Monday 10.21.13

The Masters are coming this are our awesome sponsors! Mmmmmmmm this gives me a craving for my favorite, progenex-

The Masters are coming this weekend…so are our awesome sponsors! Mmmmmmmm this gives me a craving for my favorite, progenex-tessemae’s-quest bar-b.good burger-fuel for fire soup…SO GOOD!

21 Thrusters (135, 95#)
800m Run
15 Thrusters
400m Run
9 Thrusters
200m Run

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If you don't read Maureen's blog she'll beat you up...ask Steve.

If you don’t read Maureen’s blog she’ll beat you up…don’t believe me? Ask Steve…actually don’t…he will just tell you he “fell down the stairs”.


  1. “magic fingers” Maureen

  2. Shockwave (modified): 9:57 (155# BS)

  3. Shockwave: 14:47 (105#) sub row. slow and tired today for sure, not sure which comes first.

  4. Shockwave: 17:17 (115#)

    thruster buster need more luster.

  5. Shockwave: 10:55 (65#). Should’ve gone for more weight.

  6. Shockwave: 14:46 (FS #95) After the first 4 trusters I was in trouble. I think I made it to 10 before switching to FS. No “go juice” in the tank today.

  7. Shockwave: 11:54 (65#). Tried to chase down Rae but came up one second short!

    Agree with Erin, I was cautious as this is a movement where I often lose form and stayed a little light. Afternoon workout will include some FS work.

    • Amy Brooks

      Afternoon @ HS
      1. 2 min DU drill – 82
      2. Strength
      5×1 dead lift to 230 (pr)
      5×3 bench (to 110 fail)
      5×3 strict pull ups. Little pause in between each
      5×3 HSPU attempts
      5×3 FS to 115
      3. Core
      3 rounds of:
      20 decline sit ups with 10# medball toss off wall
      20 supermans
      20 toe pickers


  8. Shockwave: 13:46 (75#).

  9. Shockwave: 12:07 (115#)

  10. Colleen (OC)

    Shockwave: 12:06, 45#. Back has been bothering me a bit. Thruster wasn’t the problem- it was the clean to get it to the front rack position that irritated it.

  11. Christian

    Shockwave – 14:14rx (my lungs are still on fire)

    7×2 High Bar Back Squats w/3 sec pause – 245# across

    1 Squat Clean + 2 Jerks – 175# (minding the shoulder) – worked up to 215# for a squat clean.

    I tried to do my best filling in for Ho this morning.

  12. Heather V.

    Shockwave: 13:11 Rx

    • Christian

      Fun trying to chase you… Maybe get some sleep?

      • Heather V.

        ummmm ya, I wish I could sleep today. I need to be on my game at least until 2:30pm, coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

    • I was MIA this morning, so don’t have great perspective, but this seems very very fast. Nice job!

      • Heather V.

        I don’t know if it was SUPER fast… but, I did surprise myself w/ being able to do the Rx weight. I totally planned on stripping off weight, but thought I would give the 95# a chance… and I was just fine.

  13. Michelene

    Shockwave: 12:03 (50#)

  14. Shockwave: 11:35 (75#) 10# pr

  15. Sarah S.

    Shockwave: 13:50 (65#), then 2 minute DU drill.

  16. Jonathan M

    Shockwave: 15:44, 105#

  17. Masters Comp prep: Triple Take, take two

    5×5 back squat: 175# – 225#

  18. Shockwave: 14:31 (115#)

  19. Shockwave: 12:41 (115#)

    • Who is the master in the picture (red shirt)? Guessing Big Bri, thinking hey is that me? do i look that good and am i that bald. Coming around to – must be Big Bri, and my bald spot is much bigger than that.

  20. Kristin R

    Shockwave: 15:40 sub 75# FS for the thrusters (shoulder)

  21. Shockwave: 12:06 (85#)

  22. Ashley R

    Shockwave: 65# (which felt like 100#) 12:00

  23. Big Mike

    Triple Take: Worse/Better/Worse
    Tweaked my shoulder a bit in round 1 and protecting the calf in round 3 but got the weighted movements through all three rounds without dropping. Fun to do it with a bunch of geezers. If I had a 3 minute Fran, this would be like doing three three minute Frans back to back. You don’t warm up in this WOD. Zero to sixty.

    • I agree – I described this as 3 rounds of “Fran” – sucks that bad…but awesome!

    • Groupies

      Big Mike you are going to do great in the 60+ division.

      • Big Mike

        Thank you CFNE Community for the positive love and support. Something I see on this board every day. Don’t know how I could do it without you.

