Friday 10.18.13

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Kate Schuh!

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Kate Schuh!

6 Handstand Push-up
9 Box Jump (30, 24″)
12 Calories on the rower

Post scores to comments.


The only picture in circulation of Kate resting.

The only picture in circulation of Kate resting.


  1. I think she’s got a boyfriend, bro. Tone it down. Geez.

  2. Michelene

    My 8 year old made a CrossFit gym in her Polly Pocket house. She had a super ball for a wall ball and a jenga block for “that log that Jason Khalipa carried on his back.” So proud!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Kate!!

  4. Have a great BDAY Kate!

  5. Heather O

    Happy Birthday Kate! :) I hope you have an incredible day and weekend. :) xo

  6. Kate’s a winner!

    Hope you have an awesome day.

  7. Happy Birthday Kate! You are an inspiration to many of us.

  8. Christian

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Kate!! We’re all glad to have you at CFNE!!!!!

  9. Happy B Day Kate !!

  10. Happy Birthday Kate!!xoxo!

  11. Lára Vukson

    5:30! Big day today and felt great to start the day off with all of you. Going back to work today after my leave with Baby Zack!

    AMRAP 10:
    6 Handstand Push-up
    9 Box Jump (30, 24″)
    12 Calories on the rower

    4 + 21 reps (4 plates and kpu’s)

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  12. Happy birthday Kate!

    Roadblock: 6+4 Rx. Loved this WOD.

    Then I almost dislocated my left shoulder doing a muscle up. My apologies to everybody in the 0630 who witnessed that and nearly vomited. Awesome.

  13. Happy Birth…blah blah blah, whatever.

    Roadblock: 5 + 16 Rx…fun chasing Dave and Mike (and making Sarah didn’t catch me)

    15 Muscle Ups OTMish…whoever lowered the wooden rings is a bad human. They are smarter than me and I can’t fix them. Sigh.

    • I seem to have dangled my modifier. I meant the rings were smarter than me, not the bad human. No humans are smarter than me, bad or good. That’s just science.

  14. Happy Kate. Enjoy!

  15. Happy birthday, Kate!

    Roadblock: 5+22 Rx

  16. Happy B-day Kate.

    Roadblock: 6 + 0 (1AM, 20″)

  17. Tricia D

    Roadblock: 4 + 13 (1 10sec hsh, 20″)

  18. Kate, you ball of energy and organization and dedication. Honored to share a locker room with you. Libras make the best Crossfitters.

    Road Block- 5 + 11 Rx. Ho and I held hands for one round of HSPUs. It was hard to get the game face going after that.
    Also, Heather V. nice MU work.

  19. Colleen (OC)

    Roadblock: 4+12, but only 3 Rx HSPUs instead of 6 (so 108 reps for whoever is counting). I’m almost there! HSPUs felt solid, even if I had to do them in a window well, right next to Heather B.

    Happy birthday Kate! Sorry I didn’t get to tell you in person this morning!

  20. Heather Bergeron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you hot P.O.A.!!!!

    Roadblock: 5+19 RX.

    I love when can’t sleep because I ghetto train with you psychotic 5:30AMers.

    FYI: on the way home, I successfully lodged my necklace pendant in my left nostril. Mission complete. SUCK IT.

  21. Roadblock: 4 + 2 – first round RX, otherwise 2 HSPU per round.

    My running October is almost done (thank goodness). Ciderfest 5k at the family party tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. More important is the Skillet Toss. Megan won last year but I didn’t attend. I’m going to try and take her down this year.

    68 Brixham Rd, York, Me – 1 p.m. race, party starts at 2 if you are bored tomorrow. Must bring Apples and potluck for food. Bluegrass band, big bonfire and lots of cider pressing.

    • Amy Brooks

      Added an afternoon little workout at the HS.
      Lift Up Luke: 3 rounds – 48 singles for the double unders.

  22. Heather V

    Roadblock: 4 + 24 Rx

    MU work…. I am VERY close…. Finally turning it over, just need to get my hands in a better position to get the dip.

  23. Roadblock: 4+9 (2 HSPU/round)

  24. Chris M.

    1. Roadblock – 6 rounds + 5 Rx
    2. “Death by Unbroken MUs”
    R1 to R5 – Failed F6
    R7 to R11 – Failed R12
    R13 to R15

    … most muscle-ups I’ve ever strung together.

