Tuesday 10.15.13

Bode's biggest goat? Cuteness...this kid is too stinking cute...can't stand it.

Bode’s biggest goat? Cuteness…this kid is too stinking cute…can’t stand it…also talking…needs to work on that too.


OTM x 20 Goat Day
Odd – Goat 1
Even – Goat 2

Post Score to Comments.

Coach will help you determine movements, scales, loads, & reps.


Would believe that Heather has a different secret handshake with almost all of her friends? Ya, I wouldn't believe it either...can you imagine if she did? Holy cow so many different hand shakes.

Would you believe that Heather has a different secret handshake with almost all of her friends? Ya, I wouldn’t believe it either…can you imagine if she did? Holy cow so many different hand shakes.


For all my masters.
Remember, age is just a number.


  1. MJ still has the touch—but, I was just wondering if you think he could do Clovis?
    Thanks for posting this, Max:-)

    • Glad you liked the video. So cool to see him school OJ. Respect your elders.

  2. All,

    It’s awesome that our coaches hang out later than they need to in order to keep the gym clean. But there is no need to make their job harder by leaving out gear in the main room, back room, or outside after doing supplemental or competition work. That includes cups, clothes, and trash.

  3. Comp WOD: 19:57 (10 pull ups & 10 push ups for 5 muscle ups)

    Overhead pause squats OTM10: 3 rounds of 3 @ 85#, 7 rounds of 5 @ 55#

    Oof. Who needs shoulders, anyway?

  4. Tricia D

    Odd: 10-15 second hs holds
    Even: 25 second su

  5. OTM x 20 Goat Day
    Odd: 5 bench press (135#)
    Even: 5 hang squat clean (125#)

    Great to be back with the 5:30AM crew.

  6. Open CompWOD (5RFT – 3 MU + 10 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135#): 17:09…sooooooooo tight after Clovis.

    3 overhead pause squats OTM x 10 @ 65#…felt surprisingly decent.

  7. OTM20
    3 Front Squats (145)
    5 Butterfly Pull-up attempts or general flailing about

    • Colleen (OC)

      HA! Your legs were so funny! Don’t worry- keep practicing and you’ll get it (like everything else with CrossFit!)

    • I think you have ‘em. Double dog dare you to do them in the next pu WOD

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Goat Day:
    Odd: 2 Rx kipping HSPUs
    Even: 3 front squats @ 65#

    By the end, I was no longer doing Rx HSPUs. I switched to 1 abmat (and then at one point, used 2 abmats!) Front squats, not a problem.

  9. Goats: wall balls @ 14 to 10′ & butterfly pull ups
    So many goats, so little time.

    • + 1 hour trail run. Tricia D- looks good. Thx

      • Feeling guilty for not doing Clovis? Good. You should. Slacker.

        • What? Since the playground bully was a no-show today, you now want my lunch money? Just let me hang from the monkey bars in peace.

  10. Tricia D

    Greg found this recipe and we made it last night. Unbelievable. Thought I’d post it since it is apple picking season :). Enjoy.


  11. Comp WOD – 5 RFT 3/3/3/2/1 muscle ups and 10 STO @ 135#
    Not much left after Clovis

  12. odd: 2/3 Squat Snatch (45#)
    even: 10 DU attempts

  13. Craig B.

    Comp Wod: 5 rft. 5 mu and 10 sto 165#

  14. Goat Day:
    Odd: practice my thrusters for the comp WOD–working up to 95#. Last 5 sets I did 95 and the 10th round I did 5 in a row at 95–feeling proud.
    Even: 3 chest 2 bar pull ups

    Really enjoyed this WOD, the mayhemers, and the comraderie in the box this morning. Loved that my wife is there, too. Great way to start the day:-)

  15. goat day:
    DU with NO SINGLE in between – I think I got zero but had fun just simply being tangled up in the rope – why do I not get tangled when I do single/double?? This is beyond my comprehension – as are DU…..

    7 Shoulder to overhead – rebounding with 65# to practice comp wod – these got WAY better

    1 out of 2 aint bad!

    POST WOD work with rachel – bench OTM
    PU and BUtterfly work

    I am tired…. body spent.