        And for the record, when cornered and the ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in, I fight and usually end up throwing up due to an adrenaline overload. SO you get your ass kicked and you get puked on. But the good thing is I can only eat soft mushy foods given my dentures so it cleans up easy.

  24. Craig B.

    Shockwave: 11:50 rx

  25. Chris M.

    1. Shockwave – 11:14 Rx
    2. SC&2J – worked up to 215# (2nd jerk was ugly)
    3. Pause Back Squats 7×2 @ 225-245-265-275-285-295-305 (spicey)

    … 135# thrusters get into your head.

  26. Shockwave – 14:21 Rx
    Squat Clean + 2 jerks – up to 165#
    Pause Back Squats – 205#

  27. Masters version of shockwave: 65#
    21 thrusters
    15 power cleans
    9 push jerks

    All unbroken. Well, dropped thruster at 20 bc forgot it was 21 but reset and did last one.

    Practices masters bench/HSC with Teri and Ronda.
    Thanks ladies.. PR’ed so feel more confidant even though per Ronda “it was an f’ing disaster and you got that on pure strength!”…. Now I know to put my head in the game for the HSC.

    Tapering in effect! Love it!

  28. “Shockwave”: 15:37 Rx

  29. Shockwave: 12:50 (65#)

    C&J: worked up to 115#

  30. Shockwave: 13:00 subbed 95# hang power cleans for thrusters. Shoulder and lat wanted no part of thrusters today after yesterday’s Masters WOD prep.

  31. Modified Shockwave and did 185# front squats instead of thrusters (shoulder).


  32. Maureen B.

    Come on guys I won’t beat you up if you don’t read my blog hehehaha (but do you really want to take that chance *said in a creepy halloween voice* …)

    But for seriously, check it out if you want to! :) I just added a new post today.

    • Any fashion blog that features Ho as a model is a no-rep for me.

      • Christian


      • Words hurt, bro.

        • Maureen B.

          It’s okay Andrew, you are more than welcome to be my model any time. Unless of course Braatz has other friends that will boycot my blog, in which case I’m going to photoshop Tom Brady’s face over yours :)

    • Wait, my bad. I thought the picture of Al Borland was Ho (in his Cheeto manboob days) and you had just photoshopped his hair brown.

      I have no other friends. No worries there.

  33. Patti Jeanne

    Shockwave 9:48 with rowing and 55#. Went light to ease my knee and shoulder back in

  34. Shockwave: 10:58RX (pretty sure this is what I wrote on board) Great having Ally B. out front to try to catch!

  35. Shockwave. 13:15, 9 thrusters @ 85, them moved to 105# FS. Grateful to get those thrusters as shoulder recovery continues forward. Running felt good. Wait, no it didn’t. Happy to be back running, lungs hurt… Ha ha.

  36. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Shockwave – 11:44 (55#) light weight

  37. Shockwave – 13:07 RX

    C&2J – worked up to 145#
    7×2 pause back squats – 125-145-155-165-175-185-195

  38. Shockwave: 14:35 rx

  39. Shockwave
    11:50 #45 600, 400,200 sprints
    (not many things make me want to cry; sad movies, hurt puppies, and running) :)

    • but you are doing it!!!! Isnt that what really matters?? Nice job – I love to see your progress with your running – now to change your attitude towards it (and I will work on my rowing attitude!)

    • Patti Jeanne

      You did great running today

  40. Shockwave
    18 minutes or so. Went lite, 25lb. Took little breaks. I am not fond of thrusters. But I did it!

  41. Shockwave – 10:08 Rx

  42. Masters wod practice in back room with kev. Way to go kev. Thanks James for being our time keeper/coach.

  43. Shockwave: 12:27
    #115, Row
    went 21,12+3,9 Thrusters, big progress with this goat!

  44. Kristin B.

    Shockwave: 14:29 w/55#. Disappointed…been working on running for the last several weeks but legs just felt like lead today, even with a light weight. Next time.

  45. Shockwave: 12:00 (sub 75# front squats)

  46. Nicole D

    Shockwave: 11:49 (65#)

  47. Shockwave: 12:45 subbed 85# front squat


  48. Shockwave: 12:07 Rx…well that sucked.

    Clean complex: up to 185#…kept it light to test out the back, so far so good.

  49. Rachel E

    Shockwave: 11:22 (75#)

    C&2J: 125#; clean was uggo

    HBBS with pause, 7 x 2: 135#

  50. Maureen B.

    Shockwave: 11:31 (65#) Thanks for the pre-wod pep talk Maxy Waxy, mos def would have not been as mentally tough on the thrusters w/ out that.

    C&2J – 105# – couldn’t bring the bar down after the first jerk
    HBBS with pause, 7 x 2: 135#


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