Tuesday 10.22.13

Pride In Effort Team we are still collecting money for T-shirts to send to Kenya. We are trying to send 100 shirts and are so close to our goal. Each shirt is $10 and will mean the world to these students.

Pride In Effort
Team we are still collecting money for T-shirts to send to Kenya. We are trying to send 100 shirts and are so close to our goal. Each shirt is $10 and will mean the world to these students.

5 rounds of:
15 Pull-ups
20 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35#)
25 Wall Balls (20, 14#)

Post times to comments.

Happy Birthday to Mike "shirts are for squares" Giorgio!

Happy Birthday to Mike “shirts are for squares” Giorgio!



  1. Lookin Good! Happy Birthday Mike!!

  2. CFNE – Last week another CrossFit delegation headed over to Kenya to hand over the completed CrossFit New England school to the village of Guro. The picture above is our school just before the ribbon was cut, and the school was blessed and presented to the teachers, students and parents.

    The village sends everyone at CFNE their thanks again for all that’s been done for them thus far.

    I have more pictures that I’m happy to share. Just grab me if you want to see them.

  3. Happy Bday Mike!

  4. Heather O

    Good morning everyone! And Happy Birthday Mike! :)
    Another early morning meeting this am so snuck in a 3 mile run and 50 push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Apparently if you take 2 weeks off at my office you get ‘invited’ to every meeting no on else wants to go to for the rest of the month. :( If anyone is looking for or knows of anyone looking for a paralegal…holler at your girl!
    Have a great day everyone. See you later this week. :)

  5. (very) Hardball – 33:17 Rx

  6. Christian

    Happy Birthday, Mike!!!!!

    Hardball: 24:29 (first 4 rounds of pull ups strict and had to resort to kipping the last round, 20 GHDSU per round instead of wall balls).

    10×2 OH KB squat: worked up to 31# (the 18# with the 13#) – talk about a goat!

    Fun morning!! Loving the 5:30! And reunited with the very first partner I ever had at CFNE for warm ups this morning!

  7. Hardball: 22:00 Rx

  8. Hardball: 20:37 Rx

    10×2 Double kb OHS: worked up to 44# each hand

    7×2 high back back squat w/3 sec pause: worked up to 265#

    HBD, Mike G. Psyched you were born. Breakfast was bangin’.

  9. Heather V

    Hardball: 18:34 Rx

  10. Hardball: 23:06 Rx

  11. Hardball: tapering for competition–so, did 3 rounds at 80-90% intensity, lighter weight and less reps.
    10-12# WB, 35# KB
    10 reps pull ups, 15 reps of KBS, and 20 reps of WB.
    1,200 meter row at medium pace
    ready to REST next few days:-)

    • Heather O

      Good luck this weekend Sam! I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I will be in spirit. You will do great! :-)

    • Michelene

      Yes, good luck Sam! Hoping to make it down to watch an event or two and cheer on our CFNE masters!!

    • Tricia D

      good luck!

  12. 19:54 rx
    started with wall balls

  13. Hardball: 24:10 (35# KBS, 16#WB)
    Started on Wall Ball

  14. Colleen (OC)

    Hardball: 19:49, 26# Russian swings (no back pain, yay!) and 10# wall balls.

    It was flattering of Harry to use me as the demo for the wall ball, but on about the 5th rep in the first round today, I proved that I stink at wall balls when the med ball came down, hit the edge of the window well and smacked me in the face. Hard.

    • Tricia D

      the demo was beautiful, the smack in the face was not – i saw both. upside is you shook it off and kept going. love it, great job.

    • Christian

      That’s why it’s called Hardball… Duh!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Maybe it should be “Faceball!” And Tricia- that was the hardest part– To let go of it mentally (cause I was fine, it didn’t hurt after the inital smack!) and just keep moving.

  15. Big Mike

    Pre-game tapering…
    3x500M row
    3x400M run
    1 min bench (better…)

    Hardest part of getting ready for a comp is not doing the wod’s with everyone else. Love the backroom but would rather be fighting for space out front and then obsessively checking the website all day.

  16. Tricia D

    Hardball: 22:58 (7 pus, 10#wb)

    Harry, perfect scale. I was able to hold on to the 7 per round. Thanks.

  17. Jonathan M

    Hardball: 28:08, 45#kb rest rx.

  18. Very Hardball: 23:32 @ 10# wall ball. Shoulders en fuego.
    OTM for 10 min: Skipping rope and handstand push ups.

  19. Rachel E

    Hardball: 21:37 (12# med ball, started on WBs)

    Too much rest on the WBs but they’re feeling better.

    • Rachel E

      Oh and 10 x 2 double KB OHS: 13# KBs

      • Nice Job today! I only did 3 Rounds so i could watch the class (i’m not a stalker) but every rep i saw was legit and perfect standards. Great Job!

