Tuesday 10.29.13

This picture makes me sleepy. Also, I feel like Bode is probably the ultimate snuggle buddy.

This picture makes me sleepy. Also, I feel like Bode is probably the ultimate snuggle buddy.

15 Wall Balls (20, 14#)
30 Double Unders

Post scores to comments.

We cannot say enough about the heart and athleticism displayed at Masters Competition this past weekend. Truly inspiring.

We cannot say enough about the heart and athleticism displayed by our CFNE Masters this past weekend. Truly inspiring.

Crossfit New England remember that this Thursday is Barbells for Boobs at CFNE. Please wear a costume or something pink OR a pink costume. If you’re interested in donating please click HERE.



  1. Rachel D

    Shut the front door!!! Bode… I have the same pj’s!!! #ImgoingasBodeforHalloween!!! #barbellforboobs!!! #Grace

    • LOVE that we are now doing hashtags on the website!
      #ilovehashtags #notsurewhattheydo #amidoingitright

  2. Banzaiiiiii: 7 + 2 Rx

    OHS and squat therapy: done.

  3. Barbara Sessa

    I just wanted to give CFNE and Ben a huge shout out for putting on such a GREAT competition this past weekend!! Loved every minute of it!! There is something very special going on there….it inspires me every day. Thank you.

    Michelle Marshall we spoke at the event. If you have a minute will you send me your e mail? I would like to ask you something. Thanks! Sessa@hvc.rr.com

    • You are inspiring to watch!!!!! WTG!

    • Ben Bergeron

      Loved having you here Barbara. You are awesome. Come visit us.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      You truly helped make the day magical. You fit right in to the vibe at CFNE — warm, accessible, hard working, and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing your YOU! I hope the hot spot on your back feels better and I’m looking forward to seeing you again at some future Masters’ event.

  4. Banzai: 9+1 Rx

    Priceless pic of Bode and Maya. What a treasure.

  5. Banzai (modified): 7+17 (30# WB Squats / DU’s)

    Congratulations to all the masters that competed this weekend!

  6. Banzai: 5+30. That was kinda fun.

    3 rounds of 10 OHS @ 45# and squat therapy. I am working on reducing my foot angle. It’s a long, frustrating road.

  7. Banzai: 6+2 Rx

  8. Big Mike

    Banzai: 6 rounds of 15 wall balls and 1 minute of self flagellation.
    God I hope they win it tomorrow night. I can’t stay up late two more nights. Tried to go to bed but my 17 year old shames me into staying up. Not that a 9pm bed time would have miraculously delivered double unders but almost falling asleep at the wheel on the way in is a little ridiculous.

  9. Heather V.

    Banzai: 6 rds + 15 Rx
    Feeling VERY sluggish this week… need more sleep. Ditto on what Big Mike said, the sox are killing my sleeps.

  10. Banzai: 5 + 13 (14# WB; to the 9 ft line for WBs)

    Double unders felt surprisingly good today.

  11. Banzai: 5+15 with 14# WB
    Still feeling fatigued from weekend and not enough sleep from sox games…..

    I want to thank the entire CFNE team of coaches,judges,organizers, Max as the MC, Harry, Kevin,Heather, Rachel–thanks for coaching me, all the volunteers, and BEN, for a fantastic and well-run event on Saturday. It was my first time competing, and it was an awesome experience! I was very reluctant going in, and even questioned myself numerous times—but, I am 100% glad I did it. The support from the community was amazing; the people I met or got to know better was great; the preparation going in, for sure, put me in a much better place physically and emotionally. Thank you CFNE for making this happen, and great job to everyone who competed!!

  12. Banzai – 6+35 Rx

  13. Rachel E

    Ahhh, that snuggly picture! So sweet!

    Banzai: 5+6 Rx* (*learned post-WOD that you have to hit the middle of the dragon or above on the targets, so some WBs may have been low)

    Total goat WOD for me but both movements felt great (if kinda slow) today.

  14. Banzai: 6+13 Rx

    3 x 10 overhead squats (65#)

    2 x 10 squat therapy. Needs work… to maintain proper form I pretty much had to be standing in the parking lot.

  15. Banzai: 8+4 RX

  16. Banzai: 5+27 (RX wb to 9′, 15 DU)

    First time doing consecutive du in a WOD!

