Thursday 10.24.13

Potsy's so tough he sleeps in an ice bath. Also, Potsy has been seen teaching grizzly bears how to fish bare handed. Not only that, but he uses saplings as tooth picks. The legend of Potsy grows...

Potsy’s so tough he sleeps in an ice bath. Also, Potsy has been seen teaching grizzly bears how to fish bare handed. Not only that, but he uses saplings as tooth picks. The legend of Potsy grows…

100 Burpees for time
Every minute on the minute complete 5 toes to bar – start with burpees.

Post times to comments.

Either AJ is shrinking or this dude is HA-UGE.

Either AJ is shrinking or this dude is HA-UGE.


Coaches Corner with Coach Max

So we all do our best to do our cooking on the weekends for the week right? Well, have you ever found yourself mid-week with nothing but a jar of almond butter left in your pantry? If this sounds like you then this Coaches Corner is for you. When you find yourself in a pinch where do you go for a paleo-meal on the go? Below in no particular order are my top ten places to go when you need something delicious and nutritious fast. If you have others please post them to comments.

1. Chipotle (Natick) – Talk to Montoya and he’ll tell you this is the only spot to go. The “Montoya” has double barbacoa in a burrito bowl with fajita veggies and guac. It’s Montoya’s way of getting the most bang for his buck. Gosh Montoya is smart…and handsome.

2. Central Street Café (Natick) – Go here for all of your breakfast needs. Huge omelets, crispy bacon, and avocado. Looking for a meal that’ll fill you up for half of the day? Try a four egg scramble (really probably eight egg scramble) with peppers, onions, bacon, and sausage with a side of avocado and an apple with cinnamon. They will pretty much sub anything out and if you wear your CFNE sweatshirt they probably won’t ask you if you want toast with your breakfast.

3. Bill’s Pizza (Natick) – Looking for a cheat meal that won’t make you feel super guilty? Bill’s is the place for you. They offer gluten free crust and have fantastic salads. Try a spinach salad with grilled chicken or chicken salad on top. Also, there’s rumor that they might even name a pie after CFNE! If you want to give it a try it’s a gluten free Carnivore (think every meat you can think and then more) with spinach and jalapenos.

4. Morse Tavern (Natick) – Morse offers a solid bunless burger with grilled peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Order the “Geoff” and get bacon, avocado, with crispy sweet potato fries. Don’t want a burger? That’s fine; try their steak or lamb tips! Morse is always a good choice.

5. Met Bar (Natick) – Want a burger in a bowl with endless toppings? Of course you do, silly question. Met offers a full menu for the paleo diner at a slightly higher price than Morse. My go-to is a double burger (medium rare) in a bowl of mixed lettuce with guacamole, jalapenos, bacon, crispy onions (not paleo…whatevs) and two over easy eggs on top. Also, their sweet potato fries and seltzer are world class. So go to Lulu and then head downstairs to Met for a burger.

6. Zaftigs (Natick) – Go to Zaftigs for breakfast anytime. I’ve never had anything but breakfast there so I can only speak to their breakfast menu, but let me tell you their breakfast is to die for! Their fruit plate looks like a piece of art, don’t be fooled it’s not art…eat it. They do all the classic paleo breakfast orders there and have the BEST and I mean the BEST corned beef hash I’ve ever had. Completely homemade with 3 eggs on top…HOLY MOLY!

7. Theo’s Pizza (Natick) – This place has the best iceberg lettuce salads around. Go here if you’re in a pinch and strapped for time. The order here is a chicken salad with extra chicken and extra pickles (tickles) with the house dressing on the side. Theo’s will have your salad ready in 5 minutes and will cost you under $10.

8. Prime 131 Grill (Wayland) – Looking to class it up a little bit? Take off the Lulu’s (I know it’s tough) and put on some jeans and head to Prime 131 Grill. They’ve got some great steaks, baked sweet potatoes, and some good paleo-ish appetizers. Tell them Max sent you…actually don’t, they don’t know me.