    For those that are interested the house that CFNE built is on the Main Page

  25. Roadblock: 5+14 RX

    Happy Birthday Kate! Great moment when you crossed the finish line with those lunges.

  26. Happy birthday Kate!
    Roadblock: 4+29. Subbed 10 sit ups f

  27. Roadblock: 6+7RX

    Happy Bday Kate! Although doesn’t it ALWAYS feel like your bday when you live with Max?!

    Beautiful day oustide! Get out and catch come leaves!

  28. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! Went to bed too late again last night so yet again missed the Mayhem this morning! Next week I am back on the bangwagon. Will be going for a run to enjoy this beautiful weather after work tonight.

    I did have a question through about tomorrow’s Lift up Luke WOD, is this only taking place at the 8 am class or at all classes tomorrow? Thanks so much! :-)

  29. Craig B.

    Roadblock: 6+9 Elevated HSPU on 45 Plates

    Happy Birthday Kate!!

  30. 5 + 6 rx

  31. Christian

    4+6 – 70# KBs for BJs

    Rachel!!!!! Thanks for the HSPUs!!!!! I can kip!! I thought I was just void of good motor patterns!! So pumped!

  32. Strict Press: 5RM 145, 1 RM 165
    DL: 5×5 @ 245
    Row: 2000m

    I miss jumping!

  33. Michelle

    Roadblock: 4 + 21 or 5 + 21 rx. I thought it was 5 +, but I lost count and so did the rabbit I was chasing. So I’m not sure. Loved this workout.
    1 mu otm x 10.

  34. Roadblock – 5+12 Rx (plus one nice shin bruise)
    Various MUs, including finally stringing some together again. No kip though. And bent arms.

    Kate S, happy birthday! Great to have you in our class vs. the 6:30 am!

  35. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and for making the day at CFNE even more fun (if that’s possible). Thanks to the 830amers for being so welcoming to my mom too.. She had a blast with you guys!

  36. Roadblock: 4+16(pipe pus, 20″)

  37. Roadblock 5+13

  38. Susan Stein

    More like Road kill: 4 rounds + 3 cal. (15 cal. on Airdyne & 5 24″ box step ups)

    Attempted 20″ box jumps but whacked my shin on the first jump. Absolutely no legs after the Airdyne.
    Thanks for the mods Kevin.

    Happy birthday Kate!

  39. Roadblock- 5+20 rx. First box jumps since injury in march. Felt good.

  40. Michelene

    Roadblock: 4+6 with lots of HSPU modifications. I did the first few Rx but by the end I was only doing 3 per round and was up to 2 abmats by the final round! Ugh. Thanks to the nooners for letting me crash your class today. Husband is on a longer than usual trip so I won’t be able to join the mayhem again until Monday. Maybe I should practice HSPUs at home instead!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      I practice them in my kids bedrooms! (They have carpet so it’s easier on the noggin!) “Everybody back up… Mommy’s doing a handstand push up…”

  41. Roadblock: 3 rnds. Then I failed repeatedly on the hspu’s for a couple minutes even with an abmat. Then I did 9 box jumps and time ran out!

  42. Roadblock: 4 rounds, HSPU with 2 ab mats.

  43. Roadblock: 5 calories short of 4 full rounds. Scaled to 3 HSPU per round (and the last set included two abmats), but very excited to get to do these in a WOD now. Better every day. Box Jumps and Row were Rx.

  44. “Roadblock”: 3 + 21 not quite Rx. First time with no abmats, but didn’t kick up into full handstand, so was a few reps short. Probably got 4-5 each round. Started on box jumps.

  45. Jonathan

    Roadblock: 5+15 Rx
    MU OTM: 5 rounds unbroken…then they got ugly.

  46. Roadblock: 5+18 Rx

  47. Roadblock: 6 (Rx except I subbed 30 DUs for Box Jumps because of my knee)

    This was the first time I was able to string 30 DUs together unbroken for 6 rounds. It’s nice to end a Friday workout on a positive note!

    Earlier this morning:
    5RM Strict Press – 135# (5# PR)
    1RM Strict Press – 152# (2# PR)
    5RM Bench – 225#
    1RM Bench – Failed 265#

  48. Roadblock – 4+18 RX (or maybe 5? But I think 4)

    OTMx20 – odds-5 dips on GHD, evens-5 C2B pullups (instead of MU)

  49. Colleen (c4!)

    Roadblock 5+ 12 Rx.

  50. Roadblock 5+12
    subbed 70KB for Box jumps


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