  17. Craig B.

    Banzai: 7+15

  18. Banzai: 6+15 (14#, 60 single unders)

  19. Ashley R

    Banzai- 5+15 RX Actually this is a double RX because I was over the window. Certainly keeps those Wall Balls legit!

    muscle up transition practice and squat therapy. Sarah W- email me aranaldi@verizon.net and we will come up with a plan!

  20. Banzai – 6 + 6 (60 SU)

  21. Banzai – 6+7 rx
    Squatty stuff

  22. Banzai: 9rds rx

    OHS/Squat Therapy

    Good times 9:30!!

  23. Banzai – 6 (12#, 60 SU)

  24. banzai: 5 +23 10# to 9.5 ft and 10 DU….just a double goat…..

    had fun and must have gotten a bit fitter?

  25. Banzai: 5 + 6 (14# to 9′ and 15 DUs)
    LC- we will get this goat by the holidays.
    AR- Next week MU date.

  26. 4 + 42 really struggled with double unders today.

  27. Chris M.

    1. Banzai – 9 rounds Rx
    … wallballs unbroken – DU not so much …
    2. OHS/Squat therapy – check.

  28. Banzai: 6+15 Rx.

    Post WOD
    Row: 9 x 1:40 on, :20 off (2 min rest after round 5)
    Total: 3885m Avg: 430m, 1.55 pace, 24 spm

    Squat Therapy

  29. J.Hobart

    6:30 am’ers thanks for taking me in today out of the cold and letting me workout with you all. Fun to see you all even if it is 4 hours before my typical wake up time.

    Also all Master’s athlete’s–congratulations. You inspire. Last weekend my mom came down to watch and now she wants to compete because of watching you all. Thank you for that.

  30. “Banzai” – 7 + 35 Rx’d

  31. Banzai – 7+6 RX

    OHS/Squat therapy – squat therapy need work!

  32. Banzai – 10+7 Rx

  33. Susan Stein

    Banzai: 7 + 15 wall balls + 16 singles (8# WB, 60 singles) kept it light due to shoulder, which is still feeling okay.

    Happy early champagne birthday Kevin!

  34. Jonathan M

    5+3,single unders

  35. michelle

    Posting after Geoff L. Ouch! Nice, Geoff!

    Banzai: 8 + 3 w/ 10 du per round
    squat therapy / ohs
    du practice: 2 min drill/1min rest x 3: 52, 75, 67, one day. . . it will happen

  36. Banzai 4 rds. 14# wb to black line. 15 du

  37. Morning work
    3×5 Strict Press @ 130#, 2×5 Strict Press @ 125#
    3×5 Dead Lift @ 335#

    Banzai: 7+32 Rx

    Post WOD
    Row: 4 x 1:40 on, 2 min rest after each round 1.
    I had planned on rowing the 9 intervals, but had to change the game plan after the first row. My legs had nothing left!

  38. Banzai: 6+8 (8#)
    Thanks for the umph on nutrition, Ben.
    Good to be back.

  39. 4+39 rx

  40. Ronda Rockstar

    Banzai 6+36 felt pretty good today, esp on DUs
    OHS and squat therapy
    Nutrition: PERFECT

    I AM what I DO.

    I went to the library and got the Power of Habit and books by Anthony Robbins.

    Ben, you inspire me.

  41. Banzai: 5 + 15 (10# WB to white line)

  42. Hi, I live in Las Vegas and I have been following the programing for a little while. Does anyone object to me posting my times online. I know similar metcons are on the compwod site but I am just a normal guy and not really a competitor. I would like to post them somewhere to see how I measure up to all you monsters and to be able to look back sometime in the future.


  43. Nicole D

    Banzai: 4+8 Rx

    Goat day. Thanks for pushing me to go Rx Corey. Why is the 14# wallball SO much heavier than 12?!? DU felt pretty good though.

  44. Banzai – 7 rounds Rx

  45. Lil Tony

    Banzai: 7+18 rx

  46. Kristin B.

    Banzai: 3+20 RX. First time doing DUs in a wod. Strung 12 together once aaaaand that was about it.

  47. Banzai (aka my own personal goat day)- 4 + 10 (10# WB to target/DU attempts)

  48. 6+10 RX

  49. 5 + 15WBs + 14SUs (14#, 2xSU)

    Great class @ 7:30pm tonight! And warm-up with “CrossFit basketball game” was the best! Thanks Max!

  50. “Banzai”: 5 + 1 Rx


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