R.I.P. beard...I'll remember you as you were...full and luscious.

R.I.P. beard…I’ll remember you as you were…full and luscious.

Weightlifting Wednesday

5×1 3 Position Snatch
1st Position – Hang
2nd Position – At knee
3rd Position – Mid-shin but off the ground

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Frozen, Mike G, and Daigle. I wish I had a sweet nickname like Frozen. If you could pick your nickname what would it be?

Frozen, Mike G, and Daigle. I wish I had a sweet nickname like Frozen. If you could pick your nickname what would it be?

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Coaches Corner with Coach Heather

People could look at my life as it’s spanned out over the last ten to fifteen years and call it dysfunctional: damaged goods, loaded with baggage, selfish.

Damaged: grew up with a full-blown eating disorder (that you never really psychologically heal from), married to a really great guy that ended up in a divorce after ten years, and not for nothing…I’m really just not all that bright when it comes down to it.

Baggage: two kids that I now share with that guy, degrees and grad school loans that I’ll owe money on for years (and, doing NOTHING professionally related to that now), parents whose health is rapidly declining because they aren’t willing to listen to what I know would make them live longer happier lives.

Selfish: constantly turning down Level 1 seminars Castro asks me to work because I don’t feel like working them, dragging my poor kids around to hoouuurrrss of training so I can stay at a competitive level (including missing school drop-off because it conflicts with team training), forcing Jonah to listen to my country music all the time even though all he wants to listen to is the stuff that his friends listen to.

But, the thing is: I know that all of this stuff has the right intentions backing it up.

Having successfully recovered from an eating disorder has, strangely, given me a really healthy relationship with food. I purely lucked out with my ex-husband. He really is a great, great guy and one of the best fathers I have, literally, ever met. Simply put, I lucked out because I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have the fairy tale relationship that I now have with Ben if it weren’t for Alex. And, me being a dumb jock somehow makes most people feel really comfortable with me. No judgement, because I have no defense if anyone ever judged me.

The schedules our kids have to keep because they have two families now is something that I really believe makes us all stronger, more resilient, and able to see how lucky we are. We have this uncanny ability to talk ourselves into believing our lives are actually better because we’re a broken family: our kids get endless holidays and birthday celebrations, we never need babysitters because there’s a whole other family to watch each others kids whenever we need them to, the kids have double the number of eyes watching over them making sure NOTHING falls through the cracks, they have twice as many role models teaching them how to live life the right way, and we’ve got four layers of parents’ patience to work through before we all start becoming “bad” parents.

The schooling I’m paying for (Accounting, English, Philosophy) helps give me CrossFit-syle ammo to go at life with. My background is broad and inclusive; I’m not great at anything, but I’m above average at everything. I just wish it wasn’t such an expensive route that took me to where I ended up.

My parents’ health is just something that I really wish was not a reality. Worse than their health, though, is their non-urgent and unfortunately lazy approach to improving it. All I can say about it at this point is it motivates me to keep myself and my family healthy. It’s a never-ending mental battle that I hope they just ultimately luck out with.

I will say this: I am selfish with not wanting to work but it is SIMPLY because I cannot get enough time with my kids and husband. I love the hour or two that I coach classes every day, but one thing I know now that two of my kids are getting older is that it really does go by faster than you think it will.

I told Castro this point blank this weekend: I decline seminars he offers me knowing that I’m actually totally available on those weekends. What’s up with that? Here’s what it is: I LIVE for weekends with my family. Ben knows that weekends are “non-separation” days. We just don’t separate from each other all weekend. We drive in the same car. We all go to the grocery store together. We sit through each other’s workouts, waiting, when we could be doing something far more productive. Castro knows that when this is no longer sustainable, then I’ll be good to go for wearing the red shirt more often.

The hours my kids sit through training IS half so I can keep competing (even though two of them are, technically, old enough to stay home instead), and half because I want them to see what hard work really looks like. I want Maya to see why being strong and athletic is more bad-ass than being skinny. I want Jonah to know there is a time and a place for Missy Elliot and Limp Bizkit. I want Bode to think that playing involves moving around and not just staring down a computer or tv screen.

And, this one may be a reach, but I really believe that Jonah’s exposure to all different kinds of music on a regular basis will make him one of those cool kids that actually likes “all different kinds of music”, not just one of those dudes that just says he does when asked, “What kind of music do you like?”. I can’t stand those people.

If you’ve actually stayed with me for this long, I’m shocked. But, here’s what it comes down to. I’m honest with myself. I know what I’m made up of. I know it’s some good and a whole lotta’ bad. But, it’s what I do with the bad that I can use to my advantage.

At the end of the day I’m asking myself this question: did I make decisions today for the right reasons or for the wrong. When you’re consistently doing things for the right reasons, it starts feeling like you’re livin’ the dream.

Plain and simple.