Friday 10.25.13

"Give me some cookies!!!"

“Give me some cookies!!!”


Team Tosh
3 x 200m – 400m – 600m Run
One person works as the other rests.

Post times to comments.

"Someone get this man some cookies!"

“Someone get this man some cookies!”

Extra extra read all about it!

There’s lots going on at CFNE:

  • Saturday there will be no class. So what to do? Come to CFNE of course and watch the masters throw down!
  • Sunday’s will be open gym from 9am-11am. Come in and do the WOD or work on your goats or do both!
  • October 31st is Barbells for Boobs at CFNE! If you’d like to donate please click HERE. Also, remember to wear a costume OR something pink. Feel like stepping it up a notch? Wear a pink costume! You could be a princess, Miss Piggy, a flamingo, a piece of bubblegum, a flamingo, or a bottle of Pepto Bismol. The possibilities are ENDLESS!
  • Next week is wear a costume week for CFNE Kids Class!!! Dress your kids up and bring them to CFNE for Kids Class! It’ll be a blast!
Happy 29th Birthday to Katy Perry! Thank you for the songs Roar and Firework which are played regularly in the 7:30pm class.

Happy 29th Birthday to Katy Perry! Thank you for the songs Roar and Firework which are played regularly in the 7:30pm class.


  1. Mike Finn

    Tom, notice which foot is forward… ALWAYS.

  2. Best of luck to all the Masters competing this weekend! I won’t be able to be there but will be in spirit. Watching the amazing atheletes we have prepare is so inspirational.., very grateful to be a part of the CFNE community!

  3. funny captions Max. crack me up.

  4. Team Tosh – Dave, tied laces Doug, rich t 34:11

    Dave and I were 1st runner, and Doug was 2nd runner.

    sorry for having to take a ‘break’ on the outbound 600. that apology is for my teammates and anybody who witnessed the ‘break’.

  5. Team tosh: Erin & Rae: 30:29.

    Liked this one today. This was just the break my palms needed.

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

    • Michelene

      I had the exact same thought re: palms! Actually, my whole upper body was thankful.

  6. Christian

    Team Tosh – Christian and Todd – 30:10

    OC, are you okay? Did you drown in bourbon?

    Accumulate 2min GHDSU hold – 3:01 (1 break)

    • Colleen (OC)

      I knew you would call me out! No, apparently I shut off my alarm and don’t remember doing it. Darn you Red Sox. Waking up for the 5:30 am after the Red Sox play late is much easier when they win.

  7. Team Tosh (AKA Adam and Brad): 30:29 I think, there was no O2 to the brain after that workout. Great running with you today Adam. Good luck masters!

  8. Team HoBob (Ho and Bob R.): 25:54…my God that man is fast. Hopefully I didn’t hold him up too much, but mad thanks to the speed demon. I would never have pushed myself that hard if I was running alone or with someone just as lazy as me like Doug Bell.

    2 min GHD parallel hold: 3:01 (1 break)

    • You were really fast on the runs, pal.

    • That was a nice gesture, Ho, but I assure you that you most certainly did hold him up. There’s not a person at CFNE that wouldn’t, so go easy on yourself.

  9. Christian

    Good post, MAX! Can’t forget KP

  10. Michelene

    Team Tosh (with Alison): 31:02 One of my favorite WODs! Great partnering with Alison!!

  11. Rachel E

    Team Tosh with Tara: 30:10 — nice work, partner!

    2 min GHD parallel hold: 1 break at 1:25 (had running clock but forgot to look at it when I finished, whoops)

  12. Andrew E

    If anyone took an inhaler by mistake, the 9:30 class would greatly appreciate having it back!

    • michelle

      We thought it was Maura D. and we gave it to her. I’ll let her know asap and she is planning on coming tomorrow. Will ask her to leave it at front desk! Sorry about that!

      • Opps. I second the sorry. I saw her with one before Tosh and we figured it was hers.

  13. Chris M.

    Great post Max – funny

    “Tosh Sprint” (Solo)
    R1 – 35/1:20/2:15
    R2 – 34/1:18/2:09
    R3 – 35/1:20/2:05

  14. Team Tosh (Heather V. & Sarah W): 27:48

  15. masters run through – good times with the old and STRONG folks!!!!

    The best part of competing is the comraderie we all have! Can’t wait! Lets show NE who has the fittest, buffest (is that a word) and hottest masters out there! WOO HOO! (Ok energy in full effect still)

  16. Team Tosh ( with Jayme) 32:38. … Good times with the 8:30 although it was a bit chilly!

  17. Team Tosh with Jonathan M. 30:28… Nice effort Jonathan!

  18. Big Mike

    Max-great at captions, lousy at cropping

  19. Team Tosh (Kelly and John): 36:17

  20. master’s run through: 5 reps of every movement–2 rounds. with lots of rest in between. Feeling good physically and emotionally very positive. Thanks, Bratz! Glad I had someone else to do it with me at 5:30 am:-)

  21. Team Tosh: Jill and Kristen P. 32:06. Huge goat for me but today was fun. Thanks for the push today KP!

  22. Team Tosh – Mary and Eugene 27:01
    Great job Mary, putting pressure on James and Harry!

  23. Team Cousins (Crowley & Cotter): 28:04

  24. Team Tosh
    Karen and Patti J.
    Karen 200-400-400 X 3 RUN
    Patti 200-400-600 ROW X 3
    30:?? something Patti??

    Glad I did it. Very Happy it is over :)

  25. Tosh (all by myself) – 28:55

    2 min GHDSU hold in 3 sets (0:45, 0:30, 0:45)

  26. Sarah S.

    3 rounds of Hardball: 18:19, Rx weight. Not a typo, it took me that long to only do 3 rounds. While I cherry picked and chose Hardball over a running workout (which never happens), this was the right call today.

    Good luck to all of our Masters tomorrow!!

  27. Tosh with Paul B.: 29:36
    Yippee good fun, much needed today!

    2 min GHDSU hold: 1:30 / :30

  28. Amy Brooks

    @ HS
    Tosh on bike (1/4 mile, 1/2, 3/4): 30/ 1:00-1:05/1:40-1:45

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 hang power snatch 65#
    1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5 HSPU lipping with one abmat.

    Now I’m going to go have a beer.

  29. Tosh: (own my own) 26:00

  30. Greg D & Scott S

    Team Tosh: 25:32

    Big props to teammate #2 in this WOD! Great work Scott.

    • Heather V

      Ya no kidding! Wish I had been listening this morning, as I wouldn’t have let Sarah W hose me w/ the #2 slot! I thought it was very odd that she volunteered so quickly to go 1st.

  31. Max – just spent an HOUR working on the all-powerful THIRD PULL on my snatch … and power position clean … trying to get under that bar, bro! Sorry I missed all the Burpee fun yesterday … goal is to complete tomorrow after skills. See ya Monday.

    • Les my main squeeze! So happy to see you posting! Great job working on your goats! Proud coach :-)

  32. Missed class but Jeremy and I ran Tosh at home…29:51. The nice couple raking leaves right at our 400m turnaround were amused.


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