9. California Pizza Kitchen (Natick) – Some people swear by this place, I’m not one of them. Their salads are ok. EC loves their cobb salad and may or may not eat it 3 times a week. Nothing special. And this one time I went with MDV and he ordered extra chicken and barely got anything extra. When MDV asked for more chicken the waiter went back and had a “long and convoluted discussion with the cook” who then awarded MDV some more chicken.

10. Samba (Framingham) – Hibachi is the name of the game at Samba. My advice, order a filet medium rare with some grilled veggies and enjoy the show.

11. Kate (Wayland) – Enough said…she rocks and cooks up a storm.



  1. Nice Job Max !! and that’s coming from a local boy who dines out an average of about 21 meals a week !!

  2. Patti Jeanne

    Love it Max! I’m pretty sure MDV got some extra chef love on that extra chicken- you know boogers :)

  3. Ben Bergeron

    I’ll add Cafe Mangal in Wellesley to this list. World’s best salads. Seriously.

  4. thanks Max, that was good. stuffed from dinner but hungery after reading your post.

  5. Andrea F

    If anyone takes the commuter rail from Natick Center (and has some time before catching the train) Kelly and I highly recommend Java Joe’s for breakfast. They are paleo friendly and make huge omlettes. My go to is the veggie omlette with a side of bacon or sausage and Kelly gets the Western omlette with a side of sausage and a side of bacon.

    I don’t think they’re open on the weekends, but a good spot M-F.

  6. Loving all suggestions! Keep em coming.

  7. Dogfight: 9:41 Rx…woof

    1RM back squat: 335 (350f…sooooo close, arg)

    5×5 TnG sq. snatch: 85#

    Shrimp stolen from CFNE employees: 3

    Athletes taught how to drop F-bombs properly: 1

  8. Jonathan M

    Dawgfight: 18:10…ttb I will own you one day!!

    • Loved the effort today Jonathan! I stopped at 75 reps because my TTB where taking up most of the minute. Felt very guilty watching you gut it out.

  9. Dogfight: 15:45, switched to 3 TTBs per round after six minutes. Some of the TTBs were questionable. Just happy to have survived it.

    1RM Back Squat: 225# (5# PR)

    5×5 tng squat snatches @ 60#

  10. Rachel E

    Dogfight: 11:00rx

    1RM back squat: 175# (5# PR)
    5 x 5 TnG snatch OTM: 60# (weren’t true TnG until last two rounds, but those felt smooth)

  11. Michelene

    Dogfight 11:39 with 1 T2B. Yes, just one and it totally kicked my butt 11 times. T2B are my worst goat ever, and that should be a big honor to those T2B because I have lots of goats to choose from.

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Dogfight: 10:58, Rx for the first about 3 or 4 rounds, then dropped down to 3 T2Bs per round. Would have taken me the entire minute to get all 5 at that point! Best burpee round (obviously) was the 1st one = 19. Worst was 8. Most rounds I did 9.

  13. Dogfight: 7:50 Rx

  14. Kristin R

    Dogfight: 12:55 with 3 T2B per round. Always fun to do a workout where doing it Rx might literally make it an infinite WOD…

  15. 13:54rx (8 TTBs)

  16. Dogfight. 8:44 rx
    1 rep max back squat. 285#
    5×5 snatch. 85#

  17. Dogfight: 12:36 with 3 TTBs per round

  18. Dogfight: 10:56 RX

    Andrew Essington is the bomb dot com

  19. Ashley R

    Half of a Dogfight: 3:52 RX.

  20. Great post Max. Glad to hear I’m not the only one losing creativity and desire to cook by Thurs.

    About 95% of the time I go to Chipotle I see a CFNEr. Stones Public House in Ashland also has amazing bunless burgers, get it with bacon and avocado and a side of brussel sprouts. Yummm.

