something that I really believe makes us all stronger, more resilient, and able to see how lucky we are. We have this uncanny ability to talk ourselves into believing our lives are actually better because we’re a broken family: our kids get endless holidays and birthday celebrations, we never need babysitters because there’s a whole other family to watch each others kids whenever we need them to, the kids have double the number of eyes watching over them making sure NOTHING falls through the cracks, they have twice as many role models teaching them how to live life the right way, and we’ve got four layers of parents’ patience to work through before we all start becoming “bad” parents.

The schooling I’m paying for (Accounting, English, Philosophy) helps give me CrossFit-syle ammo to go at life with. My background is broad and inclusive; I’m not great at anything, but I’m above average at everything. I just wish it wasn’t such an expensive route that took me to where I ended up.

My parents’ health is just something that I really wish was not a reality. Worse than their health, though, is their non-urgent and unfortunately lazy approach to improving it. All I can say about it at this point is it motivates me to keep myself and my family healthy. It’s a never-ending mental battle that I hope they just ultimately luck out with.

I will say this: I am selfish with not wanting to work but it is SIMPLY because I cannot get enough time with my kids and husband. I love the hour or two that I coach classes every day, but one thing I know now that two of my kids are getting older is that it really does go by faster than you think it will.

I told Castro this point blank this weekend: I decline seminars he offers me knowing that I’m actually totally available on those weekends. What’s up with that? Here’s what it is: I LIVE for weekends with my family. Ben knows that weekends are “non-separation” days. We just don’t separate from each other all weekend. We drive in the same car. We all go to the grocery store together. We sit through each other’s workouts, waiting, when we could be doing something far more productive. Castro knows that when this is no longer sustainable, then I’ll be good to go for wearing the red shirt more often.

The hours my kids sit through training IS half so I can keep competing (even though two of them are, technically, old enough to stay home instead), and half because I want them to see what hard work really looks like. I want Maya to see why being strong and athletic is more bad-ass than being skinny. I want Jonah to know there is a time and a place for Missy Elliot and Limp Bizkit. I want Bode to think that playing involves moving around and not just staring down a computer or tv screen.

And, this one may be a reach, but I really believe that Jonah’s exposure to all different kinds of music on a regular basis will make him one of those cool kids that actually likes “all different kinds of music”, not just one of those dudes that just says he does when asked, “What kind of music do you like?”. I can’t stand those people.

If you’ve actually stayed with me for this long, I’m shocked. But, here’s what it comes down to. I’m honest with myself. I know what I’m made up of. I know it’s some good and a whole lotta’ bad. But, it’s what I do with the bad that I can use to my advantage.

At the end of the day I’m asking myself this question: did I make decisions today for the right reasons or for the wrong. When you’re consistently doing things for the right reasons, it starts feeling like you’re livin’ the dream.

Plain and simple.








  1. Why no T-Bone?
    Because Neil Watson from accounting is T-Bone!

  2. Greetings,
    I have often been asked and just as often bragged about the weight I have lost since joining CFNE. Nearly 40 pounds, 4 inches around the waist and 1¾ inches around the neck. Well I got some good news today. I don’t often go to the doctor,usually only when things are wrong but I’ve committed to do so now that I am 51 y/o.
    When I did go to the doctor a little more than a year ago I was told that my cholesterol was dangerously high, off the charts.I lived in the denial that this was not an issue and struggled to bring it down on my own. Just before joining CFNE my total Cholesterol was measured at 258 and the Doctor insisted that I must begin a regiment of statins. I reluctantly did but vowed to get off them ASAP. So I took like 3 pills and then quit.
    Once I joined CFNE I was fortunate enough to be assigned a wonderful girl named Ashley as my elements coach who in her other life is a cardiac nurse. I told her about my cholesterol issue and she suggested I give this Paleo Diet a try and that I may be amazed by the results. She took the time to explain in detail the sciencebehind the theory.
    I got tested last week and today my results came back and my Total Cholesterol count was 171 !!
    I couldn’t be happier or more grateful !

