Monday 10.14.13

Happy Monday! Well Happy Monday to everyone except Rob Ryan and the Saints. GO PATS!

Happy Monday! Well Happy Monday to everyone except Rob Ryan and the Saints. GO PATS!

***Two classes today at 6am and 9am***

10 Mile Run
150 Burpee Pull-ups

Partition the run and burpee pull-ups as needed

Post times to comments.

"Oh you lost Rob? It's ok. Want to hug my bear?" -Bode

“Oh you lost Rob? It’s ok. Want to hug my bear?”


  1. Andrew E

    Two perfect captions! Also, last year’s Clovis:

  2. Clovis: 1:39:07 Rx

  3. Big Mike

    Row-vis: 1:43:21
    Rowed 1600 meters/15 burpee pull ups for 10 rounds. Was able to pull the interval times from the rower and only had to guess on the last round of burpees. Huge kudos to those that ran this. I’d say next time but not so sure. Lots of blood blisters.
    Happy to have Ron by my side keeping me honest!

    Row Splits
    1 06:16.5
    2 06:36.2
    3 06:43.1
    4 06:51.6
    5 06:58.3
    6 06:59.8
    7 06:59.6
    8 06:55.5
    9 06:51.8
    10 06:48.9
    1:08:01 total row time & 2:07.5 average pace for 16,000 meters.

  4. Clovis: 2:02:09 (19:06 PR from 11 months ago and did low bar jumping pull-ups last time…high bar legit burpee pull-ups today. Progress.)

    1RM Snatch per comp WOD site: hahahahahahahahahahahaha…yeah right. Ben be cray cray.

    As always with Hero WODs. Humbled. Honored. Remembered. Thankful. Rest peacefully, brother.

  5. Clovis: 1:57: Ran the 10 miles straight (1:28:30) then 150 burpees

    • Heather V

      And I never had a chance to ask… How were the burpees at end? Nice job!

      • Well, they weren’t fun but I’m not sure there is much of a difference either way it is done. Your time was great! Awesome running

  6. Clovis: 1:50:40 Rx (4:17 slower than last November, but still battling back from being sick the last few weeks, so pumped just to do this awesome wod)

    A lot of inspiring efforts and performances out of people today. Such a terrific way to start the day!

  7. Michelene

    Clovis: 2:00:55 Rx This was my first time doing Clovis – feels like a CrossFit rite of passage.

  8. Clovis – 1:26:36 Rx

    Honored to be able to do this, RIP & Thank You


  9. Rachel E

    Clovis: 1:58.15 Rx, first time

    Last 3 miles weren’t pretty but it felt like a gift to be able to do this today. Loved seeing everyone gutting it out, Heather V flying by on the runs with Eugene chasing her, Jerry, when asked if he would do the whole thing saying “of course — you only live once” — what a special place. Rest in peace, Clovis.

  10. Heather V

    Clovis: 1:47:53 Rx
    So inspiring seeing everyone today getting after this WOD and sticking w/ it.
    Harry – Awesome words this morning. It is a good reminder to always remember those who sacrifice for us and the list is long!

  11. Michelle

    Huge props to everyone gutting that out today! Very inspiring to see!
    Masters practice + 4rft 400 m run / 15 burpee pus 14:26

  12. Clovis: 2:00:09 Rx.

    Lucky to get to do this workout today. Lucky to have a job where I could roll in at 9:45 because I took the time to do this.

  13. Clovis: 2:00:05 Rx

  14. Christian


    (30 HR push ups, 30 abmat sit ups for burpee pull ups) – til the last round when I couldnt bend my legs so I subbed 30 strict pull ups for the sit ups

    I was on a solid pace til that last round…

    Thanks Tam for stretching my calves when I couldn’t stand up afterwards.

    Ben, don’t worry wasn’t running through “pain” my calves and hamstrings charlie horsed bad in mile 7, but not a good enough reason to quit. I was still being half smart… not asking out in a Hero WOD.

    Great job 6am.