        • Rachel E

          Hey thanks, Neeb! You’re my favorite cheerleader, even if you are a stalker : )

  20. 3 rounds @ 7:05RX

    Great laughs 6:30! Happy 50th Mike G!

  21. “Softball”: 9:53 (Hardball scaled to 3 rounds, 14# WB, 45# KB, 30 second rest b/t rounds)

    Tapering for Masters Comp on Saturday…

    Great getting a chance to finish the WOD before everyone else (which never happens) and watch the Mayhemers get after it. What a gutsy crew!

  22. Chris M.

    1. Hardball – 13:22 Rx’d
    2. 10×2 KB OHS – 7 @ 1p / 3 @ 1.25p

    … great test of form – shoulders are smoked.

  23. Happy Birthday to my favorite guy ever! You make me a better wife, friend and athlete and I’ve got nuthin but love for yah! Thank you to all the 6:30amers who came to celebrate.

    Hardball: 17:29 RX

    • Rachel E

      1) You smoooked that WOD, nice work! 2) Thanks for coordinating the shirtless double-bird party! Great way to start the day. Happy birthday, Mike!

    • Heather V


  24. Hardball – 20:51 RX (one round i could only find a 45#KB)
    10X2 KB OHS and Squat Therapy

    Happy 60th Mike!

  25. Hardball – 17:56 Rx

    Happy Shirtless Bday Mike!

    Alison, I’m assuming you’ll have to print this out on a dot matrix printer for him to see all of his birthday wishes. Or does his flip-phone have access to something called the Internet?

    • hahaha – I have a feeling he’ll get to see all the great posts today. The clamshell does not have internet though, we’re working on it

  26. Hardball – 17:47 Rx. Was just under 9 mins after 3 rds, then the wheels fell off. What a burner.

    10×2 kettlebell OHS therapy – worked up to 18# per hand. Holy shoulder mobility! I have some work to do here.

  27. Ashley R

    Hardball: 11:05 3 rounds RX

    I actually like all those exercises but after 3 rounds as instructed I was glad to be a Master doing the comp this weekend :)

  28. Ashley R

    Happy Birthday fellow Master Mike G!

  29. Hardball: 26:18 (35#, 10#)

  30. Hardball: 18:53 Rx

    10×2 kettlebell OHS therapy: worked up to 42# I think. Wasn’t exactly sure what the purple KB’s weight was but I combined the purple with 35#.

  31. Patti Jeanne

    Hardball 19:16 with 12# ball and blue band pull-ups. Trying ease my shoulders back in.

    Happy birthday Mike
    Side note, I have to thank Ben for his previous fireside chats about what we “get to do”. I told myself that several times during the kettle bell swings and even tried to smile during the last round. I will also “get” to help someone in need this week who can’t take care of themselves and it puts it all in perspective.

    Have a great day every CFNE’er. I hope you smile when you “get to do” something today!

  32. Hardball: 18:15, banded strict pus 10 per round, 35# kb, 8#wb, super light for my shoulder but really grateful to be working overhead again!!! BTW still very good workout!

    Happy B-day Mike, nice feast!!!

  33. Hardball 20:00 RX (all butterfly pu. Yeah!)

    KB OHS 30#

  34. Happy bday Mike! Sorry I couldn’t make it this am!

  35. Hardball: 24:51 Rx – slow this morning… need to do less looking at the med ball and more throwing of the med ball

  36. Hardball: 21:32 Rx. Too much resting.

  37. Michelle

    Hardball: 3rounds. 10:15 or 10:51 rx- it is correct on board.

  38. Susan Stein

    Happy Birthday Mike G.!

    Hardball: 14:41 (Ring rows for pull ups, 35# Russian swings, 6# wall ball)

    Modifications were because of my shoulders, first time putting my arms overhead in a little over 2 months.

  39. Michelene

    Hardball: 23:36 (10# WB)

  40. hardball: 3 rounds (masters scaling – we are old and can not do 5 rounds) – 11:50 8# ball
    trying to save my back…..

    That was hard – was glad to get to do 3 rounds:)!!!

  41. Hardball: 24:07 Rx. Too much pacing but still a good one.

  42. Hardball: 18:32 (5 strict pull ups, 53# Russian KBS, 16# wall balls)

  43. Hardball 15:20rx

    Happy Birthday Mike!

  44. Hardball 13:13 Rx

    Happy birthday mike

  45. Hardball: 29:58 (10 pull-ups per round, rest rx). Brutal.

  46. Craig B.

    Hardball: 15:49 rx

    Happy B-Day Mike!!

  47. Hardball – 20:48 RX

    Attempted double KB OHS, did squat therapy instead.

    Everything about today crushed me!

  48. hardball: 21:19 rx

    fun 9:30!

  49. Jonathan

    Hardball: 20:51 Rx

  50. Hardball
    10#ball, 10 pullups per round


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