  16. Ashley R


    5 – 70# push presses
    7-10 burpees (because I didn’t do nearly enough burpee pull ups yesterday :) was going to do ghd’s but they were taken.

  17. odd: DU Attempts (5) (I think I may actually have gotten a few DUs)
    even: Hand release pushups…to gain strenght for HSPU

  18. Patti Jeanne

    Goat day
    Odd overhead squats 4 reps at 35#
    Even 1-4 hspu to 3 a mats
    5-6 20″ step ups
    7-10 10 burpees

  19. Susan Stein

    Goat Day
    Odd: 7 GHD sit ups
    Even: 30 seconds of double under attempts. Managed to get a double under here and there, first time for everything!

  20. Goat Day: Odd – 200 m run; Even – 5 pull ups

    Thanks Mick for working with me on pull ups

  21. Goat Day:
    Odd-3 C2B, overhand grip
    Even-10 DU attempts, Rachel forbid me from adding the SU in between anymore. Got 2 in a row. Frustrating bc did 7 the other day…but at least I know that they are in there somewhere!

  22. Jonathan M

    Goat day:
    Odd: 7 DU Attempts

    Even: 7 TTB

  23. Michelle

    Goat day/comp wod: I intended to do comp wod and somehow jumped into otm goat. Good workout regardless. Even 2 mu (1mu 7r)/ odd s2o 105# x 8,8, then held 6s, last 2r got 5s
    Ohs: 3 otm w 3 sec pause: 85#
    3 x 200 m farmers carry ft w 106#: 9:35. (1:20 pr, thanks for the push, Rachel!)

  24. Goat Day:
    Odd-5 kipping GHD dips
    Even-5 C2B pullups

    OTMx10-3 pause OHS @ 75#

    And if I can lift my arms tomorrow it’ll be a miracle.

  25. Goat OEM 20: 6 FSQ 135#, 8 C2B

    Post WOD Goat OTM 10: 6 T2B

  26. Goat Day:

    Odd – 3 Kipping HSPU – Started with 3 mats but dropped to two after round 5. Feel like I’m getting these (until they disappeared on the second to last round).

    Even – 5 Toes to Bar – Lots of work to do here.

  27. Goats – Rope Climb & 10 Rebounding Box Jumps (9 rounds on 20in, 1 round on 24in)

  28. Jonathan

    Goat Day:
    Odd: Squat Snatch 3 @ 95#
    Even: 7 TTB’s

  29. Goat day:
    Odd: C2B 5×10
    Even: wall balls 10″x3 then increased 12″x7

  30. Kristin B.

    Odd: 5 pull-ups
    Even: 30 sec double-unders

    Strung 10-12 DUs together consistently which was a first, and pullups are getting there. Big thanks to Geoff for all the help.

  31. Kipping hspu tried 5 per round dwindled at the end
    Toe2bar tried kipping. Went to reverse grip. 10s

  32. Odd: 3MU Transitions
    Even: 7 DU attempts… Jumping is an issue, I’ll save these for a later date.

  33. What I could do kind of day…. No goat day because of shoulder… I think a MRI is in my future :(

    Odd: 16 sit-ups
    Even: 5 back squats 75#…

  34. Maureen B.

    Odd: 3 HSPU
    Even: DU practice :45
    HSPU felt better, still need work on DU’s

  35. OTM Goat Work

    Even-5 OHS @115
    Odd- 2 MUs, really struggled getting these today

  36. Odd: 7 thruster @65#
    Even: 5 squat snatch @65#

  37. Goat Day – PT101

    Even – Supine “Bank Robbers”
    Odd – Prone upper thoracic extension while pressing base of index finger and elbows into floor (ooo sounds so fancy!) haha!

    Going to be feeling Clovis for another day or so…the RKBS have my hammies super tight!

  38. Andrea F

    Goat day:
    Odd: 3 T2B (got them for the first time last Friday)
    Even: 7 burpees (I loathe them so much I’m going do them and learn to love them)

  39. KPU & DU practice

  40. Lara Vukson

    OTM x 20 Goat Day
    Odd: 5 wall balls 10#
    Even: 5 burpees


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