  15. Thomas F

    Clovis 1:53:53 Rx

    Wow what a “1st workout back” after not visiting CFNE for like two months! (Fractured two fingers this summer while acting like a kid – all better now.)

    Great workout, great to see everybody! Good efforts all around this morning.

  16. clovis: 1/2 63:42
    I have to say I had a hard time actually not doing the whole thing like last year, but knew it was the right thing for me to do today. And sometimes that is the harder thing to do then a RX:)!

    Love this WOD and what it brings out in us.


  17. Clovis: 1 hour and 31 minutes, 7 miles
    was planning to push through to 10, but, every part of my legs/hips said “no”. Wowza! that was much tougher than I thought it would be…..

    • I am glad you stopped! I was thinking “sam is gonna be sorry if he does this whole thing”!!! WAY to listen to your body!!!

  18. Susan Stein

    Clovis: 67:41 (3 rounds of 2 miles and 30 burpees, no pull ups due to shoulder)
    Great job everyone, especially to those who finished it all.

    RIP and thank you Clovis!

  19. Rowvis – Rowing Clovis: 1:38:32

    Pre WOD:
    5×5 Strict Press (135#)
    5×5 DL (up to 245#)

    Hero days are special. Solid effort all around today!

  20. L.J. DiCarlo

    Clovis: 1:48:11 Rx

    Has anyone seen my brand new “RX” Jump Rope? It’s neon orange with black handles and I left it at CFNE on Friday after the Noon class. I looked in the lost and found and couldn’t find it. Please let me know if you might have picked it up by accident. Thank you!

  21. Clovis-2:17:15 RX


  22. Lynne Mc

    5 rounds of Clovis 62:30

    Delighted I got to do this today.

  23. Ashley R


    Bob R 1:35:58 RX

    Ashley 7 rds 1:26:20 timed my half Clovis at 59:17..thought I may stop here but decided to see how far I could get. Hit a wall at round 7. I have never worked that hard in a workout in my entire life.
    Good motivation Rachel to think about those who may inspire us during this workout. My little angel was sitting on my shoulder for this one…. pushing me along.

  24. Clovis: 1:10:15 1/2 Rx (5 miles/75 Burpee PU)

    Thank you Clovis!

    Get a haircut Rob Ryan…gross!

  25. Clovis: rowing 16000 m, burpee box step ups.
    Approx time: 1:40:00. Started before 6:00am clock started and rower had last 8 rounds at 1:20 or so. Mike and I figured the whole thing was 1:40. Hell, I am just proud to be able to finish!! The runners are so impressive to me. Next time pull-ups as I m confident shoulder will be better!

  26. Clovis 1:58:09 Rx, high bar pull-ups

    The bigger the bite, the harder the swallow. (Clovis at 5 sets of 2 mile runs + 30 burpee PUs is way harder than last year’s 1/15, but this is the better way.)

    +7:59 from 11/12/12. Not unhappy considering my last long run of 5 miles was July. (And I did low bar pull-ups last time.) My toes, then calves, seized up bad at mile 9. Not from low electrolytes but from lack of preparedness. I just didn’t warm up enough to “do it right.” Stretched like mad for at least 20 minutes and they were still contracting!

    Masters Comp practice: 1min max bench 65#; 30 sec rest; 1 min max reps hang squat clean 65#: 29/15. No boost in the booty after Clovis.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Clovis.

  27. Clovis – 1:44.25 Rx
    Broke up with 120 burpee pullups first, 10 mile run then 30 burpee pullups

    Nice job to the 6 am! Glad to have Ben beat me by so much today vs. the 1 second loss last year…another 1 second loss would have been rough.

  28. Clovis: 1:44:34 Rx run with burpees and 35# Russian KBS. First Time.

    The opportunity to run with such a great group at the 9am was special. I loved seeing everyone pushing and helping one another along with words of encouragement. That’s what it is all about!