    Thank You !,

  3. Ronda rockett

    I hear you sister!

  4. Ronda rockett

    Jamie, way to go! We’ve heard this story before. I know it took discipline, patience and trust to get where u r today. Congratulations!

  5. Heather,
    You are clearly not broken. You are amazing. You are the most loved and respected people I have ever known. You have changed, enriched and yes even saved lives !(see above).
    I have had an emotional day, so forgive me for speaking like this but I wanted to say how much you mean to so many people. I am just one very grateful one for having met you !

    Peace !

  6. Snatch complex: 95, 105, 115, 125, 135

    CJ complex: cancelled by The Harry

    Finally hitting my squat snatches…on the other hand, my squat snatches suck butt. Oof.

  7. Heather, who needs “perfect”? “Broken” adds character. I’m sure everyone has their own baggage but it’s what we do with it that makes all the difference (hold us back or learn from it and grow). Great post – Thanks for sharing!

    • what Rasheed said Heather. Perfect is non existent, Baggage makes us who we are. Looks to me that you are on the right track!!:)

    • Agreed, Rasheed! Great post Heather! Perfect is a terrible place to be… it implies being static and fixed. That’s the beauty of your post and Jaimie’s. To be constantly fine-tuning, evolving, sharing, and growing is a beautiful way to live life.

      “A candle is not diminished when it lights another candle.”


    Snatch practice with Sarah W. – up to 75#
    Felt much better than Monday Snatch work.

    Congrats Jamie!

    • Amy Brooks

      @ HS this afternoon
      AMRAP 7:
      7 hang power cleans
      7 back squats
      7 burpees
      5+4 @ 65#

  9. Susan S.

    Lots of us aspire to be like you and for all the reasons you state above. Beautiful essay!

  10. Tricia D

    Heather Bergeron LOVE your honesty. I don’t know you well enough to know all of the things you are great at, but just from reading this it is clear you are a great mother, wife and der, crossfitter.
    Great article and keep up the positive attitude and inspiring the rest of us trying to balance all of the chaos, recover from our mistakes, and make the best choices personally and professionally so we can also live the dream. It is madness, but does feel good at the end of the day :).

  11. Great words and perspective Heather, thanks for sharing.

    Snatch: 65 – 105#

    3×10 OHS: 95#

  12. Heather-
    Great write-up—I admire your honesty and your dare to be true attitude.I am sure parts or all hit home for many–I know it did for me. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Snatch: 35#. Stayed light. Really trying to nail form before going heavier. Thank you SO much Harry for doing the video and taking so much time to talk to me! It really, really helps!

  14. Heather O

    You are amazing girlfriend! Thank you so much for your beautiful words and writing. All of this is what makes you the incredible wife, mom, daughter, coach and unbelievable crossfitter that you are today. Thank you for sharing your story with us and being so honest. And don’t worry about your babies…having come from a broken home too you are totally right about all of the fun “extras” we get that other kids don’t. I mean who doesn’t like going to 150 Christmas and birthday parties every year right? ;-) Thank you also for sharing your “non-separation” weekends. I am going to start implementing this immediately with my husband because too often we barely see each other on the weekends! I just love this idea, so that you for helping me add this goal to our lives. Keep up the incredible work and thank you for helping to make CFNE all that it is! :-) xoxo

    P.S. I also read your blog every morning and am in love with it and you also have inspired me to start journaling more often because I also love writing and don’t do it nearly as much as I would like to.

  15. OTM X 15: 3 Box Jumps (41 3/4″) and 3 GHD sit-ups

  16. Snatch complex: 85 / 95 / 105 / 115 / 115

    Then did 1 snatch at 135# to 1) prove to myself that I could still do it, and 2) get revenge for my 0-for-4 attempts at that weight during the bonus round of the Masters Comp.