  21. Chris M.

    Dogfight – 10:43 (8 TTB for the first 50 / 5 TTB 50+)
    … totally derailed/imploded thoughts of DNF, etc – brutal couplet
    2. 1RM Backsquat – 365# (5# PR)
    … you know your at your limit when the music gets muffled and the lights of the gym dim – big fight in the middle on this one
    3. TnG SS 5×5 (OTM) @ 110# Rx

  22. Dogfight – 11:54 Rx

  23. Dogfight (modified): 9:57 (75 – one arm burpees / 10 ab mat sit-ups OTM)

  24. Dogfight: 14:52 Rx. Not my best day. Glad to get through it.

    1RM Back squat: 305# (10# PR)
    TnG SS 5×5 85#

  25. Half a dogfight: 3:38 rx
    Masters taper but curious to see what my full time would have been.

    One more day…. Nerves are there.. But that’s good, I think?

    • Ashley R too. We def. would not have gotten 7 something as it appeared to get harder on the second half. Well- unless you are Bob.

    • first minute I did 27 burpees so happy with that – and need to redo to see b/c held back a bit

  26. Dogfight: 7:43 Rx. Judi, that’s what you get for going first. I saw it on the whiteboard.

  27. Dogfight: 14:00 (switched to mainly KTE about halfway through) For me this was a goatfight. And the goats won.

  28. Dogfight: 8:55 w/8 TTB. Ouch,that was spicy.

    1Rep BS: 205# (not PR)
    TnG SS 5×5 (OTM) @ 70#

  29. Dogfight: 9:54 w/ 75 burpees and 5 TTB OTM

  30. We have 2 tickets for saturdays PATS game for sale – anyone interested?
    Section 138 row 23 seats 3-5 $117 a ticket

    email me at if interested.

  31. Pup fight – 50 Burpees with 10 BJs per round. First time jumping in 3 weeks.

    Post WOD – easy pace of
    5 rounds of: 300m row and 5 BJs then

    5 rounds of : 200m run and 5 HPCs

    T-40 hrs giddy up…

  32. Dogfight: 11:59

    TTB turned into attempts by the 3rd round. Would’ve been better to scale back the TTB and get 1-2 legit reps each round I think. This was a toughy.

  33. 50 Burpees for Time: 1:57

    Taking it easy until Saturday. I can’t wait until this competition is over!

  34. Dogfight – 11:00 RX
    Crushed by TTB, as per usual.

    1RM back squat – 220# (5# PR)
    5×5 TnG sq. snatch OTM – 75#

  35. Craig B.

    Dogfight: 10:58(8 TTB)
    1RM Back Squat: 335#(5#PR)

  36. Dogfight: 10:49 (8 abmat situps for TTB-ripped hands)

  37. “Dog Fight” – 9:20 Rx’d

  38. “Dogfight”
    13:03 3TTB/Round

  39. Dogfight: 7:49 Rx

  40. Dogfight: 8:04 rx
    Good vacation wod but my in n out burger almost came back up while doing this one

  41. Lil Tony

    Dogfight: 5:30rx

  42. Patti Jeanne

    Dogfight 10:59

  43. Dogfight – 6:32 (8 T2B)


      good lord!

      My Dog Fight was 8:01 with 5 TTB per round
      20, 31, 42, 53, 64, 77, 88, 100


        then I did the 1RM BS but felt a sharp pain in my back at 155 so stopped at 145

        5×5 snatch OTM at 63 lbs; felt great

        really enjoyed sunning with Andrew at Beach CFNE post wod

    • Lil Tony

      8t2b that’s stepping the game up. Great job

  44. “dogfight”
    13:30 w/ 8 TTB

  45. Dogfight- 9:52 rx

  46. Heather V

    Dogfight: 14:27 (tried to hold onto 8 TTB’s… But at min 5 I dropped to 5)

  47. Dogfight: 12:40 rx burpees, a little under half TTB a few inches away. First time on the bar in a while…still need to stay away from overhead position…sore…

    Appreciated the cheering from the 5:30pm crew!

  48. Maureen B.

    Doggyfight: 11:53 kinda Rx some of T2b were super questionable

  49. Dogfight 4:57 50 burpees toes to bar are coming along, just weren’t straight tonight.

  50. 17:50 (with 10 situp for 5 TTB OTM)
    (at home, on 10/27)


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