Thursday 10.17.13

Mike G. winner of the "scariest face while working out" contest. Congrats!

Mike G. winner of the “scariest face while working out” contest. Congrats!


Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3
Clean & Jerk (135, 95#)
Toes to Bar

3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9 / 12,12 / 15,15/ 18,18…

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Here I am checking out some guys...calves...ya calves...

Here I am checking out some guys…calves…ya calves…

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  1. Question: Barbells for Boobs 10/31… is there a way to register w CFNE on the BfB site or should I make my own page if I want to fund raise?

    • See above :)

      • I want to make my own fundraising page… but it won’t let me join CFNE as a “team” any way you guys could pretty please make it a team page?

      • Thanks for doing B4B again. I have two friends who were just diagnosed last month. Funding mammograms is sooooo important.

  2. Open WOD 13.4: 95#’s
    72 reps–PR by 2 from August, and 11 from the Opens in March.
    Thanks for counting/judging Heather!

    • I have not been able to stop thinking about this WOD for the last 2 hours.Perhaps disappointed that I did not PR by more reps from August. What I am focused on now, is that I strung most/many of the toes to bar together which I did not do last time. So, that should have made me more efficient and faster–maybe that is why i am having trouble getting my head around the fact that it did not impact my output that much. ahhhh. smiling anyways, cause I did consecutive toes to bar and Heather cheered for me:-)

      • It’s a win, Sam. Nicely done.

      • Heather V.

        Your T2B were awesome! You did well today… don’t question it!

      • I saw your T2B and they were legit. I saw you stringing them togther with Ho and it was neck to neck. Nicely done, Sam.

      • Susan Stein

        Sounds to me that you still did an amazing job. Even if it wasn’t a big PR, you’ve still made some pretty significant gains. Stop beating yourself up and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

  3. Open WOD 13.4: 61 Rx

    15 rep PR. Not a typo.

  4. Open 13.4: 44 Rx. 6 rep PR from August.

    Thanks for helping with my math Eugene – almost scaled up unintentionally!

  5. Open 13.4: 38 Rx Way off PR, favoring 1 leg due to injury but glad I did regardless.

  6. 13.4: 73 Rx (3 rep PR from August; 11 rep PR from Open)…gotta be mentally tougher. There’s more there…

    High Hang Squat Clean w/3 sec pause + Jerk: worked up to 205#

    3×3 Front Squat: 225, 225, 245

    • that’s about my same PR’s from March and August. I could not agree with you more about the mental piece. Even though it hurt physically, and I wanted to rest–the mental piece kept getting in the way. Good PRing

    • Well done. Improve TTB cycle time (form) and you’ll be at 80 on this.

  7. Open 13.4: 64 Rx. 6 rep PR.

    High hang squat clean w/ 3 sec pause + jerk: 135#. I have more here but it started to feel heavy on the jerk.

    3×3 front squats: 165#. The third one got spicy, every time.

    I was a complete space cadet today – my brain just wasn’t working. I blame Jake Peavy.

  8. Heather V.

    Open 13.4: 82 Rx PR

    Thanks for YELLING at me Kate… I needed it! Excellent judging Sam. Next time I need the chalk bucket handy, as I am sure I could have done a few more T2B’s if I weren’t hanging on for dear life. Fun morning!

  9. 13.4 – 47 Rx, 2 rep PR

  10. Big Mike

    13.4-68 Rx….meh (-2 from August)

    Self fulfilling prophecy. I had it in my head my PR was 62 on this so I was gunning for that number, when in reality we did it in August and I got 70. Shows that once I thought I was playing with house money I took the foot off of the pedal. Need to get greedy. Still hurt though.

  11. Kristin R

    13.4 – 75, subbed 105# DL for C&J because of shoulder pain. Most of the TTB were legit though I still haven’t been able to quite get the hang of stringing them together…

  12. 13.4 65 Rx (5 rep PR) fun counting for Adam this morning!

  13. Sergio Cedeno

    13.4: 36 Rx (13 Rep PR)

  14. Rachel E

    Open WOD 13.4: 61 Rx (12 rep PR)

    Hang C&J (forgot the pause!) up to 115#
    FS 3 x 3 at 125#

  15. 13.4: 44 RX (19 rep PR!)

  16. Sarah S.

    13.4 65 reps at 65#.

    Thank you Lisa K. for being a good partner!

  17. Chris M.

    1. 13.4 – 67 Rx (PR 72)
    2. Clean Complex (OT2M) – 145-155-165-175-185 Rx
    3. FS 3×3 @ 245-260-270 (5# PR)

    … got to work on volume C&Js … TTB unbroken … feels like I slip into a coma at the 4:00 min mark and wake up with 1:30 to go.

  18. Lára Vukson

    hello 5:30!!
    Open WOD 13.4: 55#’s
    55 reps (w/toes to bar attempts)

  19. Lára Vukson

    Hey! Anyone have good suggestions for a place to CrossFit in NYC near Union Sq?

    • Big Mike

      Reebok CF 5th Ave is very accommodating but may do a little more volume than we usually do. CF NYC is the biggest affiliate and I have not visited. I usually like to try to cherry pick a bit-something that is similar to our planned or recent programming so i don’t end up doing the same thing either before or after a trip.
      Also-nothing wrong with going for a nice run around the tip of Manhattan either!