    • I guess it’s not really revenge. It’s redemption. And it was. You know what I meant…

  17. Big Mike

    Snatch Complex: 65/75/85/95F/85/85
    Was not feeling it this morning. Usually my shoulder will warm up but even at the light weight I was having trouble locking out. Opting to save it for Grace and then take a couple of back to back rest days. Sleep…..please finish it tonight!

  18. Ashley R

    Snatch Complex: worked up to 70#

    Kathy and I shared a private session working Rachel to work on Butterfly pull ups and the all mighty muscle up. (I WILL get one!) Highly recommend private sessions!! I was just doing the wrong stuff over and over.

    Great words from Heather. Thanks for sharing. I def. think we live in the present from our experiences in the past. Maybe some – not so great – but we learn from them.
    Love the bit about being good role models to children, esp. our girls. I am stronger and actually bigger than I was when I stepped through those doors 2 years ago and think it is SUCH a great example to set for my 2 girls.

  19. Susan Stein

    Squat cleans: 55, 65, 70, 75, 75. Did the complex with squat cleans instead of snatches because of my shoulder issues.

    Thanks for another great coaches corner Heather. You’re dysfunctional life seems very successful and functional to me. Congrats on getting it to all work and work well!

  20. Last night at 5th Ave Crossfit in NYC

    Warm up: 4 rounds not for time: 10 strict pull-ups+10 wall squats+20 hollow rocks

    AMRAP6: Up-ladder – 3 wall balls/push ups, 6 wall balls/push ups – 5+5 20#

    Rest 3 min

    AMRAP6: 4 deadlifts + 8 box jump overs + 12 KB swings – 3+4 @ 185# / 24″ / 45#

    Rest 3 min

    AMRAP6: run 200m + 25 air squats – 3 + 50m

    It’s my turn to send out a huge thank you to all of the volunteers, coaches, fellow masters, and CFNE community for the support at this past weekend’s competition. I could not have asked for a better environment for my first Crossfit competition. I joined CFNE a couple of weeks before last year’s masters and remember thinking how inspiring it was but never thinking I would be out there. A year later, I’m still inspired and so happy I was able to join in the fun. I learned a ton, know what I want to work on and most of all just enjoyed the day with my fellow competitors.

    • you were amazing this weekend and your prep work was great! It was nice working together the past few weeks. I will never forget your face after Triple take .. you said, “I just did not like that at…not at all”..It was a great pep talk:)!

    • You did great Joe…amazing effort!

      Now that you have had a taste of competition, I’m sure you will be back for more.

  21. Heather-
    I too come from a family of divorce and people always ask me if it had a negative impact on my life……and I always say, “no, it actually was better b/c my parents were not right for each other and I did not grow up in a house full of love and a relationship to model after…they both got re-married and are happy…. now I know what a healthy marriage looks like”…… No one is perfect and if they think they are, they are lying to themselves and the world. But, we are the “story” we play to ourselves or the “story” we are told we are. And we can be better then that! Usually that story is “perception” and NOT reality! Like you saying you are “not that intelligent”….. this is just not true. You tell yourself that (or someone told you that)…Just cause you did not goto an Ivy League school, does not make you “dumb” (I Know a lot of people that went to Ivy League schools and I would not trade their lives for mine!). AND we all have baggage – but if we all put our baggage in a pile, I bet at the end of that exercise, we would probably take our own baggage right out! My past experiences (which sucked too!), have truly made me a stronger, more caring and forgiving person in my life. Which yours have too! So screw that perfect functional family – IT DOES NOT EXSIST!!!! Those families just pretend like nothing is wrong:)!

    • oh, I came in and did some snatches too- I think I worked up to 45# and my back told me to stop but got great tips from Heather to improve my snatch..always improving that snatch!

      • tips from rachel….not heather..but I prob would have gotten great tips from heather if I took the nooner?

