Sunday 10.27.13

Haha Pood is a funny word. Sounds sounds like pool.

Haha Pood is a funny word. Sounds like…pool…it sounds like pool.

Open Gym
9am – 11am

Come in and work on your goats.

Congrats to the Chief and all the other CFNE Masters who competed yesterday!

Congrats to the Chief and all the other CFNE Masters who competed yesterday!


  1. Wow !! what an awesome experience. Many lessons learned. Age is a factor but not an excuse. Thanks CFNE !!

  2. michelle

    Happy Birthday, Neeb!
    Thanks to all of the volunteers, judges, and people that made yesterday’s event such a blast.

  3. OTM x 20: 5 WB (12#) and 5 OHS (45#)

  4. Ashley R

    Yesterday was a great time! Def. made me realize where my strengths and weaknesses are!
    Fun to hang out with all my Masters friends and see all those judging and working the event to make it happen. Thank you!

    Today I worked on overhead squats and ctb pull ups.
    Did some flailing around on the rings for muscle up attempts.

  5. Really enjoyed that experience. Love how supportive this community is!

    Lessons learned… Need to stay focused on proper form and technique during training and WOD’s.
    When I got tired, my form and lack of focus caused several no reps and penalty on the obstacle course. Very frustrating, but deserved and I will learn from it. From now on… Perfect practice makes perfect.

    Congrats to all the athletes and thanks to CFNE and the volunteers.

    Can you say sore?

  6. Yes, thank you everyone! That was a great event yesterday – really enjoyed competing again this year! The organizers, judges and coordinators do a fantastic job, so thanks to all of you that gave so much to make sure we enjoyed our day!

  7. What a wonderful comp!!

  8. Lots of fun yesterday and as above thank you to all who donated their time and energy. It is a special place.


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