Saturday 10.19.13

Mike's a pretty big deal. If you've got your name in lights that's pretty much the tops. Nice job Mike reaching the top so early in life. Next step, retire to a gated community in Florida, play shuffleboard, and get yourself a Rascal.

Mike’s a pretty big deal. If you’ve got your name in lights that’s pretty much it. Mike, nice job reaching the top so early in life. Next step, retire to a gated community in Florida, play shuffleboard, and get yourself a Rascal.

Lift Up Luke
4 Power Cleans (155, 105#)
24 Double Unders
10 Pull-ups

Post scores to comments.

Come in today to Lift Up Luke!

Come in today to Lift Up Luke!

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  1. I am a huge Mike Finn fan !!

  2. Mike Finn

    Hey that’s me!

    • Groupies


      • Groupies

        That’s not Mike Finn….he’s too fit and ripped!

        Wait a minute. That is Mike….OMG!!

  3. Christian

    Awesome, Finn!!

  4. Lift Up Luke: 3+2 (135#) That one got the lungs burning.

  5. Lift up Luke: 3+31 Rx

    CompWOD – 15 front squats/15 jerks, 12/12, 9/9: 7:32 @ 145#

    Super psyched to meet Kate’s mom and Alyssa…always good to meet the fans!

  6. Lift Up Luke (modified): 4+1 (155# BS, DU’s & GHD sit-ups)

  7. Lift Up Luke: 3+1 Rx

    Master Comp prep (thanks Michelle!):
    21-15-10-9-6-3 bench press (115#)
    5-10-5 agility drill

  8. Heather O

    Happy Saturday everyone! :) So great to be back at CFNE after an amazing wedding and mini honeymoon. :)
    Lift Up Luke: 2+4 (65#, 12 du attempts and thin green banded pull-ups). So I am going to try to be positive and happy that I got to do this WOD for such an amazing cause today but I swear if my shoes become untied one more time during a WOD with double unders I’m going barefoot! I didn’t want to stop and tie it in a 5 min WOD but should have instead of trying to get through them at the end with untied shoes! Oh well better luck next time. Thank you also Tricia for being a fab partner per usual! 😉 Have a great weekend everyone! :)

  9. Lift up Luke: 2+18 Rx

  10. Lift Up Luke 3+2 (135#)

  11. Tricia D

    Lift up Luke: 2 + 53 (2xsu, combo of pu and attempts, 65#)

  12. Lift up Like: 3+57 105# and subbed 48 singles for 24 doubles.
    Practiced bench press after with AnneMarie.
    115#’s did sets of 21-18-15-8-7-5
    Thanks for spotting AM!

  13. Nicole D

    Lift Up Luke: 3 (95#)

  14. Lift up Luke: 4+2 (85#)

  15. Craig B.

    Lift up Luke: 5+1 rx

  16. Colleen (OC)

    Lift Up Luke: 3+1, 65#, 12 DU, and Rx pullups. I was supah fast in the first round, then my DUs were pretty sad after that. Fun WOD though!

  17. Jerry
    Luke 2+9 Rx
    Agility drills with John G, Kim and Sam
    Agility drills smoked my legs.

  18. Luluke
    3+26 145

  19. Lift Up Luke: 4 + 3 (85# and SU)
    kept light to save back and bicep for next week….URGH

    a little masters comp work going through the motions….

    ANyone in tomorrow and want to do some masters stuff? Agility drills??

  20. Lift Up Luke: 3+4 PCLN (RX PCLN, DU/su/DU’s, 53# RKBS)

  21. L.J. DiCarlo

    Lift up Luke: 3+22 Rx

    Double unders fell apart today. Easy come, easy go!

  22. Andrea F

    Lift Up Luke: 1 + 35 (95# and red banded PU)
    Struggled on this one. Was off for a few days from being sick and then my jump rope had a knot in it the 1st round, so definitely wasn’t my best, but glad I came in this morning! Thanks to Meg Fox for being a great partner and giving me some good tips on my PU :)

  23. Lift up Luke: 4+11 RX

  24. Lift up Luke: 4+18 Rx

    Team WOD led by Ashley F. Scott – good meeting you and fun working together.

  25. Lift up Luke: 4+2 (48 singles, rest Rx)

    Team WOD with Jared.

  26. Luke: 6+4 Rx

  27. Lift up Luke: 3 rounds even (65#, 12 DU). Such a fun 9am class with Max at the helm….I’ve never played egg-chick-falcon-eagle-whatever-pick-your-mobility before!

  28. Amy Brooks

    Ciderfest 5k: 28:43 xcountry course.

  29. Lift Up Luke – 4+4 RX

  30. Lift up Luke: 3+1 (105#, 48 singles, rx pull-ups)

  31. Lift up Luke: 2 + 1 (85#). Need to really work on my DU, so then did 2 minute drill.

  32. LuL: 3+1. 135#, 5 strict pull ups


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