  22. Snatch 5×3: 75# across
    Bansai: 6 + 12

  23. Sometimes to make real progress you have to start over with the basics.

    I spent the entire period working on Snatch form with a just a bar and Ben standing by my side guiding me. It was the first time I have ever done a squat snatch mainly due to mobility issues. It was a great session. I felt like everything (shoulders/hips) opened up as I worked through the reps. Kinda psyched to start adding these in. Thx Ben.

    Post WOD Goat work: 10 x 5 T2B

    Post WOD 3 min burner: 500m row and max burpees in remaining time: 20

  24. HB you are living the dream cause you live life the way you should! HAPPY! Your kids are happy cause you are Happy! DAH!!! Your a great role model and shouldnt change a GD thing!

    Oh as far as your HBunfiltered comment…..Yes i am a talker! I am a talker at CFNE cause it’s Sooooo Freakn Fun that I can’t stop talking!!

    Great post and message!

  25. snatch thing:
    95, 105,115,115,125
    fell during both 115 rounds, then stuck the 125…go figure

  26. Good talk HB, hits home. I was not a believer in the beginning but soon realized that 2 healthy homes are much better than 1 broken home, and am thankful for that.

    @Max – your beard may be gone, but you are still full and luscious.

  27. One of the best things I love about xfit is that we all come with a clean slate. Everyone is equal. Since we are meeting nearly everyone for the first time, no one knows about the past…good or bad, baggage or professional accomplishments, illnesses, etc. We get a chance to “do it right” and hopefully take what we have learned out into the “real world.” Heather, I’d say that you, Ben and all the coaches help us make the right decisions by making the right ones yourselves. Your amazing kids are proof enough. And, btw, I would also say that your comment about yourself “I know it’s some good and a whole lotta’ bad” is inversely proportional to the truth!

  28. Snatch: 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 125#

    Post WOD 3 min burner: 500m row and max burpees in remaining time: 27.

  29. Sarah S.

    Got to hang out with the Nooners two days in a row. Probably will be another 6 months or so until I get to do it again.

    Snatch: 35#-55#. Kept it light and all snatches were legitimate squat snatches. Felt good!

    Then I videoed myself doing two double under 2 minute drills. THAT answers a lot of questions as to why I continue to suck at them…

  30. Heather, great read. I come from a broken home that didn’t “break” until I was a senior in high school, and I can honestly say that I think we all would have been happier and better off had we grown up with a divorced but happy mom. I am much closer with my siblings and my mother now, and all of our lives are less emotionally stressful. Sometimes I think such siuations are a blessing in disguise, though you’ve clearly done a great job of removing the disguise! Is there really a such thing as a “functional” family anyway?

  31. Snatch Complex – 65-85, then did 3×10 OHS and worked on DUs

    Heather, little surprised you didn’t explain what an awesome coach you are introducing many of us to crossfit and the CFNE community, changing all of our lives for the better…keep up great work!

  32. Snatch 85/95/95/100/100

  33. Ronda Rockstar

    snatch thing: 6 sets at 75
    felt awesome
    diet perfect

  34. Nicole D

    Snatch complex: 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 (failed position 3)

    Felt pretty good. Darn knees won’t listen to me still though.

  35. Snatches: up to 85 but failed twice on the third position. Grip be gone. Oh well. The rest felt great!

  36. Snatch: 95, 115, 115, 115(failed on snatch from mid shin), 105, 105

  37. snatch complex: 115,125,135,145,155

  38. heather youre the bomb. been on vacation for a little over a week. i love the positivity of cfne and the coaches and the members and i can’t wait to get back to hit some prs. with that being said:
    modified snatch complex (power snatch, high hang snatch, snatch): 95×6 otm, 105×3 otm, 115×2 otm, 115, 125
    i rested where there are commas for a few minutes and held the bottom position for 3+ seconds cause i like to party. i also went 8/10 from the blue line on an empty net at the staples center before the kings game. #vacation


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