    • Ditto on Reebok CF 5th Ave. Great guys and I like the programming. I also agree with Mike on running, except I do the Central Park main 6 mile loop. It’s fantastic.

  20. Ashley R

    Open WOD 13.4

    59 Reps RX…5 Rep PR from my best previous score. Looking back it looks like I have done this a few times.

  21. Open 13.4 WOD 66 (-6 from opens, didn’t do it in august)
    Master’s Comp bench/hhsc 30/20
    FS 3×3 2 165#
    note to self: getting 12 hours of sleep in two days greatly diminishes output. period.

  22. Open 13.4: 66 RX (4 rep PR)

  23. Craig B.

    Open 13.4: 87 reps

  24. Open 13.4: 63 Rx

    High hang sq. C&J w/ 3 sec pause in hole: worked up to 195

    3×3 front squats: 155 across

  25. Open 13.4: 67 Rx (4 rep PR)

    I had more in the tank. I wasn’t able to string together TTB in the rounds of 9 and 12. Another goal to work towards.

    High hang sq. C&J w/3 sec pause in hole: worked up to 205#.

    3×3 front squat: 225 across.

  26. Open 13.4 – 64 or 65…forget, probably 64 (either way, not a PR)
    High Hang Squat C&J – up to 155#
    3×3 Front Squat – 225# across

  27. Open WOD 13.4: 44 reps (135# power cleans and toes to bar).

  28. 13.4 – 78 (PR +10 from Open)

    HHS Clean up to 140#
    3×3 Front Squat 135#, working form

    Great 9:30 class Kev and Harry!

  29. Patti Jeanne

    Open 13.4 65 rx. Not a pr but I was so happy to hit it with no pain in my Achilles or knee!! Thanks Jan for cheering. Great job 8:30!

  30. Patti Jeanne

    By the way is the video Kevin M’s brother from another mother? Doesn’t Kevin do that for fun?

  31. Gimpy version of 13.4: 84 reps

    Strict Press (95#) for C&J + T2B
    Same progression

    Pre WOD:
    5 rounds of 300m row and 10 GHD sit ups

    Leg is getting better. Will put some weight on it next week. If you see me doing anything dynamic on it before then, please tackle me.

  32. Susan Stein

    Modified 13.4: 70 (85# power cleans & GHD sit ups for toes to bar)

  33. Amy Brooks

    @ HS
    Open WOD 13.4: 33 RX
    Don’t have my journal with me but pretty sure it’s well below pr. Next time.

  34. Open WOD 13.4 – 64 RX (7 rep PR, TTB still crush me!)

    High hang pause sq. clean + jerk – worked up to 150#
    3×3 front squat – 155#

    Thanks for the help Geoff and Rachel!

  35. Lynne Mc

    13.4 – 44 I think. 65# and 3 TTB each round to work on connecting them. Got all 3 each round which is a massssssive improvement.

  36. 13.4 – 49 85# Thanks Rob for cheering me on!!!

  37. Open WOD 13.4 – 68 (95#)

  38. Masters workout:
    Triple take- got between 2 1/2 & 3 rounds on each set. Tough workout, need to stay focused and pace appropriately

    Horsepower 115#

    thanks for the tips Geoff


    • Ronda Rockstar

      I think they mean that they PR’d by 6 reps since the last time we did it. Count up every rep to get your total score.

    • You do 3 CJs, then 3 TTB, then 6 CJs, then 6 TTB, then 9 CJs, then 9 TTB, progressing like that until you run out of time (7 minutes). Total reps completed is your score. So a score of 49Rx (6 rep PR) means that they did a total of 49 reps on this WOD today, but last time (or at least their previous best time) they accomplished only 43 total reps. A 6 rep personal record! And the Rx indicates that they did the WOD at the prescribed weight of either 135 for men or 95 for women.


  40. Ronda Rockstar

    13.4: 69 reps felt great on TTB; could have been faster on CJ if I were stronger but I did the best I could for today.

    Kinda rushed through the Comp WOD cuz had to get home to a sick child: 85 lb CJ with 3 sec pause and 3×3 FS at 85; better than nothing

    Words to live by (it is amazing how much better your life will be if you truly embrace it):

    Give Much, Expect Little.

  41. Open Wod 13.4: 63 (75#) 17 pr

  42. 13.4 – 60 (105#)

  43. 13.4: 90 rx (8 rep pr)

  44. Open WOD 13.4

    99 rep – 50#- only cleans- no jerks and GHD sit ups …. Trying to make smart decisions/ modifications :)

  45. 13.4 – 62 @ 70#.

  46. 13.4: 77 Mod 95# Cleans & GHD

    I got 25 reps in March, so despite being different movements, I got a TON more work done. Love it.

  47. 70rx
    6 rep pr from opens

  48. Maureen B.

    Open WOD 13.4: 49 (85#) Really wish I did Rx since I mentally couldn’t do it during the open, next time!
    Hang C&J up to 105#
    FS 3 x 3 at 115#

  49. Open 13.5: 75
    3 jerks per round rest were cleans (so happy to get my first overhead since July!!)
    105#, GHDs for TTB

    Thanks to Deb for coaching and counting. Really helps having a teammate!

  50. Christian

    13.4 – 70rx (6 rep PR from August)

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