Wednesday 10.23.13

What's better than working out shirtless? Working out shirtless with the inventor of the shirtless workout, Mike Giorgio! Tons of fun with the 6:30amers yesterday!

What’s better than working out shirtless? Working out shirtless with the inventor of the shirtless workout, Mike Giorgio! Tons of fun with the 6:30amers yesterday!

Clean and Jerk

A. 1 rep max

B. 2×2 @ 80%

Post loads to comments.

Tony's a beast, that's all there is to it. Get it Tony!

Tony’s a beast, that’s all there is to it. Get it Tony!


  1. Clean & Jerk 1RM: 210# (25# PR)

  2. Wandered in for a personal goat day…

    OTMx15 squat snatches: 95, 105, 115, 125, 135…repeated two more times

    Some butterfly and sit-up work.

    Bro sesh with Max and McD.

  3. Clean and Jerk: 1RM: 170#

  4. 1rm 205#
    2×2 165#

  5. Rachel E

    C&J: 135# (tied PR),140# clean (5# PR) but failed jerk
    2 x 2 C&J at 110#

  6. 1rm 185# This was my PR weight last year around this time. I feel that I’m progressing nicely but it was so hard to hold back today. Travaun, Dave and Brian were getting it done!

    2×2 175#/155# I was all over the place with my jerk. Argghhhh

  7. 1 RM 125# (PR for a squat clean, not for my power clean or jerk)
    2 x 2 @ 100#

    My clean is good. My squat is not. My Jerk gets sketchy. I lose form as I get heavy.

    Thanks Sarah (and Harry and Max) and welcome to the crew Jess!

    • Amy Brooks

      Afternoon @ HS:
      Partial of yesterday’s workout. 3 RFT of 5 strict pull ups, 20 kettlebell swings with a 35# dumbbell and 25 wall balls with a 10# med ball to some unknown but consistent height. 9:54

      This evening, some interval walk jogs with a friend who is trying to get started running. Hoping for 30 minutes.

    • Good job!

  8. Taper mode w/ Big Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike Mike… What Day Is It, Mike?

    This workout doesn’t have a name (that I know of), but Max referred to it as “just a little burner to open the lungs and give you your fix; nothing to make you sore or break you down”.

    21-15-9 of Airdyne (calories) and burpees: 5:10

    Does breaking down crying count? Thanks, Max!

  9. Big Mike

    Max Sucks: 5:32 21-15-9 Airdyne/burpees

    Open up the lungs….cough blood

  10. C&J 1RM: 195# (10# PR)
    C&J 2×2: 165

    Due to various and long standing old man knee ailments (e.g., arthritis and tendonitis) I haven’t done a heavy clean in about a year. Feels good to be back!

  11. Sarah S.

    C&J: stopped at 100# (jerk was messy)
    C&J 2×2 80% = 80#

    Nice PR today Amy!

  12. C&J 1 RM: 235# (5# PR)
    C&J 2×2: 185#

    • Solid work today! Nice SOLID PR! It was great lifting with you today, we’ll have to do it again some time.

  13. C&J 1RM: 125# (clean PR)
    2×2: 105#

  14. C&J 1RM: 100#
    2×2: 80#

  15. C&J 1RM: 185 (10#PR)
    2×2: 155

  16. Sergio Cedeno

    C&J 155 (5#PR)

  17. 1RM: 165# – tied my PR, after a couple of failed attempts

    2×2: 135#

    It was fun lifting with you, Dan!

  18. C&J: 100#. 5# pr for the clean.
    2×2 @ 80#

  19. Kristin B.

    1RM: 150# — 10#PR. So so so psyched. Have been stuck at 140 forever. Thanks for all the help Geoff and Kevin!

  20. 1RM Clean: 110#

  21. 1RM C&J: 135. tied PR, been stuck here for what feels like forever

    2×2 at 105#

    Frustrated with the clean. No problem cleaning it, get stuck in the squat. Can’t figure it out.

  22. Maureen B.

    1 RM C&J: 115# failed the jerk
    2×2: 90#

  23. Andrea F

    1RM C+J: 115# Failed at 120# jerk.

  24. Kelly F.

    Clean & Jerk: 205#

    Cleaned 225# (PR), but failed on the jerk.


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