    Clovis is now one of my favorite WODS. Seriously. I can’t believe I’d ever come to “like” burpees, but they are tooootally growing on me. Despite needing to stay off the bar today, I felt like my time was relatively close to what it would have been Rx. (We’ll see next year.)

    Rachel – way to get everyone focused for Clovis. Really appreciated the way you had us think about the people in our lives that have helped us get to where we are today. I was thinking about everyone at CFNE during my runs. Thanks for making me a better person, every day!

    • Ashley R

      Way to was nice seeing your encouraging smile every time I crossed by you in the opposite direction :)

    • Heather V


    • You did awesome and did smile:)! Love it!

    • L.J. DiCarlo

      Great job this morning! And, thanks for helping me push through the pain during my last set of burpees. I’m about to wrap my knee now and put some more ice on it.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      AK, Later today, I was reflecting on Rachel’s great words AND on your voice of encouragement during the runs on Clovis. Truly, you helped me get through it. I had no music, no runner to chase, no outside stimulation except every now and then seeing your bright optimistic smile and comments. THANK YOU! It was tangible help and I so needed it!

  29. Clovis 2:17:45 Rx Felt really good to do this today. Last year I only had time for 8 rounds (1 mile, 15 bpu per round). This time at the same point (4 rounds of 2 miles, 30 bpu) I had a 17 minute PR, then kept going to finish it. Sore legs now but a great day at CFNE. Thanks for all the mutual smiles of encouragement out there on the runs!

  30. Clovis-
    Ran 1/2– five miles, 75 burpees (most I have run in 20 years)
    Decided that a Hero Workout was the perfect time to test the knee running :)

    For me it wasn’t about the time, it was all about just getting after it. As AK said above, it is so inspiring to watch everybody trying their hardest and encouraging each other. It’s pretty special.

    Thank you Clovis, RIP.

  31. I just ran my first 10 K today and it was an amazing experience. Seeing other CFNE t-shirts was awesome, but it was even better to know that I could not have done this without the last 6 months at CFNE! Crossfit makes me better at everything I do – I already knew my swim times had improved but running slightly over 11 minute miles was so exciting!

    Thanks for all the support!

  32. Kristin R

    1/2 Clovis, modified – 5 rounds of 1 mile run, 15 box jump step overs (HEATHER)

  33. Amy Brooks

    Nice job on Clovis today people!
    Megan signed me up for the Tufts 10k so … 53:30ish time.

  34. Clovis: 1:52:38 Rx
    Great job 6am!!!

  35. 1/2 Clovis: 53:07. First time running since february, achilles held up surprisingly well. felt lucky to be able to do this workout.

  36. Clovis: 1:54:09 RX. (:36 sec PR)

  37. Did Master’s WOD, went to Funeral for my uncle, did hip surgery, took kids ghosting, life is a gift.

  38. Kristin B.

    No Clovis, but I did decide to go for a run and “see how far I could go.” About 3.5 miles in I realized I was 3 miles from home and the sun was setting. Oops. No motivation like trying to get home before it’s pitch dark. Ran 4.5 of the 6.5 miles my adventure took me. Running PR for sure.

  39. San Fran Hotel WOD
    1/2 & modified Clovis: 45 minutes
    15 mile on stationary seated bike
    80 burpees Pull ups
    (felt twitch under collar bone so stopped)

  40. 6 rounds in 82:39 which was a long haul, but nothing compared to the ultimate sacrifice people make, I am honored to be able to do a hero workout. This is the second time I have done Clovis and today was 38:00 minutes faster than last time – so pumped.. Thank you everyone for encouraging each other! It is a pleasure to be at CFNE.

  41. Amie

    Clovis- 2:01. RX.
    15 min PR from last yr. not something I would alone again.

    Proud of everyone who battled this one.

  42. Clovis, 6 rounds + 1 mile, about 2:20 (I started a few seconds late).

    Couldn’t get past hip and knee pain on the seventh mile.

    On the bright side, I managed my blood sugar levels pretty effectively (a huge problem for me on grinders) and I ran farther than ever before – my longest run to date was a 5k!


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